Transport Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

To navigate through the Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) by taxi, motorbike taxi, Bicycle taxi, rent a car or motorcycle, you can pretty much see just walking around the city on foot. But the most economical and the best way to explore the city - a system of buses.

Urban transport (buses)

Автобус в Сайгоне City bus in Ho Chi Minh city

In Ho Chi Minh city's excellent public transport system, presented in the form of a network of city buses.

Network serve more than 30 different companies with a total of more than 2,500 buses with more than 115 routes in all districts of Ho Chi Minh city and the nearby suburban areas (provinces) Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh and Long An.

By bus you can get to any place in the city, including, to get from the airport to the tourist area and back on the bus No. 152. Buses are usually air-conditioned, with a TV and almost empty, and if you don't ride the buses at rush hour, you will feel quite comfortable. In the buses located traffic pattern in a sequence of streets and stops, and is quite easy to track your route by street names, which are written on all signboards of the offices and shops along the road. Outside the bus (Xe Buyt) carefully designated routes and names start and end points of the route, however in Vietnamese.

Travel to Saigon by bus, take the reception of the hotel on a map of the city (preferably a few options, because all tourist cards are different and do not contain all the information), and even better to buy on the street map public transport routes. You can also use electronic map on our website or numerous other cards.

The fare depends on the length of a route, and is 5,000 VND. For large Luggage, also have to pay.

In some (most) buses payment is not the driver or the conductor, and the money thrown at the special Assembly of Plexiglas at the entrance to the front door, to the left of the driver. The driver monitors how much money you threw into a box and pressing buttons on the machine "spits" get your change in the bowl where you can pick up. In some buses, but there is not enough, the payment is made the old fashioned way – the driver or the conductor.

Popular routes:

No. 1 - Ben Thanh Market - Binh Tay Market (Cholon); No. 152 - Ben Thanh Market - Ho Chi Minh city Airport Tanshonnjat; # 11 - Ben Thanh Market - Water Dam Sen Park.

The website of city buses of Ho Chi Minh city in the Vietnamese language:


Такси в Сайгоне Taxi in Ho Chi Minh city

Despite the fact that a taxi in Ho Chi Minh city is considered to be one of the cheapest in the world, this way of moving is fraught with some problems. Saigon taxi drivers are known for their untrustworthy, but we in no case do not advise to refuse this way of moving, especially because it is really very cheap. Just be prepared for all kinds of con and fraud on the part of taxi drivers. As the saying goes: "Forewarned is forearmed".

Taxi drivers in Ho Chi Minh everywhere, and you only have to look to the side of the car to become a taxi driver desired by the client. Price for taxi by the state are not regulated and are established independently by different companies (of which there are many), so don't be surprised if for the same trip you will have to pay a different price in a different taxi. But on average, the most popular Vietnamese carrier Mai Linh Taxi price is about 13,000 VND or 18 rubles per kilometer, and about 30 rubles per hour of downtime. By the way, peak hours in Ho Chi Minh city on weekdays from 7:00 to 8:30 and 16:30 to 18:00.

Taxi drivers are mostly very bad speak English and even can not always read the addresses in the Latin alphabet. So it is best to show the address written in Vietnamese, which use business cards of hotels, maps, attractions with names of places (in the maps they know very bad) or pre-record prepared in English or Vietnamese.

Now this is what is to be feared in a taxi and what to be prepared:

  • Do not sit in a standard taxi, such as the company "Taxi-Meter" or "VinaMet". These companies are "famous" too fast spinning counters in it, of course, do not blame the companies themselves, and their "drivers-yourselfers". Unfortunately, not insured for 100 percent of fast counters for you and other companies, but there are chances to suffer from this less. Here is one recommendation: keep an eye on the counter, and if you find that it turns too quickly, just pay and catch another taxi.
  • Keep an eye out for your Luggage whether it is in the cabin or in the trunk. There are cases when taxi drivers took off with the Luggage at the beginning of the trip and after.
  • If you decide to use a taxi without the meter, then make sure you agree a price in advance before you travel. Ask the driver "how much?" and bargain to your prices, which is possible to estimate at least approximately on the map (remember, a kilometer is about 13 000 dongs). Just be sure to check the price of the trip on paper and show the driver to confirm this price.

Recommended: Mai Linh (white, silver or green cars with green lettering on the windshield); Vinasun (white cars with green and red lettering); Vinataxi (yellow machines); Petrolimex (white with blue and white with orange machine); Savico (blue); Petro Vietnam (silver and green); Taxi Future (silver); Hoang Long. Be careful when choosing a taxi names as there are companies-counterfeits of popular taxi such as Mai Linh taxi is called Mai Linn.

Motorcycle taxi

Traveling on a motorcycle taxi to Ho Chi Minh city is incredibly fast, exciting and full of adrenaline. Traffic in Ho Chi Minh city is organized so that for motorcycles in many places in a separate lane, while buses and taxis get stuck in traffic, motorcycles frantically rush past. Of course, it is the fastest way to move around the city, but also quite extreme in the sense of road safety. You must wear a helmet and ask the driver to go a little slower.

Ride for short distances around town will cost no more than 40 00 dongs and Ho Chi Minh city airport can be reached in 100 000 Dong. Price stipulate in advance before the trip.

Vehicle rental

Мотобайк в Сайгоне Rent a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh city

If you feel confident behind the wheel, you can take a car to travel to Ho Chi Minh city. However, be very careful, the traffic in Ho Chi Minh city just a gesture.

Unfortunately, for legal transport management in Vietnam are required license issued in Vietnam. No transfer of rights and international law in the form of booklet invalid. So as for the car, much easier to rent a car with driver.

With motorcycles all the easier because the police still look at tourists on a motorcycle through his fingers. Rent a small motorcycle in the tourist district of Ho Chi Minh city (street Pham Ngu Lao) from 110 00 VND per day.

Read more - rent a motorcycle and car in Vietnam.

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