Holidays and festivals in Vietnam

Visiting Vietnam during official holidays and festivals on the one hand looks very attractive and attracts huge number of tourists both from abroad and inside the country. But on the other hand, on the eve of holidays and festivals and some time after them, the price of tourist services and transport would significantly increase, and sometimes the availability of the hotels is simply impossible to find.

Thus, the authors of the website can use as an example the experience of visiting the town of Sapa in Northern Vietnam during the "Festival in the clouds" at the end of April. Although this holiday is not officially a holiday, it attracts to the city a lot of people in Vietnam and tourists, which leads to higher prices at least five times. The guesthouses, which just a day before the festival you can stay for $ 10, the next day gave up $ 50, and the free space was a very problematic. A similar situation occurred in Hanoi during the official holiday on may 1 (international workers Day).

These examples are given not to scare you and to dissuade you from a visit to Vietnam during the holidays, and that you were ready for some possible difficulties in this regard. Generally get on a holiday – a great success and great fun. So don't be afraid of the holidays and their complexities, but simply prepare for them in advance by purchasing tickets, booking hotels and properly planning your route.

Official and public holidays of Vietnam

*In red are designated as official holidays, blue – other memorable dates.

  • 1 January - New year's day (international)
  • January-February (the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar, lasts for several days) - Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan) - the Vietnamese New year. The most important festival in the life of a Vietnamese. According to the custom of his mark to the family, it was not Vietnamese, he'll be home in celebration of Tet. Traveling alone it is worth considering that at this time, and the day before, the life in the Vietnam freezes, and can cause problems with moving around cities, booking hotels and excursions, and other inconveniences. Of course, all transport (including international flights) is full and prices soar.

    The start date of Tet in the coming years:

    • 9 Feb 2016 the year of the Monkey
    • 28 January 2017 — the year of the Rooster
    • 16 Feb 2018 — the year of the Dog
    • 5 Feb 2019 — the year of the Boar
    • 25 January 2020 — the year of the Rat
  • February 3 - founding Day of the Vietnamese Communist party (1930)
  • March 8international Women's Day
  • April (the tenth day of the third lunar month, lasts 7 days)- Day of commemoration of the hung kings (Gio To Hung Vuong / the Hung Kings’ Temple Festival). The main celebrations are held in the temple complex of hung kings in the Northern province of Phu tho (district, Vungtau, Vietti). Kings hung in Vietnam are considered the founders of the country Vanlang – the initial state structure of the ancient viets (Vietnamese)

    Date of celebration for the coming years:

    • 16 APR 2016
    • 6 APR 2017
    • 25 APR 2018
    • 14 APR 2019
    • 2 APR 2020
  • April 30 - victory Day in honor of the end of the Vietnam war (1975)
  • May 1 - international workers ' Day
  • May 7Victory at Dien bien Phu (1954)
  • May 19 - the birthday of the first President of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh (1890)
  • June 1 - international children's Day
  • June 28 - Day Vietnamese family
  • July 27 - the Day of remembrance for the independence of Vietnam (1964-1965)
  • 19 AugustDay of the national democratic revolution in Vietnam (1945)
  • 2 September - independence Day of Vietnam
  • October 10the Day of liberation of the capital - Hanoi (1954)
  • 20 Octoberthe Day of Vietnamese women
  • 20 NovemberTeacher's Day
  • 22 Decemberthe Day of formation of the Vietnam people's army
  • 25 DecemberCatholic Christmas

Festivals and holidays in Vietnam

Festivals and holidays in Vietnam are conducted in accordance with the lunar calendar, therefore it is necessary to specify in advance the start date of the new lunar year.

Nearly every province celebrates its own festivals and celebrations. The locals are very respectful to their traditions and trying to support. Quite often festivals and events are accompanied by lack of places in hotels or unjustified overstating of prices for the period of the events several times, so you should worry about your accommodation and book a hotel.

Festivals and other similar events in Vietnam set. We have identified perhaps the most interesting and mass, as well as those that can be met by you during your travel to Vietnam.

  • From January to April (6th day of the first month by the 15th day of the third month) is the Festival of the perfume pagoda in the Huong temple (ha Tay province)
  • February (4 day of the first month) is the Festival of wrestlers in Hanoi
  • February (5th to 8th day of the first month) – the Spring song festival in the province of Lao Cai
  • February-March (11th to 15th day of the first month) is a Spring Festival of the pagoda Tonga in the province of Lao Cai
  • February (13 the day of the first month) and Festival of folk singing lim in the province Bakning (lim)
  • February (15th day of the first month) is Tet, or Gentieu celebration of the first moon of the new lunar year, commonly
  • February (15th day of the first month) is the Festival of paper lanterns everywhere
  • March (21 day of the first month) is the Festival of racing boats in Hai Phong
  • March-April (from the 18th to the 20th day of the second month) is the Festival in the pagoda Avalokitesvara the Bodhisattva in da Nang
  • April (3rd day of the third month) – Day of remembrance of ancestors, everywhere
  • April (10th day of the third month) – Water festival in Hanoi (Tu Liem district)
  • The end of April (last two days) – fireworks Festival in da Nang, in the centre of the city on the Han river
  • April-may (20-23 day of the third month) – Religious festival in Nha Trang, the Po Nagar tower (Po Nagar)
  • April-may (the 23rd day of the third month) – Festival of Ba Thien Hau Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh city
  • April-may (lasts 5 days) – Festival of traditional crafts in hue
  • April-may (lasts 7 days) – Festival tourism carnival in ha long
  • May (15th day of the fourth month) - Buddha's birthday, everywhere
  • From mid-may to late August Fruit festival in Ho Chi Minh city, the Suoi Tien Park
  • The first half of June (every two years) – the hue Festival (province Thuathien), dedicated to the life of the Imperial Nguyen dynasty
  • June (5th day of the fifth month) is the Festival of the middle of the year, everywhere
  • July-August (24th day of the sixth month) is the Festival of the Pagoda Ong (Ong) in Ho Chi Minh city
  • August (the 15th day of the seventh month) is a Celebration of spirits, everywhere
  • September (3rd day of the eighth month) is the Festival of firecrackers in Hai Phong
  • September (the 9th day of the eighth month) – Fighting bulls in Hai Phong (do son Peninsula)
  • September (15th day of the eighth month) - mid-autumn Festival (Tet Chengdu (Tet Trung Thu) or full moon Festival), everywhere
  • September-October (from 14th to 17th day of the eighth month) is the Festival in honour of the Holy China - the main holiday of Vietnamese fishermen (marine province)
  • From late November to early January (once in two years, lasts for 5 days) – Flower festival in da lat
  • From late December to early January - kite Festival in Vung Tau (province of BA Vung Tau)
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