How to go to Vietnam, either alone or on the ticket

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Пляж в Нячанге

If the purpose of your next trip will be Vietnam, it is possible that one of the issues that you need to decide: to go to Vietnam alone or a senior.

The answer to this question is not as simple and straightforward as it might seem. You can't just immediately say, for example, that to go to Vietnam on holiday alone will be cheaper than for tourists, because it is not always the case. Depending on length of stay, departure city in Russia and the place of stay in Vietnam, just the contrary, it may be that the trip may be even cheaper. But, on the other hand, if the journey and you will have more freedom of choice, both on route and on time. In General, everything in detail...

First, let's say, do not be afraid to travel in Vietnam alone. Even not knowing the language (which is the most common "excuse" from independent travel) this is not a hindrance. Vietnam is very developed in terms of tourism the country. Everywhere there are hotels, travel agencies, well-developed tourist and public transport. Moreover, today, many residents of Vietnam are happy to learn the Russian language in connection with the "invasion" of Russian tourists. So, here are afraid to get lost or get into trouble is not worth it. Just be alert and prepare well for the trip. To get into all sorts of trouble like divorce speculation in Vietnam you every step of the way regardless of the permit if you come from, or themselves. To be ready, read the section "Safety in Vietnam".

Now, as for the cost of the trip. As already mentioned, to say that an independent trip by far cheaper - is not honest. So you could say a few years ago when this area of Russia was considered rare and exotic, and tours to Vietnam, worth at least $ 2,000 per person. Today, for this price is quite possible to fly together. A simple search for tours in Vietnam popular tour operators gives the result of a tour from Moscow for 14 days for two people for 66 000 (price at the time of this writing in August 2013). If you plan this trip yourself, for the flights for two will have to spend about 50 000, and the remaining 16 000 will be spent on the hotel accommodation, transfers to and from the airport, insurance, etc. If the benefit will be minimal. Of course, a very different situation turns out, if you plan a complicated route of visiting several resorts in Vietnam or a long stay. In this case, independent trip it will be much more profitable.

As for the "interestingness" of travel, then, of course, independent trip to Vietnam will be much more interesting. If you want at least a little to expand the variety of your travel to depart from the beaten tour operators of resorts and routes, self drive – your choice. Vietnam can offer you a lot of things outside the popular tourist routes, where the "cars" bring Russian tourists. It almost "Russified" utterly popular resorts in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet (MUI ne), and now the town of Hoi an is almost not create such a sense of the exotic country as before. Russian speech everywhere on the street, hundreds of restaurants and shops in Russian, and even road signs are duplicated in Russian, gradually blur the line between exotic and resorts at home. But it is only a short distance to travel of these areas you can be in a sparsely populated English-speaking tourists places. This, for example, Sapa, da Nang, hue, da lat, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, MUI ne and others. Russian tourists, if there are there, basically just in the form of tour groups, which brought the popular Nha Trang or Phan Thiet.

In the end we make the following conclusion:

Afraid of independent travel in Vietnam is not necessary. But if you're willing to settle for the standard routes in the form of a stay on the popular "Russified" the resort will certainly seek to abandon tours to Vietnam in favor of the reason savage is not worth it, as saving is unlikely. However, if you stay in the circle of our fellow citizens in the popular resort of diluted a couple of trips on the tour, you do not like, is to make your way, which will help you with information about Vietnam and its resorts on our website.

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mrrum 21 June, 2018
note the tourists on this information:
Attention to foreign tourists in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet: Beware of fake Rum and fake ISC Rhum Chauvet ...
Irina Lashmanova October 12, 2018
Hello, tell me where to go in Vietnam, the end of February, beginning of March, to ensure that the sea had no waves. ...
admin October 12, 2018

Hello! Never bothered about waves, so can not say for sure, but look at the table of the seasons here - It generally takes into account the monsoon that forms a wave. ...
Saigon-Krasnodar March 24, 2019
Lived in Vietnam for more than a year. There attitude to the Russian beautiful. And the Vietnamese themselves are very friendly nation, where the order of full reciprocity. All of this was seen personally with my own eyes. I lived in Vung Tau city. Often in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) and Hanoi. North and South Vietnamese to each other not love. But foreigners are not covered. Moreover, on the Russian. For example, once in Hanoi I was with team-mates stood in an airport queue for a taxi. Stood in front of the Germans. 15 people somewhere. The first vacant taxi driver, bypassing the regular customer, came immediately to us, inviting in the car. He explained that, upon hearing the Russian language, I realized that we are from the former USSR, which have decided to respect. I repeat that the attitude of Russian in Vietnam is beautiful. There you can at least every day to make new friends who are true and faithful, always able to help at a critical moment. So, don't believe the crap that is written in the article. It is not so. ...
admin 24 March, 2019

You should separate the tourism and accommodation. You've spent most of their time in very different places than tourists spend, and are completely different things. Just don't need to go to the country in the "pink glasses" and really see things. ...
Evgeshka March 31, 2019
Hello,found your group on the Internet,tell me,I bought a vaping in Vietnam will not be any problems at the airport and on Vietnamese customs? As there are two liquids with a volume of 60 ml each. Please tell me ...
admin 31 March, 2019

As far as I know, the ban on electronic cigarettes in Vietnam. If in doubt, just disassemble the parts and carriage.
PS For the future, ask questions in the appropriate topic, not anywhere. ...
Irinalapova 6 October, 2019
Interesting country and quite distinctive
Irinalapova 6 October, 2019

I agree with every word. The Vietnamese are quite normal people and the country more than gostepriimny. There are certainly some points connected with the national mentality :) . But not so critical. All as anywhere in the long run.
As already wrote admin - Vietnamese Wheeler-dealer and I love a bit of shall we say cunning, and for no reason. But it is their earnings and it is necessary to this understanding. But to waste money not worth it.
Also say don't go to Outback, if you are a thrill-seeker. Firstly there is anything interesting and secondly there is very little infrastructure. No Internet, no ATMs, and many places where it is very bad mobile connection ...
Irinalapova 6 October, 2019
Rouge here interesting people. Met them in Hanoi. They differ in appearance and way of life from the rest