The Village Of Cat Cat (Cat Cat Village)

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The village of cat Cat (Cat Cat Village) is the closest to Sapa traditional village of ethnic Hmong (H'mong). Although it is more of a tourist attraction with a paid entrance, in fact it is a very interesting and informative to make easy trekking trip. And if you don't plan to make a trip with guides or tour with an overnight stay in one of the villages near Sapa, the village of cat Cat is a must to visit.

Cat cat is a tourist complex, including vacations. Along the way you will see fascinating landscapes, residents of the local tribes and their way of life. At the entrance after paying the ticket you will be given a notional map of the village, which marked the most interesting places, and this is at least the waterfall of cat Cat (aka Tien Sa), a lake, a sculpture in the form of a huge Cup, a suspension bridge, a traditional Hmong house, garden, water mills. A walk through the village passes along the paths marked on the map, but really you can go anywhere and everywhere, but it is not necessary to go on private property in the homes of local residents without their permission. Near the waterfall there is a cultural centre where several times a day, is a traditional dance-music show, a visit to which is included in the ticket price.

Вид на деревню Кат Кат в Сапе (Вьетнам) The Village Of Cat Cat

The beginning of the walk takes you past the shopping stalls, where you can buy traditional Souvenirs made by local villagers. Prices for Souvenirs are reasonable, not higher than in the markets in the centre of Sapa, but carefully check, do not offer you a fake made in factories in China. Before entering on the road to the village there are several street shops, where at very good prices you can buy clothes and shoes for trekking, made in Vietnam.

In order to visit the village, do not necessarily need to hire a guide or buy a tour, to see her easily by yourself. Only do not be fooled that this is an easy route for half an hour. Actually, you first have to get to the entrance to the village, what can be done on foot or by taxi, and then follow the route through the village about 3 kilometers. At the same time almost all over will have something cool to go down, then up. To visit is to provide at least half of the day.

Вид на деревню Кат Кат в Сапе (Вьетнам) View of the village of cat Cat View photos in 3D
Вид на деревню Кат Кат в Сапе (Вьетнам) View of the village of cat Cat View photos in 3D

🕐 Working time: theoretically, to visit the village at any time of the day, but it is preferable to do it in the daytime. Tickets at the entrance starting to sell from 06:00 to 18:00. A traditional show takes place in 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the entrance fee, 70 000 VND / adult (192.16 RUB, see all about the money of Vietnam and the exchange rate); 30,000 VND / children growing up to 120 cm

🚶 How to get there: the village is located one and a half kilometres from the centre of Sapa (the entrance to the village on the map). Find yourself a village is very easy: just out of the city center (the square), follow the signs to the village on the street Fansipan Street. Further, the path to the village is winding and goes downhill on a normal asphalt road. First you walk (drive) to the ticket office where you buy tickets and get your hands on a colorful map of the route through the village. If you want you can go further on the road to another entrance, and begin a walk through the village on the other side. If you arrive by your own transport, you can Park in one of the private Parking for 10 000 Dong, or continue on to the entrance No. 2, where it can be parked for free on site Parking No1.

View of cat Cat village

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