Vung Tau: General information, weather, seasons

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General information about Vung Tau

Вид на Вунгтау

Vung Tau (Vung Tau) is a major city on the coast of southern Vietnam with a population of over 300,000 people, is located 125 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh city (Vung Tau on the map). Vung Tau is located at Cape St. Jacques, named in the times of French colonization, and covers the entire territory of a small Peninsula. On the economic side, the city is a major commercial centre. Nearby on the continental shelf is the development of oil fields and oil production. A focus of the joint Russian-Vietnamese enterprise for the extraction and processing of oil, in connection with which there live many Russians and as a result, the largest Russian Diaspora in Vietnam, there is even a neighborhood with infrastructure, sharpened by the Russian locals.

Vung Tau is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only for foreigners but also locals who want to spend their free time away from the bustling economic capital. Popular for beach recreation, shopping and entertainment. Hotels comprise a wide range from cheap to plush and expensive. When choosing a hotel on the coast you need to consider that the beaches are located within city limits, and therefore not very clean. The sand on the beach is dirty due to debris, nailed the waves and flow of the Mekong river, the water is not very clean because of the location in the city's industrial enterprises. Waves most of the year quite strong, which can only delight lovers of kite surfing. Objectively speaking, it is called Vung Tau beach resort is possible only with the big stretch. However, it is not everywhere. On the coast South of the city the situation is more quiet and peaceful, and the beaches are much cleaner.

Статуя Иисуса, Вунгтау

Attractions in Vung Tau is not too much. There is a standard set of temples and pagodas, as in any city of Vietnam. In addition, there are and worthwhile attractions include the lighthouse and the giant statue of Jesus with a height of about 32 meters on the top of the mountain. This statue is the tallest in South Vietnam and the world's tallest statue of Jesus in Southeast Asia. A small island with a temple, which can be reached on foot during low tide and the local "Calvary" with a huge statue of the virgin Mary.

In General, the tourist infrastructure in the city has developed well. For everyday hanging out, you can walk through the city Park, visit the Park on the mountain, go to the local market in shopping malls or spending time at the beach or by the pool. More especially to do day in Vung Tau nothing. The evening can be spent in a cafe or restaurant, there are also several off-licences and Nightclubs. However the visitor's nightlife for the most part are locals and tourists there will be not much.

Although Vung Tau is often compared with other urban seaside resorts such as Nha Trang or da Nang, we would, overall, recommend this place as one of the best resorts in the country did not. He may come in if you stayed in Ho Chi Minh city on business and you still want to swim in the sea or relax from the urban bustle. To carry out the whole holiday here any special reason, no, and maybe two weeks in Vung Tau can be just boring. The only advantage Vung Tau is the almost complete lack of foreign and the almost complete absence of Russian tourists ("local Russians" residents do not count).

Weather in Vung Tau, the tourist seasons

Vung Tau can be called year-round resort. Some tourists even expressed that the climate in Vung Tau softer and less prone to fluctuations of the seasons than the nearby more popular Phan Thiet.

During the year there are dry season and rainy season:

The dry season runs from November to April. During this period, slightly cooler than in the summer months of the rainy season, which is only a plus for European tourists. Rains at this time practically does not happen, the sky is always clean.

The rainy season runs from may to October. Although this period is considered the rainy season, the actual level of precipitation is quite small.

Seasons in Vung Tau by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Vung Tau the forecast for the near future:

Hotels in Vung Tau where to stay

Vung Tau city is very compact and almost all hotels it is also located compactly at the very tip of the Peninsula. Part of the hotel is in the centre of town, the part closer to the shore, i.e. to beach. Wherever you stopped in the middle or near the shore, to the city beach you can get a maximum of 20 minutes walk. If you don't want to walk, it is better to choose a hotel closer to the beach (see hotels in Vung Tau on an interactive map), but not in the city centre.

Hotels in Vung Tau do not have to book in advance, but during the weekend, when from Ho Chi Minh city here on vacation come to local residents, as well as during the holidays should book in advance.

Hotels here you can find any category, there is even a five star hotel. The price tag on the most inexpensive hotels starts from $ 10 (without air conditioning). A double room with air conditioning is already $ 15. Every week, by the weekend, the prices steadily rise by 10-20%.

Find and book accommodation in Vung Tau can on these sites or via the search form:

The map of Vung Tau hotels

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