Tours in Vietnam

Туры во Вьетнам

Welcome to the world of Vietnam – a world of harmony and natural beauty, rich heritage and interesting history, friendly and open people.

Nature has blessed Vietnam with abundant crops in the rice fields, numerous rivers and lakes, beautiful green hills and majestic mountains, intimate beaches and rich wildlife of coastal waters.

in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, visit the famous lake of the Returned sword (Hoan Kiem Lake) early morning to see the morning exercises of the local population or in the evening, when the benches around the lake were occupied by young and older couples. Visit the mausoleum of uncle Ho Chi Minh close to the presidential Palace to recall the recent history of Vietnam.

From Hanoi make sure you go on a tour to Halong Baywhere you will capture the spirit of more than 2000 limestone islets.

If you want to know life of the ancient people, head to the highland town of Sapa and spend the night in this cottage.

To experience the cultural and spiritual heartbeat of Vietnam, make a stop in the old Imperial capital city of hue. The home of palaces and pagodas, tombs and temples.

In the ancient town of Hoi an you will spend hours wandering through the bustling streets between the numerous souvenir shops, countless cafés and restaurants, between the sewing and Shoe workshops, where the order you will sew anything. Near Hoi an is a typical port city of da Nang, known throughout the world for its magnificent beaches.

To escape from the "hum" of millions of motorcycles in big cities of Vietnam, you can go West in the wet green paddy fields and tranquil village in the Mekong Delta. To unwind, relaxing on the white Sands of warm beaches, go to the island of Phu Quoc. To get and white beaches and a lot of active entertainment, visit Nha Trang, MUI ne and Phan Thiet in southern Vietnam.

Find and book a tour to Vietnam online at the prices of tour operators at no extra charge you can using the suggested search form. Well, more information about Vietnam and its resorts you can get from our site.

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admin 6 December, 2013

Hello! I'm shopping full 0 and do not quite understand what it means "factory of things", but in Ho Chi Minh city can be taritsya:
on the market Ben Thanh, but there need to bargain hard, the prices are too high;
the lanes around the market Bintan in the evenings, there are many shops offer;
on the market in the Cholon district of Cholon (to go quite far from the tourist area, on bus # 1).
Walk from the tourist area easy access to Sagon Tax Trade Center, Saigon Square. There are still there large shopping centers in the area, now all of not remember the name. But I remember that I liked the most in Sagon Tax Trade Center, because it is something like a hypermarket. Saigon Square - a lot of private sections where you have to bargain. ...
Светлана1 14 July, 2015
Thank you very much for the information. Everything is so detailed, that the first time I traveled alone abroad in Vietnam on your website as the instructions. I wish you success. ...
Maxim And 29 July, 2015
And as in Vietnam on account of the smoke? On the street Smoking? Is there a Smoking room at the airport? ...
admin 29 July, 2015

This is not Singapore ;) of Course smoke anywhere. ...
Guest 2 September, 2015
You have such a cool weather map for Sri Lanka is done, make this about Vietnam.
And tell me, you can still swim and sunbathe on the Beach in October? A normal person, not a walrus. ...
admin September 2, 2015

Accepted, the card will do. About BA in October was not there, but in General October is the last warm beach month of the year, then warmer. And sunbathing and swimming is possible, but on evening walks it is advisable to bring something warm. ...
Guest 18, 2015
But how much Vietnam is the appointment? In particular, the surgeon or traumatologist?
And how to look for state hospitals to issue hospital, where doctors qualified?
Once a socialist country (at least in name only), is there a way to get to the doctor for free? No insurance :) ...
mrrum 21 June, 2018
note the tourists on this information:
Attention to foreign tourists in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet: Beware of fake Rum and fake ISC Rhum Chauvet ...
Irina Lashmanova October 12, 2018
Hello, tell me where to go in Vietnam, the end of February, beginning of March, to ensure that the sea had no waves. ...
admin October 12, 2018

Hello! Never bothered about waves, so can not say for sure, but look at the table of the seasons here - It generally takes into account the monsoon that forms a wave. ...

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