Cave Chafin (Ta Phin Cave)

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In the village of TA Phin (Ta Phin), at a distance of 1 kilometre from the centre to the North, there are mountains, one of which is a cave. It is the only known cave in the district of Sapa, equipped and available for tourist visits.

It is quite extensive and lengthy, consists of multiple branches, tourists are allowed to go no deeper than 300 metres. There is nothing special, except for a bizarre stalactites, stalagmites and bats, and so be sure to include it in its programme of touring Sapa is not worth it. But if you find yourself in the village of TA Phin, you can look here, spending no more than an hour.

To explore the cave Tatin can be yourself, but better to do it with a guide from the local children or women in traditional attire who will be ready to take you to the cave only for the fact that you have bought some Souvenirs. In a cave made of light, but it is only included for a fee of 10,000 VND per person. Can go without the lighting with his flashlight.

Пещера Тафин, Сапа Cave Tatin

🕐 Working time: daytime

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free, including lighting in the cave is 10,000 VND / person (26.54 RUB, see all about the money of Vietnam and the exchange rate). You also need to pay 40,000 Dong for the entrance to the village.

🚶 How to get there: the cave is located 10 kilometers to the North of Sapa and 1 kilometre North of the centre of the village of TA Phin (the Caves of TA Phin on the map). You can get here by hired transport or on foot during a trekking to the village from Sapa.

Panorama of the entrance to the cave Tatin

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