Excursions in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon): description and value

Traditionally, English-speaking tourists considered that in Ho Chi Minh city to do and nothing to watch. Most tourists, unfortunately, think one in Ho Chi Minh city there are no beaches and some major attractions, you go there and why not. But, in fact, though the city itself is not really rich and special historical sights of Ho Chi Minh city offers a huge number of excursions through which you can watch not only the entire southern part of Vietnam, but even to visit neighbouring Cambodia or Laos. But what is especially good prices on tours from Ho Chi Minh city are ridiculously cheaper than the same tours from the popular resorts of the South, like MUI ne, Vung Tau or Nha Trang.

To purchase the tour at any travel Agency on the streets of the city, especially a lot of which is in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city on the street of Pham Ngu Lao and adjoining streets, as well as in hotels. To get there tours is perfectly safe, the only inconvenience – the whole market is focused on English-speaking tourists. Excursions in Russian language find problematic, because Russian tourists are still very few.

Payment for tours can be made in Vietnamese Dong (see Vietnam currency, exchange rate) and in dollars. Widely sold both group tours and individually.

Here's for reference a list and brief description of the excursions from Ho Chi Minh city from several popular Vietnamese tour operators:

Excursion to the tunnels of Cu Chi (Cu Chi Tunnels)

Туннели Ку-Чи, Хошимин The Tunnels Of Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City

This is perhaps the most popular and most famous tour of all the attractions of Ho Chi Minh city, and it is really worth a visit.

The tunnels of Cu Chi are located outside the city, about 30 kilometers, and in the 1960-ies was used extensively during the war with the United States. The extent of the tunnel system are striking: the tunnel system stretched from the capital of South Vietnam to the Cambodian border; only in one district of Cu Chi has 250 km of tunnels.

During the tour tourists will be encouraged not only to look at the tunnels and some of the exhibits fighting, but to try to go underground themselves, must do. However, for big people that would be problematic, the tunnels are very narrow. The program also includes a short preview of the documentary, shooting range visit (optional), tasting of local teas and tapioca.

Tourists can be a little discouraging, the price of this tour: in some places it costs from $ 5 for the tour on half a day, and in the other to $ 30. The thing is that the price of the cheapest tour for $ 5, apparently, partially paid by the factories for the production of goods for tourists, where they usually deliver on the way. The more expensive the fun of this, but included some other attractions. There is also an expensive option of this tour on a speed boat.

Price: Find a tour for 100 00 Dong (about 4.5 USD), and up to $ 30. Affordable tours additionally have to pay an entrance fee of 90,000 Dong. The boat tour costs $ 15

Duration: half or full day

Tour of the Mekong Delta

Экскурсия по Меконгу, Хошимин Excursion on the Mekong

This tour is also one of the most famous and popular and it competes with the tunnels of Cu Chi. This is one of the most intense and fun rounds. There is a variety of the excursions one or more days by bus or boat, an overnight stay in the hotels or on the boat. There is also a tour through the Mekong Delta to Cambodia in one direction. Another variation – a tour of the Mekong by Bicycle.

During the tour you will visit the fruit and fish farm, spice farm, apiary, factories on manufacture of rice noodles and coconut candy, floating markets, temples, and other historical and cultural attractions, the village of Cham.

We recommend that you take the tour on two days, because one day you won't see, and three days is too tight. A tour through the Mekong one way to Cambodia it is best to take for three days as nearly the whole last day will be spent on the move. If you do decide to take a day tour, it is best to choose a moving speed boat (speedboat): this tour though more expensive, but will have time to see more.

Cost: one-Day tour costs from 165 000 VND ($8). Tour for three days with accommodation in hotels – from $ 40.

Depending on the duration of the tour programs and places of purchase, the cost varies greatly. Sometimes one and the same tour is sold in a nearby travel agencies at a price differing by half, so there is a real sense of go and compare prices in several agencies.

The price of the tours for a few days usually includes the cost of accommodation and Breakfast, but better check all the details in excursion, as in Vietnam all sorts of surprises are not excluded

Duration: 1-3 days

City tour (City tour, or Discovery tour)

It is a traditional observation that urban attractions of Ho Chi Minh city for a half or full day. Most often you can find half-day tour. Tour programs are quite different, but almost always include visits to: - Ben Thanh market; history Museum Ho Chi Minh city Museum of war crimes; temple Thien Hau Temple; Cathedral Notre Dame De Saigon; reunification Palace (Reunification Palace). Of course, in the Matchday programme there is a stop in the affiliated jewelry or gift shops. Some tours include a ride on the trishaw to Chinatown.

Cost: from $ 6. Does not include the cost of entrance to museums and palaces.

Duration: half or full day. Half day tours are held in the morning and in the afternoon.

Beach tour in MUI ne

For those who arrived in Ho Chi Minh city for a long time, offers a great opportunity for an organized visit to the beaches of MUI ne. This is a tour with an overnight stay in MUI ne, a beach, a trip to the white sand dunes and Lotus lake.

Cost: from $ 80.

Duration: two days one night or three days two nights.

Beach tour in Nha Trang

Like trips to MUI ne this tour in Nha Trang includes the beaches of Nha Trang and some of its attractions.

Cost: from $ 80.

Duration: two days one night or three days two nights.

Tour in Dalat

This tour includes a visit to the mountain town of Dalat and its attractions. As there are day trips and several days stay in the hotel in Dalat. Typically, the program crazy house, Dalat flower gardens, Dalat waterfalls, etc.

Read more about the lat here...

Cost: from $ 30

Duration: one day, 2 days and 3 days

Tours to Cambodia

Ho Chi Minh city – the perfect place to start tours in Cambodia to Angkor (Siem reap) and in Phnom Penh. These tours are, unfortunately, not cheap, but they are worth it. This is usually multi-day tours, and it makes sense to take the longer tours, because only two days will be spent on travel.

Don't forget to visit Cambodia you will have to apply for a visa on arrival or e-visa, which costs the tour is not included ($25).

Cost: from $ 200

Duration: 3 days

Tours to Laos

Ho Chi Minh city is not the best place in Vietnam for the start of the tour to Laos, but similar tours are offered here. To visit Laos Russians visa up to 15 days are required.

Cost: from $ 280

Duration: 3 days

Other excursions in Ho Chi Minh city

You can also pay attention to the following less popular excursions in Ho Chi Minh city:

  • Evening river cruise with dinner and a visit to a puppet show on the water: full day from $ 30
  • Acrobatic show A O Show and dinner full day $ 60
  • Cooking courses (Cookery tour): half day, $ 60
  • Golf tour: half day, from $ 100
  • Mangroves: full day $ 70

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