Trekking in Sapa

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The main attraction and fun mountain town of Sapa in Northern Vietnam is trekking around the beautiful countryside with visits to ethnic villages, or climbing the mountain Fansipan. This is exactly what this town goes most of the tourists.

Треккинг в Сапе, Вьетнам

There are several really popular and interesting trekking routes offered by the local travel agencies and guides, although if you want you can go in any direction you want. Here are the main routes:

  • Valley Of Minh Hoa (Muong Hoa Valley)

    This is the most popular route, time-tested and tens of thousands of tourists. It is offered with the purchase by default. This usually hike two or three days with overnight stays, although there are quick one-day option. Includes a visit to one or several villages, waterfalls, walking through the rice fields, a field of ancient stones, swimming in the river, and the far the village of Banha still visit the hot springs. The entrance to the valley for tourists paid 80,000 Dong. Payment is made at the checkpoint from Sapa on the asphalt road.

    The trail route passes through amazing beauty of the valley surrounded by mountains and decorated with rice fields. You pass from one village to another, and one or two will stay. Overnight will be in the homes of local residents, but you should not think that you will stay in this wooden house, in which live the Vietnamese themselves. In all the villages here have long established tourist infrastructure and the variety of guesthouses – hostei. I.e. you'll actually live in the same house with a Vietnamese family, but in a specially built for the enjoyment of tourists the house. Usually overnight means dinner with the owners in a circle of other tourists. The most popular and developed villages in order of distance from Sapa: Laocai (Lao Chai village of ethnic Hmong), Tavan (Ta Van, the village people Jay), Banjo (Ban Ho, the village of Dzao ethnic groups). Read more about valley of Minh Hoa see here.

  • The Village Of Cat Cat (Cat Cat Village)

    Вид на деревню Кат Кат в Сапе (Вьетнам) The Village Of Cat Cat

    It is such a "politicking" because it is the closest to Sapa, traditional village of ethnic Hmong (H'mong), and is more of a tourist attraction with a paid entrance. However, it is very interesting and informative to make easy trekking trip, especially if you are planning to make a trip to more remote villages.

    in fact, the village of cat Cat is a tourist complex, including vacations. You can visit independently on foot from the city centre of Sapa, spending the entire walk is about half a day, and paying for entrance 70 000 VND. Read more about the village of cat Cat, see here.

  • Tafin Village (Ta Phin)

    Деревня Та Фин, Сапа The Village Of TA Phin

    This is not the most popular track, and usually takes one day, although if you want to stay in the village in one of homstie. It is home to two peoples: the Hmong and Dzao. Read more about the village Tapin here...

  • Fansipan Mountain

    Гора Фансипан, Сапа (Вьетнам) Fansipan Mountain, Sapa

    Fansipan (Fansipan) is the highest peak of Indochina. Its peak has a height of 3143m and it is located right next to Sly. On top of Sapa, you can go climbing, that may be one of the most exciting adventures of your life, or take a cable car, which was launched in 2016. If you choose foot ascent, the path closely acquainted with the flora and fauna of these places, visit villages, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and experience triumph when you reach the top. Despite the fact that the ascent does not require special equipment and training, it is recommended to do it only as part of the group trekking tour or accompanied by a private guide. Starting points for the ascent three: through the village of cat Cat or Blues Tea (Sin Chai), Tram pass tone (the easy way). Read more about mount Fansipan here...

You need to take to trekking

Hiking in the valley and ethnic villages you will need a minimum of things: warm clothes and comfortable shoes, change of clothes for sleeping rain gear, water bottle, cash, toiletries, camera. Ideally, you need special trekking shoes and trekking poles, but not necessarily. If you want you can buy everything you need right in Sapa for very good prices (see , about shopping in Sapa), or rent equipment and even shoes to hire in equipment stores in the city. Backpack or bag with your basic things you can leave in the hotel or travel Agency where you bought the tour, and to go very lightly with a light backpack.

Climbing to Fansipan need to prepare seriously. Of course, a climbing helmet and crampons will not be necessary, but a tent, sleeping bag, camping Mat, food, water, a gas burner, in two or three-day hike will have to take. For rapid ascent, or if you planirate only rise and descend going on the cable car, you can travel light. When you purchase the tour, all necessary equipment is provided.

🕐 While working

Trekking is for one day or several overnights. Walks will start from Sapa, usually at 09:00

💵 Entrance fee / cost of the tickets

Tour for one day costs $ 15, two day or more tours from $ 40. The entrance to the valley of Minh Hoa at independent trekking – 80 000 dongs (220.44 RUB, see all about the money of Vietnam and the exchange rate).

🚶 How to get

To go to trekking from Sapa you can with a group tour individually with a guide or independently.

  • Group tours

    This is the easiest and inexpensive way. Group tours are offered everywhere in Sapa travel agencies and hotels, it remains only to choose a suitable route and price. You can also book a tour online here.

    Find tours online (with reviews)

    Almost everywhere offers a fairly standard route through the valley of Minh Hoa (Muong Hoa Valley) is one-three days, which may be different is that the detail and level of accommodation for the night in the village, but in our opinion much difference between all these options for seasoned tourists, so you can choose any of the tours that is cheaper and more durable. By the way, the cost of tours depends on the places of purchase, and the same route in the travel Agency on the street can be bought for 20 dollars, and the hotel is over 30, so it makes sense to walk around and check the prices.

  • With a private guide

    Everywhere in the streets of Sapa, especially in the center, women dressed in bright traditional clothing of the inhabitants of the tribal villages will offer you trekking in the village. These are the same guides from the local community who escorted and group tours, and they cost very little more than the cost of a group tour will take you on routes that will provide accommodation, meals and everything you need. It is also a good option to hike, but keep in mind that not all local guides speak good English.

  • Independent trekking

    There is nothing complicated to do trekking in the valley of Minh Hoa or the village Tapin yourself. It does not need any special Hiking experience nor special equipment. Along enough to take a light backpack, warm clothes and comfortable shoes, change of clothes for sleeping rain gear, water bottle, cash, toiletries, a camera, and be sure to GPS or a good map of the area. Backpack or bag with your basic things you can also leave the hotel at the reception. Food camping optional, on the way to the villages you will meet a cafe and shops.

    Places through which passes trekking is deaf, and most roads and tracks marked on Google maps and the national that you can upload to your smartphone and use it as a Navigator. Also in Sapa, you can find copies of maps of the surrounding area, but they are not very accurate: displays the main tourist trail, but very conditionally.

    The villages Laochai, Tavan, Banjo, Tavin are asphalt roads, and if you are not confident in their abilities, you can go on them. The most popular trek in the valley of Minh Hoa (in the village Laochai, Tavan, Banjo) goes along the same asphalt road TL152, which runs along the entire valley, and to each of the villages have a branch. Part of the beginning of the route through the valley pass through the asphalt to the CPR where payment is made for entrance (80 000 VND / tourists).

    Треккинг в Сапе, Вьетнам Checkpoint where the payment is made

    After transmission you can already go from the pavement to the right on trails, and walk through the fields to the village. For the first day easy walk to the village of Tavan where to stay in the Guesthouse or hostee, the second day you can go to the village of Banko, and spend the night there. Back and the village is better to travel not on foot but by taxi (they are in the village of fully, they are specifically expecting tourists), or on passing transport from the main asphalt road.

    Треккинг в Сапе, Вьетнам And then through the fields and trails

    As for overnight stays, the accommodation can easily be found on location in the villages, there are options homstead quite a lot. But to make sure you can book the accommodation in advance through the booking system:

    In these systems, almost all homstay in the surrounding villages. You can choose a hotel including their location on our map of Sapa and its environs.

    And finally a simple trick how to do the trekking alone and safely. Every day from 9 to 10 hours a tour group of tourists is collected and sent to the trekking centre of Sapa, and from the main square. From the square they are on the streets Fansipan, Cuay May and then go on the road TL152 that leads through the whole valley. Groups quite a lot, and find them easily in backpacks and guides and women in colorful traditional costumes. You can just follow any of the groups on the route, and all.

    Треккинг в Сапе, Вьетнам Groups of tourists with guides in Sapa

    Back to Sapa after trekking it is best to get transport. For group tours transfers by car or minivan are included in the cost. If you went by yourself, then in all the villages are on duty taxi drivers ready to take you back to the city. More economical or absolutely free and you can return if you go from the village to the main road TL152, and there to catch a ride.

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