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General information about Vietnam

Мавзолей Хошимина в Ханое The Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi

As said, the hero of one film about Vietnam: "a Lot of things in Vietnam you will understand in five minutes, but the rest is not enough life"

Welcome to the world of exotic Vietnam – a world of harmony and natural beauty, rich heritage and interesting history. Vietnam today travel offers interesting historical, cultural and natural sights; a rich and interesting national cuisine, traditional crafts, the results of which you can bring home as Souvenirs; well-developed tourist infrastructure at low cost of services and the rest; a large variety of leisure activities from the thoughtful introduction to the history of the country during the inspection of the museums and attractions, to outdoor activities water sports on the wonderful beaches. But the most popular form of recreation, and generally in warm countries, is a beach vacation.

Vietnam has recently opened its doors to mass tourism and the flow of Russian tourists, though with considerable delay, greatly rushed through the door. Especially interesting it was for those who have already visited other countries in South-East Asia, particularly popular in Thailand. But do not think that Vietnam is similar to Thailand. Yes, these countries are now for the Russian tourist competitors, but you have to understand that such an abundance of entertainment and freedom, as in Thailand, not here to.

In Vietnam, much is possible and you can find almost everything, but more rigorous customs and traditions, as well as the political course is likely to never make Vietnam such as Thailand. Here you will not find, as in Tae, abundance of sex tourism; not here yet high quality medical tourism; shopping is a bit more modest, although the prices are somewhat lower than in Thailand; the number and scope of ancient historical sites is much less, and this is no way to fix it.

На улице Ханоя

Another three or four years ago, Russian-speaking tourists in Vietnam were not so easy to meet, and Russian speech can be heard only at the most popular resorts of MUI ne or Nha Trang. Menus or signs in Russian was a rarity. But today, many resorts in Vietnam have become virtually Russian. The popular resorts of MUI ne and Nha Trang signs, until the road signs are duplicated in Russian, and only a rare restaurant invites visitors Russian menu and "barkers", greeted them with the words: "Good evening, view our menu". But foreign tourists asking each other: "why are there so many Russian, we accidentally mixed up?".

However, Russian tourists are not at every resort, and there are more tourist places and sights in Vietnam, where no one has gone before Russian mass tourists, but they have less. Of course, for some large number of tourists number of fellow citizens is not an incentive to stay, but the large number of English speaking staff and information in the Russian language much easier to stay in the country for those who don't is an experienced traveler and do not speak foreign language. To popular resorts in Vietnam, you can calmly arrive without knowing the language, and any difficulties with this you will not experience.

Указатель в Нячанге на русском языке

Theoretically, Vietnam, being a socialist Republic, is building socialism. But, with a typical Vietnamese of the nation's natural inclination to entrepreneurship, the country today is "Terry" capitalism has reached unprecedented proportions. Almost everyone in the country, by our standards, is an entrepreneur. Everyone has something sells, manufactures, repairs, and provides some services. It is difficult to find Vietnamese house, on the ground floor which would not have been equipped shop, workshop or Guesthouse. Not always offer services and products to Russian tourists seem appropriate (sometimes with goods or services simply imposed without your consent, moreover, is quite high for Asia prices). To be trapped and suddenly become a buyer of some unwanted product or service here at every step, and it's all easy to perceive as a fraud or deception, although the Vietnamese is just a traditional form of doing business. This is a tradition, and it remains only to accept, as is, previously to this prepare.

Places in Vietnam where you can seamlessly go on vacation, quite a lot. Among the resorts of Vietnam there are, where you can spend at least a month, lying for days on the beach. There is a very interesting sightseeing places that are, however, more than a few days to linger not. Here is a brief about some of them:

Пагода Тиен Му в Хюэ (Вьетнам) Pagoda of Thien Mu in hue (Vietnam)
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in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, visit the famous lake of the Returned sword (Hoan Kiem Lake) early in the morning to see the morning exercises of the local population or in the evening, when the benches around the lake is an elderly and young couple in love. Visit the mausoleum of uncle Ho Chi Minh city close to the presidential Palace to recall the recent history of Vietnam.

From Hanoi make sure you go on a tour to Halong Baywhere you will capture the spirit of more than 2000 limestone islets.

If you want to know life of the ancient people, head to the highland town of Sapa and spend the night in this cottage with representatives of ethnic tribes.

To experience the cultural and spiritual heartbeat of Vietnam, make a stop in the old Imperial capital city of hue. The home of palaces and pagodas, tombs and temples.

In the ancient town of Hoi an you will spend hours wandering through the bustling streets between the numerous souvenir shops, countless cafés and restaurants, between the sewing and Shoe workshops, where the order you will sew anything. Near Hoi an is a typical port city of da Nang, known throughout the world for its magnificent beaches.

To escape from the "hum" of millions of motorcycles in big cities of Vietnam, you can go West in the wet green paddy fields and tranquil village in the Mekong Delta. To unwind, relaxing on the white Sands of warm beaches, go to the island of Phu Quoc. To get and white beaches and a lot of active entertainment, visit Nha Trang, MUI ne and Phan Thiet in southern Vietnam.

Are you ready to fly? If Yes, finally, don't forget to read our notes and recommendations about Vietnam and go.

If you prefer a tourist trip, independent travel, you can pick up and book a tour to Vietnam online on the page "Tours of Vietnam".

  • The state system

    Флаг Вьетнама

    Vietnam - Socialist Republic (Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam). The head of state is the President. The highest legislative body of state power — the unicameral National Assembly. Administrative-territorial division: there are 57 provinces and 4 cities under Central authority.

  • The population

    Just over 60 nationalities and ethnic groups. OK. 88% of the population are Vietnamese (Kinh). Official language Vietnamese belongs to the austroasiatic family. Believers — 55% Buddhists, 7% — Catholics, among the mountain peoples (nuclear weapons, etc.) strong traditional beliefs. About 90% of the population is concentrated in the river valleys of the City and the Mekong, on the coastal plains, where the density exceeds 1,000 people per 1 km2. The average population density 247,7 persons/km2. The rural population 79%.

  • Religion

    Vietnam has traditionally been considered a country dominated by Buddhism. Indeed, Buddhism in the country has the largest number of followers, but that only 9.3% of the total population. Next come Catholics, which is 6.7% and very few other religions. However, contrary to popular belief that Vietnam is a very religious country, in fact, the 2005 study indicated that up to 81% of Vietnamese are atheists.

  • Language

    The official language is Vietnamese (Viet). Part of the population can speak English, French and Chinese. In the tourist areas and resort areas almost everywhere you can communicate in English. Russian language over the past two years has developed rapidly in Vietnam, and today in the popular resorts of Vietnam almost everyone associated with the tourism Vietnamese can speak broken Russian, or at least knows a few words.

  • Nature

    Most of the territory is mountainous. In the North — XP. Huanglinshan (altitude up to 3143 m, G. Fansipan); along the Western border stretch of the mountain chiongson (lie the Annam). In the southern part of Vietnam — plateaus Manda, Darlac, etc.; the coastal lowlands (mostly in the river deltas of the City in the North and Mekong in the South). Elongated area is divided into three parts: Northern (Beibu), South (Nam Bo) and the connecting narrow strip Chungbo. A large part of the surface of the plains are cultivated. Nature is preserved in the national Park Batima-pass, reserves and sanctuaries.

  • Economy

    Vietnam is an agricultural country with a developing industry. The majority of industrial enterprises built with Soviet assistance. It produces most of the electricity, coal, machinery. In the South, there are enterprises built with foreign capital for the Assembly of electronic equipment, bicycles, motorcycles. On the continental shelf of the country has large reserves of oil. The export of crude oil provides the major part of foreign exchange earnings.

    Agriculture employs 75% of the workforce. The main crop is rice. Other export crops — Vietnamese coffee, tea.

    The currency of Vietnam is Dong.

Vietnam weather, tourist seasons

Пляж в Нячанге

Holidays in Vietnam at any time of the year. There is always a warm and Sunny area with good weather, you only need to choose the right place and time.

In Vietnam, as in most of the countries of South-East Asia there are only two seasons - rainy season and dry season. The rainy season in Vietnam is not the same as shown in American films, when the rain pours down in buckets and doesn't stop for weeks. The rain is plentiful, but are only 20 minutes, and an hour later the sun is shining and not a trace remains from the last downpour. Most often, even in the peak season of rain, it rains in the evening or at night.

Season of falling prices throughout Vietnam - from may to September. During this period, it is best to plan a trip for those who want to see the country and save a little. This is the time hotels and guesthouses make savings in their rooms (sometimes up to 30%), there are deals on the airlines, and a bit of tourists. Weather does not present in this period, special surprises, except for the Central part of Vietnam (Hoi an, da Nang, Nha Trang), where on the coast in the September to November are possible hurricanes.

In the South of Vietnam (Saigon, MUI ne, Phan Thiet) is the main tourist center of the country, the rainy season runs from may to November, but the inconvenience at this time bring not rain, of which there are not so many, and a strong wind, waves and sometimes clouds overcast the sky, impervious to the sun's rays. Ideal time to visit this area is considered the dry season from December to April.

On the Central coast (Hoi an, da Nang) on the contrary, from may to October is dry and Sunny, humidity starts only in November. Rest here also is possible throughout the year, however, as mentioned above, there is a possibility of hurricanes in September-November. In December-February there is a very turbulent ocean, and swimming will be at this time quite difficult.

In the North of Vietnam (Hanoi, Ha long, Sapa) attractive for the tourist season lasts from may to October. And from November to April here can be quite cold - from 10 at night to +20 during the day but hotel prices are falling.

In the mountainous regions of Dalat (1,500 m), Buon, of Foot and Sapa night pretty cool throughout the year, and in winter from October to March the temperature falls to +4C. Even in the hottest months - March and April, temperatures rarely exceed 26C.

Seasons resorts Vietnam*

Resort/month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Da Nang                        
Hoi an                        
Nha Trang                        
Phan Thiet and MUI ne                        
Ho Chi Minh city                        
O. Phu Quoc island                        
O. Con Dao                        
Vung Tau                        

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

The time in Vietnam

In summer and in winter time in Vietnam, ahead of Moscow is +4 hours.

The current time in Vietnam*
The time difference with the cities:
Moscow: +4 Samara: +3
Kazan: +4 Nizhny Novgorod: +4
Ekaterinburg: +2 Novosibirsk: 0
Irkutsk: -1 Vladivostok: -3
* - if time is incorrect, refresh the page Ctrl+F5:

Helpful information

Electricity. As in Russia, here we use 220V 50Hz. Used sockets for two-pin plugs and any adapters you do not need.

Communication, Internet. In all tourist areas you can find an Internet cafe, and they also can call home international phone. The cost of a call to Russia is a joke - 1,500 VND (about 2.5 rubles) up to 5000 Dong per minute. The Internet is virtually everywhere and free. At the reception of most hotels, even the cheapest, there are computers with free Internet for guests. Wi-Fi is everywhere, including in some tourist areas there is coverage free network on the street.

Cellular communication in Vietnam. Use in Vietnam roaming for the Russian cellular operators unprofitable. Much cheaper to buy a SIM card from a local tour operator, and make calls home from 5 rubles per minute. And the cost for domestic calls throughout the country (the concept of roaming within Vietnam is absent) will be just a penny.

Passport. When you check into a hotel in Vietnam you have at reception will take your passport and will return it when check out.

Punctuality. The punctuality of Vietnamese and their transport, in our view, far from ideal. You can safely add to any appointed time for half an hour, maybe more. If, for example, when you purchase the tour you are told that it will be completed in 18 hours, then most likely it will end not earlier than 20 hours. Approximately the same applies to buses and coaches, particularly the time of their arrival.

Excursions. When you purchase tours in Vietnam be sure to check what is included in the cost, and what else will have to pay, and even better procitajte reviews about the tour on the Internet. The fact that the Vietnamese, with their inherent spirit of enterprise, the sale of the city's may forget to mention that paying $ 30 for the tour, you still then have to pay, for example, $ 5 for entrance, $ 5 for the lift to the funicular, etc. And sometimes Vietnamese guides, even knowing that all is included in the tour, trying to take tourists for more money.

Cards in hotels. In Vietnamese hotels is not always possible to find free maps, like how it happens in Thailand. Find free promotional maps of the area in airports or in travel agencies (tourist information), to buy in the store or print off in advance from the Internet.

Rains. The best barometer of impending rain are the locals. They with 100% accuracy determine that it will soon start raining, so if you notice that they put on raincoats and hide the goods, rain in the next half an hour is not inevitable.

Purchase. Do not rush immediately to buy Vietnamese Souvenirs and gifts in markets and specialty stores. Most goods, including Souvenirs, coffee and tea, clothes, toys you can purchase are cheaper than in retail outlets in tourist areas in large supermarkets such as Big C, Coop Mart, etc.

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Lived in Vietnam for more than a year. There attitude to the Russian beautiful. And the Vietnamese themselves are very friendly nation, where the order of full reciprocity. All of this was seen personally with my own eyes. I lived in Vung Tau city. Often in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) and Hanoi. North and South Vietnamese to each other not love. But foreigners are not covered. Moreover, on the Russian. For example, once in Hanoi I was with team-mates stood in an airport queue for a taxi. Stood in front of the Germans. 15 people somewhere. The first vacant taxi driver, bypassing the regular customer, came immediately to us, inviting in the car. He explained that, upon hearing the Russian language, I realized that we are from the former USSR, which have decided to respect. I repeat that the attitude of Russian in Vietnam is beautiful. There you can at least every day to make new friends who are true and faithful, always able to help at a critical moment. So, don't believe the crap that is written in the article. It is not so. ...
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