Attractions in Vung Tau (Vietnam), what to see

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Places to visit in Vung Tau are sufficient and diverse. Here, Buddhist temples and Catholic. There is a Park area for walking and leisure, as well as an amusement Park with rides and cable car to him. To see all the sights in one day is possible, but due to their remoteness from each other, it will have to do a gallop. In the best case for the inspection of major duty is to allocate half a day or two. To get from one place to another is best by taxi or rented motorbike or Bicycle, if a lot of time – you can continue on foot. Moreover, the latter option is recommended for those who like wandering through the mountains. There are two well-known mountains: a Large mountain or G. Nolan (Nui Lon) and a Small hill or G. Nueno (Nui Nho). Both are iconic landmarks, which are reachable by aligning Hiking in the mountains to the immediate vicinity of these places.

A Statue Of Jesus

Статуя Иисуса, Вунгтау

The main attraction of Vung Tau is a statue of Jesus Christ with a height of 32 meters, which is 6 m below the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). It is considered the tallest statue of Jesus in Asia. Installed it the Catholic minority on the mount of noino (Nui Nho) at an altitude of 760 m above sea level in 1974. His gaze statue of Jesus overlooking the South China sea.

To get to the statue, would first have to overcome a difficult climb up the mountain (about 900 steps), symbolizing the Vietnamese ladder to God. Therefore, it is best to visit this place in the first half of the day, and should take care of water supplies and protection from the sun. Along the way you can breath on designated rest areas with benches and observation decks. At some unspecified sources to get to the mountain on the motorbike, but not a very good dirt road.

A statue of Jesus made of white marble and set on a concrete pedestal height of 10 meters, the front is decorated with bas-reliefs. Jesus ' hands outstretched to the sides, the length scale which is 18.4 m.

To rise to the top by a spiral staircase, consisting of 133 degrees. To visit the statues need to be wearing closed clothes. Near the shoulders of Jesus is the observation deck (simultaneous presence of no more than 6 people). The view from the top offers a breathtaking and certainly worth it.

🚶 How to get: mountain Nueno (Nui Nho), on foot or by motorbike, Parking 2000 Dong (see Vietnam currency, exchange rate). Statue of Jesus in Vung Tau on the map

🕐 Working time: 7.30 – 11.30 and 13.30 – 17.00

Entrance: free.

Honba island (Hon ba)

With the statue of Jesus is visible a small island Honba. It is close to the shore, so it can be reached on foot at low tide or by boat. At the very top of the island, 4 m above the water level, is a working temple, called the Temple Women. The temple was built in 1881.

🚶 How to get: on foot (at low water) or the boat 200 m from the shore (island Honba Vung Tau on the map)

The Lighthouse Hai Dang (Lighthouse Hai Dang)

About 1 km on Northwest from the statue of Jesus is a lighthouse Hai Dang. It is located on a hill at an altitude of 170 m above sea level. The lighthouse itself is white and the shape is a cylinder. The base is about 3 m, height – 18 m. the lighthouse Illuminates the surrounding area for a distance of 65 m. Inside the lighthouse spiral staircase which takes you up to the upper platform, which offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the city.

From the lighthouse through the tunnel you can go to the next building. It consists of 2 floors and also as a lighthouse built by the French. Near the lighthouse there are large tanks for storing water. On the ground near the lighthouse, there are 4 old French cannon, a length of about 10 m each, which were used for protection from attacks from the sea.

Initially, the lighthouse Hai-Dang was built in 1907 and then in 1911 (after the fire) it was rebuilt and moved to the place where it is now.

🚶 How to get there: walk down the hill from Phan Chu Trinh St. (about 1 km from the beach) or a motorbike (through the pass about 2 km), Parking dongs 2000. Lighthouse on the map

🕐 Working time: 7.00 – 17.00

Entrance: 4,000 VND.

Villa Blanche or Bạch Dinh (Villa Blanche or the White Villa)

Located on the West coast of Vung Tau on top of Nui Lon mountains, 27 m. above sea level. The Villa is surrounded by landscaped gardens and shady trees where you can stroll and relax. His appearance – a white building, the locals had nicknamed the White Villa. The architecture of the building made in the French style of the XIX century and consists of 3 floors (including the basement). The balcony on the second floor - great view of the sea and the beach.

Inside the Villa is an exhibition of Antiques (a collection of porcelain, portraits and statues of Greek antiquity, etc.), pottery, guns etc. valuable artefacts from sunken ships near O. con Dao (Con Dao) and found during archaeological excavations in the province of Baria-Vung Tau. Actually, this exhibition attracts a lot of tourists.

The Villa was built in the period from 1898-1902. in as a summer residence of the Governor General of Indochina French origin - Paul Doumer, then became his refuge. The Villa is named on behalf of his daughter Blanche. Later, it was resting and the other members of the Vietnamese political elite. In 1909-1910 there were even kept under house arrest for the Emperor the last Emperor of Vietnam feudal dynasty. After 1975 is used as a Museum.

🚶 How to get: mount Nolan (Nui Lon), Tran Phu street , the Villa on the map

🕐 Working time: 7.30 – 11.30 and 13.30 – 17.00

Entrance: 15 000 VND.

French field cannon

Down the road from the Villa at the beach of Millberry (mulberry) is a French field cannon. There remained 6 massive cannons from the time of French colonial rule, fortified by a protective moat.

Entrance: free.

The Pagoda Is Quan Am (Guanyin)

The pagoda was built in 1976, but it is famous in the first place, installed in front of the pagoda, the 18-meter-high statue of bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. The deity appears in the form of a woman, who protects from all sorts of troubles, to help childless couples, as well as the patroness of the female half of the house. The pagoda festivals are held annually and it is very popular among tourists.

🚶 How to get: Tran Phu St., in the area of mount Nolan (Nui Lon), close (500 m) from the beach / Bai Dau (Bai Dau) (pagoda on the map)

The house is clean Nirvana (Niet Ban Tinh Xa Temple of Nirvana)

Also known as the temple of the "Reclining Buddha". This is one of the most beautiful and largest temples in Vung Tau, which is well worth a visit.

The temple was built from 1969 to 1974 on the donations of local residents. A large area of about 10,000 sqm, and is situated on a hill offering beautiful sea views and beaches. In structure it has a multilayered structure and consists of several rooms and outdoor pavilions.

It is notable, first of all, a 12-meter statue of the reclining Buddha, located on the first floor. The statue is made of mahogany and mounted on a 2.5 m pedestal. The Buddha's feet are decorated with carvings and hieroglyphs. On the second floor is a boat in the shape of a snake with a length of 12 m and filled with water fish. Even higher on the tower – huge 3-ton bell, height 2.8 m, diameter 3.8 m. Under it you can put a note with a wish or a donation and hit the bell to make a wish was fulfilled. In addition to the above on the temple grounds there is a lot of interesting is the different statues of Buddha, Avalokitesvara, and other mythological characters, as well as mosaic paintings.

🚶 How to get: mountain Nueno (Nui Nho) to the West on St. Hạ Long (pagoda on the map)

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

The Altar Buddha (Thich Ca Phat Dai)

It is a complex of temples and Buddhist statues. Occupies a large area of about 5 hectares, was Built in 1963

The complex is divided into 3 levels ranging from 3 m above sea level and reaching 29 m, but the ascent is not difficult, because the stairs are gently sloping. As we ascend, we can see some recreations of the life stages of Buddha sculptures from birth to death. The road from the statue to the statue passes through a manicured Park, past the flower beds and shady trees, which, of course, will have on visitors calming effect. Very popular among tourists and locals.

🚶 How to get: Tran Phu St., 608 (altar of the Buddha on the map)

The Virgin Mary Statue (Duc Me Bai Dau)

On the Western slope of the mountains Nolan at the height of 60 m above sea level, is a statue of the virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus on his outstretched hand up. This place is very popular among the Catholic Vietnamese. The statue was built in 1992 of white marble and its height is 25 m, weight - about 500 tons. At the foot of the statue is a Catholic Church built in 1969 and reconstructed in 1994 According to their appearance, it is unusual and like a ship with a sail (length 49 m, width 38 m, height of bell tower is 27.5 m). The temple is a symbolic object, it hosts annual bishops ' Conference of Vietnam. The Park around the temple is very beautiful and suitable for walks and relaxation.

From the statue of Mary up the hill, known locally as Calvary, has a very steep path to yet another cross. Along this trail there are a few statues depicting the passion of Christ. These rise high, but have the opportunity to relax on the specially installed for the rest of the benches.

🚶 How to get: G. Nolan (Nui Lon), Tran Phu street (the Statue of the virgin Mary on the map)

Pagoda There Thang (Thang Tam Temple)

The complex is dedicated to the memory of three men who built three villages and, thus, marked the beginning of Vung Tau. Built in 1820 during the reign of Ming Mang. The complex is interesting not only for the Central sanctuary, but the entrance gate, hall, building of the commune, who stage.

🚶 How to get: str, Hoang Hoa Tham (Pagoda Thang There on the map)

Amusement Park and cable car

In G. Nolan is a big amusement Park. There's a pond and an artificial waterfall, a few rides for adults and kids, and big Buddha statue, a modest zoo. At the Park itself offers Hiking and excursion trains or horses. There is also a restaurant and hotel where you can stay for the night and take a stroll through the Park at night under the lights.

Up in the Park by cable car and enjoy the great scenery around.

🚶 How to get: from the beach

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 200,000 VND (with cable car)

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