Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Hotels Of Ho Chi Minh City

Hotels in Ho Chi Minh city a huge amount. Here you can find a bed for $ 5 and the 5-star hotel for a ridiculous $ 100.

Book a hotel in advance is not required even in the season, it is always possible to find accommodation on the spot. But if you want to be sure the hotel and the price, and not looking for the cheapest room, it makes sense to book in advance.

Find and book a hotel in Ho Chi Minh city, you can through the search form. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

Ожидайте, карта загружается
Хошимин Tourist district of Ho Chi Minh city by night

If you arrive in Ho Chi Minh city with the intention to find a hotel on the spot, it is better not to resort to any kind of assistants from among the different taxi drivers or "helped" in the streets, and to schedule yourself in advance. "Helpers" usually imported tourists in hotels a few at inflated prices in exchange for the head of the tourist Commission. Though sometimes by the owners of minigostinitsa in a tourist area to catch the tourists and invite, while offering very competitive prices.

If you are a budget traveler and looking for budget accommodation, then booking in advance in Ho Chi Minh city does not make sense, as the cheapest hotels in the reservation system. In this case, you can just get to the tourist district of Ho Chi Minh city and around a few hotels or guesthouses, you are sure to find something very cheap. The best arrangement is to look for meaning in the small polocko in a tourist area, rather than along main streets. Quality inside these guesthouses are very decent, but the prices due to the inaccessibility of the very best.

Districts of Ho Chi Minh city, where to choose a hotel:

  • Tourist district of Ho Chi Minh city

    The cheapest hotels are concentrated in Ho Chi Minh citythe tourist (backpacker) district of Ho Chi Minh city formed by streets of Pham Ngu Lao (Pham Ngu Lao) and Bui Vien (Bui Vien). Also called district No. 1 Pham Ngu Lao (district No. 1 Pham Ngu Lao). This area is located just a five minute walk from Bintan (tourist area on the interactive map of Ho Chi Minh city), and it can be easily reached from the airport by city bus No. 152. In General, this area is considered somewhat unfavorable, there are many sorts molested, scams, crooks, etc. contingent. But there are a huge number of travel agencies, cafes and pedal, bars and nightlife. Tourist buses and sightseeing tours to all corners of Vietnam are sent here. In General, this is the best place for active tourists.

    Find a room or a room for every taste in this area will not be easy. Once you appear in a tourist area with a suitcase or backpack, you are literally in the hands will be missed, offering rooms starting at$ 15 for two. If you are traveling alone, you can settle in your room/Dorm$7.

  • The market area Bintan

    Another popular area is the area around market Bintan. Hotels are cleaner, the prices are a little higher, the atmosphere is a little loud. This is a great place if you want a night to enjoy a quiet sleep, and in the afternoon or evening to walk around the city. To the tourist area and entertainment centre here, it's so boring here too.

  • Japanese area

    In the Japanese area of greater concentration of new hotels of high quality at a high price. In terms of tourism the area is of little interest, but it is located near the center.

  • District Phu Mai Hung

    A large Area of Phu Mai hung, located in the South of the city, too, mostly for tourists not too interesting, and more suitable for business trips.

And a few more tips for hotels in Ho Chi Minh city:

Passports in hotels when you check in usually taken and stored in advance, the calculation typically occurs at check out, unless you wish to pay from.

Another point: most of the hotels are forbidden to bring to my room guests and residents (residents) of Vietnam. But there are others in which this rule does not apply. Basically it's a cheap hotels in the tourist district.

And of course, we should remember that all prices for hotels in Vietnam seasonal (and on the websites of the hotels they are usually given it), and may vary slightly.

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