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Туры на Фукуок

Phu Quoc island (Phu Quoc) island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is the largest island of Vietnam. The length of the island – 48 km, width is about 25 kilometers.

The island is in the South, 45 miles off the coast. (On the map). Around the island are scattered a large number of small Islands that you can visit during your holiday in Fukuoka.

The topography of the island is mainly mountainous. Phu Quoc is also called the island of "99 mountains" because of its chain of mountains (they are really exactly 99), gradually sloping down from North to South.

Phu Quoc island is often compared to the popular Thai island of Phuket. It really is something reminiscent of it, they are even in size are the same. But compared to Phuket, Phu Quoc island is more wild, less developed and undeveloped. So much fun Phuket discos, noisy bars, shopping, not to mention sex tourism, Fukuoka no. Even for historical and cultural attractions of Fukuoka significantly inferior to Phuket. This is not surprising, because even a few decades ago, Fukuoka was nothing but a prison for prisoners of war and several villages. Someone underdevelopment of the island may seem boring (although the entire tourist infrastructure on the island has and you there is nothing will need), but for someone the island really looks like a Paradise: calm, quiet and secluded.

The reason why this island Paradise were not enough developed, is simple: for many years the island remained a disputed territory between Vietnam and Cambodia and moved from one state to another. Now, the tension subsided, but Vietnam still keeps on the island a small military contingent that only the best impact on security on the island.

Phu Quoc island is definitely one of the most popular resorts of Vietnam. For many tourists who once visited the island, he always remained a Paradise island. Well known and popular resort in the first place, a beach holiday. The beaches here are some of the most beautiful in Vietnam, and their length is impressive. In 2008, the island and its beaches have been named the cleanest and most beautiful in the world. If you want to be on a secluded beach where in sight no one but you will not, even in the height of the season you will be able to find such a place. Well, if you want to relax on a popular beach with restaurants and cafes within a few steps from the water, such places are here, too, abound.

But not only beaches, interesting Phu Quoc island: on the island of magnificent nature. You can go into the tropical forests and mountains, to make eco-hikes to waterfalls and rivers, familiar with the local flora and fauna.

You are probably interested in: "And what to do on the island except sit on the beach?". Yes there are many. Can go on an eco-tour in the jungle and in the mountains. If you want to go there even for a few days. You can rent a motorbike or mountain bike to explore the island independently, simultaneously making remarkable beauty photos. Be sure to visit the farm and the Museum of pearl diving, because the second name of the island – "Pearl island". On the island there is a farm on cultivation of black pepper available to visiting tourists. One of the popular entertainment of tourists on the island is fishing. Moreover, you can not only catch fish but also to try yourself in the role of catcher squid, crabs and other sea creatures. Quite interesting to visit a factory for the production of fish sauce Nuoc Mam, if you are certainly not averse to unpleasant smells. There on the island and several historical attractions, but they are not numerous.

Another activity for which you go to island diving. This is one of the best places in Vietnam for diving and one of the cheapest places in the world. But not cheap in quality, namely the costs that you will incur. Rich underwater world with coral reefs, rare species of underwater flora and fauna along with the clear water make it ideal not only for diving but also for snorkeling. All conditions and for all other features: has a diving center, there is equipment rental, organized excursions to remote beaches and nearby Islands.

Well, in the evenings when you are tired during the day, you can dine in the many restaurants fresh and inexpensive seafood and mingle with other travelers.

Summing up overall, the island can be recommended for recreation and not for active travel or entertainment. Moreover, in the first place for a beach holiday, diving or snorkeling.

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