As it is cheaper to get from Moscow to Hanoi

Самолет Вьетнамских авиалиний в Домодедово

To get to Vietnam, tourists usually have to choose one of the variants of flights to Hanoi, to Ho Chi Minh city, and now have a direct flight to Nha Trang. One of the most popular and cheap air routes between Russia and Vietnam is a flight Moscow-Hanoi. It should not be considered as an option, if you want to get to the southern beaches of Vietnam such as Nha Trang, Phan Thiet (MUI ne) or Vung Tau. But if you want to tour Northern Vietnam and visit Sapa, ha long Bay, Hanoi itself, and then, perhaps, go further in Central or South Vietnam, to fly from Moscow to Hanoi directly may be the most sensible option.

Regular direct flights on this route carry out only two airlines: Aeroflot Russian (from Moscow) and the largest Vietnamese airline Vietnam Airlines (from Domodedovo). Duration of direct flight Moscow-Hanoi – a little more than 9 hours. The cost of the flight there and back is on average 23 000 rubles (prices of 2013). About once or twice a year these airlines produce sale of tickets in this area and the price of flights drop to 18 000 (the last sale was in 2012), but no information and guarantee that these sales will not. No Charter flights to Hanoi us until it was revealed not.

However, the shortest version of flight does not mean the cheapest. To get from Moscow to Hanoi, you can also change and in most cases cheaper than direct flights. These flights offer almost always Qatar airways (transit in Doha), Cathay Pacific (transit in Hong Kong), China Southern (layover in Guangzhou, China). The cost of flights Moscow-Hanoi-Moscow with a stopover in average 19 000 rubles (prices of 2013). For flights with transfers, you need to carefully choose flights because the duration of the flight and the connecting time at the airport can be very large. All the information on flight times and connections you will be able to see immediately the search results of tickets, not going directly to the book.

The cheapest flights from Russia to Hanoi:

16.01.2018 05.03.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 21707 ₽
17.02.2018 10.05.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 26914 ₽
13.03.2018 29.03.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20525 ₽
23.04.2018 30.04.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20557 ₽
03.05.2018 14.05.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20578 ₽
02.06.2018 07.06.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 25595 ₽
02.07.2018 07.07.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 31176 ₽
18.08.2018 22.09.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct TO FIND 28663 ₽
29.09.2018 20.10.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20525 ₽
22.10.2018 04.11.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20567 ₽
05.11.2018 20.11.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20525 ₽
01.12.2018 16.12.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 27132 ₽

Options the cheapest flights on any date can find and book using the search box:

In Hanoi, the planes arrive at the international airport of Hanoi (Noi Bai), located approximately 45 kilometers from the city. It is quite modest in size and busiest airport, given that all international flights with tourists planning to visit the North of Vietnam, come here.

Unfortunately, despite the availability of good and cheap transport from Hanoi airport to Hanoi, there is virtually no opportunity to go straight from the airport to other cities in North Vietnam on the ground. The only option is to take a taxi that will come out quite expensive. So if you are planning to get upon arrival from Moscow to Hanoi, somewhere on, in any case, you will have to first come to Hanoi, and from there to recover on the bus or train.

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