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How and what to get to Sapa

The most optimal starting point for a trip to Sapa is Hanoi (read here - how to get to Hanoi). In Hanoi there is one of the most important international airports of Vietnam, where directly or with transfers to get from Russia and other CIS countries, so from Hanoi airport to visit for a few days in Sapa at the beginning or at the end of the journey. Unfortunately, directly from the airport to Sapa can only be reached by taxi, otherwise, you will first need to come to Hanoi, and from there go by bus or train. In most cases you will have to stay in the capital.

You can also get to Sapa and some other cities of Vietnam directly, but most often transplantation in Hanoi is the only option.

Check out the prices on cheap flights to and from Russia to Hanoi:

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Minimum prices on flights from Russia to Hanoi:

Moscow ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 27525 ₽
Saint Petersburg ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 29542 ₽
Vladivostok ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 24242 ₽
Mineral Water ⇄ Hanoi 2 TO FIND 30461 ₽
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Khabarovsk ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 30708 ₽
Rostov-on-don ⇄ Hanoi 2 FIND FROM 30907 ₽
Kazan ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 31460 ₽
Sochi (Adler) ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 31646 ₽
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ⇄ Hanoi 2 TO FIND 32760 ₽
Irkutsk ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 33121 ₽
Samara ⇄ Hanoi 1 TO FIND 34298 ₽

The easiest way to get to Sapa after arriving in Hanoi to buy a package tour in local travel agencies. In this case, you will be spared most of the problems with transport, hotel transfers and accommodation, all included and organized. To purchase these tours in advance through the Internet, such as here, or to purchase on the spot in Hanoi in hotels or travel agencies on the street. Prices start from 100$.

Find tours online (with reviews)

Tour programs are very different from each other, and may include not only a stay in the city, but also trekking tours, climbing Fansipan mountain and so on. In some cases there are even tours without a stop in Sapa: the tour starts with meeting at/railway station of Lao Cai, transfer to Sapa, where you leave your Luggage and take a shower at the hotel and immediately hit the road in the mountains or in the valley; overnight in a camp, a Guesthouse or in the homes of local residents; at the end you will be transferred back to railway station. But carefully approach the choice of the program tours study included in the itinerary sightseeing and intensity. The fact that some tours, such as one-day climbing Fansipan is not a force unprepared tourists.

Now, more about how to get to Sapa from Hanoi and other cities on their own:

On the train from Hanoi

This is one of the most popular ways to get to Sapa from Hanoi, although just before town train and go. But the good thing is that most trains on this route night.

So from Hanoi you will first need to take the train to Lao Cai city (Lao Cai), where to take the bus. Despite the apparent complexity, to be done this way very easily, however, you need to know some details in order not to be deceived.

  • From Hanoi to Lao Cai

    Поезд во Вьетнаме

    The trip from Hanoi to Lao Cai by train is 9-11 hours. Runs daily, at least 8 trains, all night. Buying tickets on the train keep in mind that it consists of branded cars from different companies, and, accordingly, the price and service will vary (see about travelling in Vietnam by train). But don't be fooled by the fact that if you pay more for your ticket, you'll get the best service, almost no difference. In addition, some travel agencies in Hanoi sell more expensive tickets to cars that are no better than the standard, and the only difference is fewer locals and more tourists. In any case, the standard cars is not worse than the cars of many trains in our vast country for weeks, and here only 9 hours.

    Train from Hanoi to Lao Cai depart from the main railway station in Hanoi (Ha Noi Ga), which is located in the city center at 120 Le Duan. To buy train tickets in advance and best directly at the ticket office of the station or via the Internet. Travel agents and ticketing offices add to the cost of tickets Commission, moreover, does not sell tickets for simple inexpensive trains.

    Through the Internet you can buy e-tickets, but on the official website of the iron dorogu Vietnam plateaulike accept plastic cards of the Vietnamese banks. But you can buy tickets through a trusted site This site has Russian interface, the purchase is carried out with a small Commission.

    The timetable Hanoi-Sapa:

    And another useful tip: train in Vietnam mercilessly conditioned and sleep in them really cold even under the blanket. So either dress warmly or bring a tape (not the same, what to drink and which to glue) and paper to seal the vents on the ceiling.

  • From Lao Cai to Sapa

    Минивэн Лаокай-Сапа, Вьетнам Van Lao Cai-Sapa

    On arrival at the railway station in Lao Cai (Valley Lao Cai) Sapa to need to get directly to Sapa, which is easy to make a minivan, local bus or taxi. Distance – 40 kilometers; journey time is just over an hour.

    A huge number of private minenow to Sapa always waiting for arriving by train travelers in the Parking lot in front of the railway station, and with the suggestions to take you to Sapa, you will meet immediately upon exiting the train, and even in cars. But do not rush to accept such proposals, because it has a so-called "taxi mafia": young people caught sleepy tourist arrivals, put them in vans, raising money for the travel and disappear. As a result, you will either sit an hour or two and wait for the driver who would say that knows nothing, and again ask you money for travel, or just can't wait to send, because it looks like some minivans even never go. The trick relies on the fact that tourists just get tired of waiting send, and they will go away to find another bus. So look for a van that is already filled with tourists, and give money only directly to the driver. And next to building works corporate office where you can go and just buy a ticket for the next departing bus.

    You can also take the local public bus No. 1 and No. 2. They depart every 30-60 minutes from 06:00 to 18:00, cost 30 000 dongs. Their stop is right behind the Parking in front of the railway station, although according to unconfirmed information was moved a little further, since the local "mafia" simply didn't allow tourists to these buses to come. In any case, it is not difficult, everything is close by.

    Sapa buses and minivans to arrive in the center of Sapa on the main square to the bus stop near Sapa Church. From here to any hotel in town can be easily reached on foot with light Luggage, or a taxi ride. If you advance in the administration agree with the minivan driver, he can take you to the hotel.

On the bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Туристический трансфер в слипинг-басе, Вьетнам Sliping bass in Sapa

There is no direct bus service between Hanoi and Sly. At the new speeds highway buses run directly to Sapa in just 6-7 hours, when it cost almost two times cheaper than the train.

Buses of different companies, ply daily, several times a day and night. You can buy a ticket directly to Sapa and Lao Cai. Night sleeping bus (Sleeper Bus) it is convenient for moving, they can sleep. But it's good to go on morning buses: they oplavlyayutsya 5-6 o'clock in the morning, and by midday you will be in town.

You can buy tickets in local travel agencies, at the reception of hotels in Hanoi, the site, to idelete is better, at least a week before the trip. Ticket price – from 250 00 VND (682.86 RUB, see all about the money of Vietnam and the exchange rate).

From Hanoi, these buses leave from offices in the heart of the city, which is very good because you do not have to get to the bus stations on the outskirts of the city.

Because Sapa is no longer a bus station (the old station was demolished), these buses arrive directly in the city centre. At your request, they can be planted at the new station (site) buses next to the indoor market in Sapa.

View the schedule and book your bus to Sapa can through the search form:

🔍 Search

💲 Pay the ticket online

Will receive an itinerary receipt by email

🚌 Arrive to departure

When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.

From other cities of Vietnam to Sapa

Автостанция в Сапе, Вьетнам Bus station near the market

As we mentioned, almost all the routes in Sapa resorts of Vietnam are with a stopover in Hanoi. If you are good sostituite trip, you can do the route without the overnight stop in the capital, what better book the tickets in advance.

The only direct route known to us is the island of cat BA-Sapa. Bus Cat Ba Express departs from Sapa to cat BA island and back, the cost from 550 000 VND, 10 hours. Tickets here.

In addition, regular bus Sapa connected to the surrounding cities of the Northern part of Vietnam, which is not particularly interesting to tourists with the exception of the city of Dien bien Phu, through which you can get to Laos. All these buses depart and arrive at the bus station next to the indoor market Cho Sapa (market on the map). In fact, this station is a Parking area, which is a small trailer ticket. Local buses to Lao Cai leave from the centre from Sapa Church.

From Laos to Sapa

Пограничный переход в Лаос Border crossing to Laos

Trails from Sapa to Laos to/from the cities of Luang Prabang and the city Khua Muang (Muang Khou) is quite popular among tourists. International bus connection is realized through the border crossing near the town of Dien bien Phu where you can get a visa on arrival (for Russian citizens is not required). Moving these very long, but, fortunately, carried out by night sleeping bus. Sometimes a change of bus in Dien bien Phu or at the border. Buses from Sapa travel to 18-19 hours, in transit to Luang Prabang for almost a day to Muang Khua about 16 hours. Cost from $ 25 to Luang Prabang, and from 17 to Muang Khua.

To buy tickets for these routes can be in hotels or travel agencies in Sapa, as well as through the sites and If you can't find tickets through these sites, this does not mean that buses no, just sometimes for some reason the routes disappear from the search, though in fact true. In this case, just buy the tickets on the spot in hotels and travel agencies.

Even if the place will not be able to buy a ticket, it's easy to plan an independent trip with a change of bus in Dien bien Phu. For this purpose alone buy a ticket Sapa-Dien bien Phu (usually passing a night flight from Lao Cai) 250 000 dongs, departure from Sapa at 18:00. In Dien bien Phu the docking of buses is easy: night bus from Sapa arrives at 5 am, and buses to Laos leave a little later from the same bus station. Here's the cost and timetable:

In a pinch I can spend the day and spend the night Dien bien Phu, it's quite an interesting city with many historical attractions.

Cm. read more, how to get from Sapa to Laos here...

For leased vehicles

Путешествие на мотоцикле в Сапу

If you are traveling in a rented or purchased transportation (see how to buy a motorcycle in Vietnam), then to Sapa, you can visit three routes:

  • From Hanoi via Lao Cai. This is the standard and shortest route
  • From Hanoi through the valley of Minh Hoa. This is the scenic road to Sapa. Before reaching Lao Cai 20 kilometers will need to turn left, and follow the river on good asphalt road. Already in the valley of Minh Hoa, when you start the village of Ban Ho, TA van and others, the road becomes much worse, but you can drive without any problems.
  • From Dien bien Phu through the pass of Tram Ton. This way you can come in/out of Laos.

Also note that on the new highway from Hanoi to Lao Cai can not travel on motorcycles, but there are many parallel routes.

And don't forget about the possibility of transporting bikes on the train from Hanoi to not to pass this way on their own.

Transport Sapa, than to move on but the city and surrounding area

Такси в Сапе, Вьетнам Taxi in Sapa

In Sapa is no public transport. To move on foot, by taxi, motorcycle taxi or rented transport. Affordable rental cars and minivans with driver.

The city itself is small, and all of it you can get around on foot. To explore the area, attractions or villages, the ideal option would be rent of vehicle – motorcycle or bike. The cost of renting a motorbike in Sapa from 80 000 VND for a semi-automatic (218.52 RUB.), 100 000 (273.15 RUB) for the automatic transmission. Bikes some hotels do offer free. Hire in almost every hotel and on the street, if you are offered a price much above, look elsewhere or haggle. Read more about renting a vehicle here in Vietnam.

The schedule of buses and trains to Sapa

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