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Hue (Hue, hue) – a city in Central Vietnam, the former Imperial capital.

Hue is situated on the banks of the perfume river (Hương Giang or Perfume River), about half way between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, 12 miles from shore. Currently, the city is an important cultural, political, economic and educational center of the country, and, of course, an attractive tourist and the most interesting historical place of Vietnam. The city is relatively small, its population, excluding suburbs is about 350 000 people.

The city primarily attracts tourists with its rich history, well-preserved and very important sites. A beach holiday in hue is not (although, if you wish, you can drive to the coast 12 miles). Recreation here is primarily cultural and sightseeing nature. Some tourists are visiting the city as part of the tour, such as da Nang or Hoi an, but with this visit, you will not be able to feel the spirit and atmosphere of the city, and will only be able to see the architecture and monuments. If you want to stay in the city longer, then there are all conditions: the city has many hotels, great authentic cuisine, presents a variety of traditional entertainment. To get to the same hue yourself easily from any tourist city in the country.

Two monuments of the city included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Is a complex of historic monuments, as well as court music "Nha Nyack", which is the intangible cultural heritage. Among others, but no less interesting attractions, the citadel Kinh Thanh Fort Mangka, the Palace of Thai Hoa, the "Nine Holy cannons" pagoda of Thien Mu, the Museum of emperors, pagodas You-and Give You-Hugh, bridge Changtian and the Cathedral of the Savior. One of the most important attractions - the Forbidden Purple city ("You Cam Thanh"). From the Imperial dynasties have left "the graves of the emperors" tombs which are also tourist attractions and popular among tourists. The surrounding city is also rich in natural attractions, including the national Park.

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PaZan 25 December, 2016
I advise you to visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Very interesting and allows you to get acquainted with their culture and ethnic groups. ...
ElenaSergeevna January 3, 2017
We booked on the Booking. Found a hotel in the heart of the city near the lake of the Returned sword. Was given a room with no Windows and doors. It turned out to be for the best, because until we almost did not hear the street noise. And there, believe me, VERY noisy!
Before leaving Nha Trang we took a hotel right near the airport (10 minutes by taxi) is also in Town. All very cool! There, like Russian, though the language no one knows! ...
admin December 28, 2018

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