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Perhaps many will see as a shock, but the customs of any country in the world never checks insurance, passports, debt, visas, finding you in the black list on entry or exit etc. Contrary to popular misconception, which, incidentally, can be found even on a reputable travel site and blogs "professional" travellers, customs officers such questions are not engaged. They are generally not interested in people crossing the border because customs is only concerned with the control of cross-border movement of goods, commodities, things, transport, and other inanimate objects. Even if you might be interested in this office at the intersection of the green or red corridors on the border, your passport will be asked last, and then only in that case, if you find you have something prohibited, smuggling, for example. And your insurance or visa does none of the employees are not interested.

Что никогда не проверяют на таможне

Your passport, debts, valid visas, insurance, power of attorney for children and other documents necessary for crossing the border, in fact, checks by the border guard. In Russia this division of the FSB Border service of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation. In other countries this function is performed by other agencies, often military, but not customs.

Whatever it was, and that would not be checked by customs, at the passport control when leaving Russia, you may not release due to the presence of debt. To learn about presence of debt in advance before you go on the official website of the Federal bailiff service fssprus.ru or through a specialized service NEVILE.Of the Russian Federation.

Read more about why you can not travel abroad because of debts, how to verify the debt, and what to do if it is available – here.

Check the ban:

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admin November 8, 2015

In the waiting area of departure, the accompanying adult is admitted, is only possible in some airports and in exceptional cases, if there is not, for example, services for people with disabilities. But it is a rarity, usually all the airports have people who help the disabled.
And your mourners can arrive at the airport, be with you until you sign up and wait to Board. But as soon as you go to the landing zone, i.e. you will have to check the documents and boarding pass, no mourners no longer allowed. ...
Kalex 25, 2015
Not to fear in the plane of our tourists trying to "revel" before the flight so that they don't remember who they fly and where? So saying the sea knee-deep, now can sound and so is the height of the drum)) ...
Artyom.Kunitsa 28, 2015
Fly on an airplane often, so have become accustomed) ...
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fear of flying,how to handle it?every time this stress and nothing helps ...
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Very enlightening article, for those who for the first time on a plane ...
Oliver March 2, 2016

According to my observations, this is only from experience, if that first move. Swoop in when more stress will not be as strong ...
Oksanak 26 August, 2019
Great article to help the newbie) Everything is clear and understandable) ...
Эльза34679 September 3, 2019
Hi all please tell me after you check in are there any printing on the ticket ? ...
admin September 3, 2019

Hello! Yes, some airports are stamped at the entrance to the boarding area or at the security control. It all depends on the airport equipment, the new whole that you should not worry, nowhere specially to go for stamps not required, all in the course of movement. ...
Goras 22 September, 2019
I am actually but details about Alko is not much know, thanks ...

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