Hotels in Sapa (Vietnam), where it is better to choose a hotel

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Hotels Of Sapa. Where to stay in Sapa?

Улица с отелями в туристическом районе Сапы (Вьетнам) Street hotels in the tourist
the area of Sapa (Vietnam)
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Hotels in Sapa , cheap even by Vietnamese standards. To stay quite comfortable and for$ 10 for two. But given the very low prices that everyone can afford the extra few dollars to choose a room with a balcony with a breathtaking view of the mountains or the valley. It's worth it.

If you go to Sapa in the high season (autumn or spring) or during holidays and festivals strongly recommend to take care of the booking. Of course, any time arriving in Sapa, just without a roof over your head you will not stay, but will get the worst of the remaining options at fantastic prices. In our experience (of the authors), during periods of holidays and festivals, and they are frequent, prices for accommodation can rise significantly. For example, in the "Festival in the clouds" in April-may, absolutely all the hotels in Sapa in collusion raised the price 5 times! Even found a price of $ 10 rented rooms at least $ 50, and they still needed to find. Also prices go up every Saturday and Sunday, but not so much. So highly recommend to book your hotel in Sapa in advance.

To book your accommodation or hotel in Sapa at the following sites, or by using the search from Agoda:

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A feature of most hotels in Sapa is that the rooms here are air-conditioned. But this is not a problem, given the climate and the mountainous location of the city. On the contrary, in the winter months is to attend to the fact that the room had a warm blanket because the nights can be very cold, and the buildings are not heated.

With the choice of locations of your hotel in Sapa approach is quite simple: where would you have chosen the hotel in Sapa, given the small size of the town, to any place within its limits, you will get five to ten minutes walk. And so the only thing you should pay attention PR a choice of a place - the view from your window or balcony with mountain or city views. However, the center of the city and the most tourist area stretches around the stadium and the market in the South-East of the lake. It is here necessary to recover, if you arrive in the city without a pre-booked hotel.

Гестхауз по типу homestay в деревне Ta Van в окрестностях Сапы Accommodation type homestay in the village
Ta Van in the vicinity of Sapa

Alternative accommodation in Sapa is home placement (Homestay) in one of the nearby villages. The accommodation is really not in the homes of local residents, and in special houses by type found, although they are marketed as a homestay. So, if you can't find a hotel in the city or want exotic, then rent a bike and go to the village to find a homestay is not difficult.

Another recommendation with regards to hotels in Sapa: if you buy a tour package to Sapa in one of the travel agencies on the street of Hanoi, very carefully approach the choice of hotel. The fact that there are cases when tourists travel Agency show you the wonderful pictures of the hotel with views of the mountains, and upon arrival in Sapa is detected that the hotel is very bad. So before you decide to buy the tour with a certain hotel, do not be lazy to go to any Internet cafe (they are, incidentally, often have directly at travel agencies in Hanoi) or reach your hotel (Internet is in almost every hotel, and, in most cases, totally free), and the name of the hotel suggest you read the actual description and reviews of guests about the hotel.

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