Ho Chi Minh City Airport

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Аропорт в Хошимине, международный терминал

The airport of Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) Tan Son Nhat International Airport (tan son Nhat pronounced, the IATA code is SGN) is the largest airport of Vietnam in terms of size and ridership (up to 17 million passengers per year). It is located at a distance of about 6 kilometers from the center of Ho Chi Minh city in the city: right at the exit of the airport you will be taken to the residential and business districts of the city, within walking distance are several hotels (Ho Chi Minh city airport on an interactive map).

Most tourists to Vietnam arrive in this airport. The greatest number of international flights and lowest fares are offered here, not in the capital Hanoi airport.

For 2015 is planned to start construction of the new international airport of Ho Chi Minh city, 40 kilometers from the city.

All the necessary infrastructure at the airport is there, though some of it is outside the building: ATMs and currency exchange offices are on the street. In the building of the airport (both terminals), there are currency exchange offices of the airlines, stand VAT refund (Vat Refund, in the international terminal), tourist information, taxi booking, hotels booking, car rental, sale of SIM cards? In General, all as in any normal international airport. The exchange rates at the airport are reasonable, only slightly lower than can be found in the exchange offices in the city.

Online timetable departure/arrival airport Ho Chi Minh city http://www.hochiminhcityairport.com/

Prices for tickets in Ho Chi Minh city for reference:

From Russia to Ho Chi Minh city airport, regular flights are operated from airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo (Moscow), as well as Charter flights from the regions. A number of foreign airlines offers an extremely favorable air tickets from Moscow to Ho Chi Minh city with a stopover.

The cheapest flights from Russia to Ho Chi Minh city:

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To find the most inexpensive flights to Ho Chi Minh city for your dates and book the tickets you can through the search form:

Orienteering at the airport. The scheme of airport Ho Chi Minh city

Аропорт в Хошимине, международный терминал

Feature of the airport is that the international and domestic terminals built in separate buildings, separated from each other by about 400 metres, to get from one terminal to another just across the street. Terminal 1 (Domestic terminal) is for domestic flights, terminal 2 (International terminal) for international. The easiest way to get from terminal to terminal on foot, because the distance is really small, but some travel agencies offer, for these purposes, a paid Shuttle cost about $ 10 (over 400 meters of a taxi!)

To get from the international terminal to the local, should immediately after the exit go to the right along the terminal. From local to international, respectively, to the left.

International terminal

Очередь в ожидании получения визы по прибытию

This terminal consists of four levels (floors). The first and second floor – arrivals (arrival). The third and fourth zone of Departure (Departure). Between the departure area and the arrival of free passage is not connected: can get from one place to another just across the street or in transit from one international flight to another.

The entrance/exit of the arrivals area is on the ground floor on the ground level (you will be redirected to the Parking of vehicles).

Entrance/exit to the zone of departure is from the ramp at the level of the 3rd floor.

  • Arrival

    On arrival at the international terminal first, it turns out visa on arrival to Vietnam if required (strut Landing Visa), then passport control, getting Luggage on the ribbon, and customs.

    Further, if you need to continue the path on the plane for Vietnam, after exiting the terminal, turn right about 400 meters to the terminal for domestic flights. To get from international terminal to domestic walk would take no more than 10 minutes. Procedure upon arrival at the international terminal is also not take much time (usually 20 minutes after disembarkation you will be on the street). But if you are planning to obtain a visa on arrival, it is best to lay on it for another hour.

    If you want to get to the city, right at the exit to catch a taxi or take the city bus No. 152 (to the centre). The bus stop slightly to the right from the exit.

  • Departure

    For the flight should go straight to the area of departure (Departure) to the third level. After registering at the front Desk, you can proceed to the waiting area to the landing, where there are duty free shops duty free.

The scheme of the international terminal of the airport of Ho Chi Minh city - http://www.hochiminhcityairport.com/

Зона прибытия Зона убытия

Domestic flights terminal

Зона ожидания во внутреннем терминале

This terminal consists of two levels (floors). On the ground floor are reception, waiting area and arrival area, the second area of departure. The layout is extremely simple and no difficulty will cause. Almost the entire infrastructure of the terminal placed on the street: ATMs, exchange offices on the street

How to get to/from airport Ho Chi Minh city

Other resorts Vietnam

Unfortunately, ground-based long distance public transport at the airport of Ho Chi Minh city is poorly developed. Rather, it is non-existent. In order to get to other resorts Vietnam by land, you have to first drive to the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, where possible, to spend the night, and then continue the journey by train, bus or by water. The nearest resorts of Phan Thiet and MUI ne and Vung Tau can be reached by taxi or transfer. But it will cost expensive: to MUI ne taxi ride will cost 80-120 dollars per car.

See also information - How to get to Phan Thiet from Ho Chi Minh city

To the centre of Ho Chi Minh city

  • City bus
    Автобус №152 у терминала Bus No. 152 from the terminal

    Very cheap and quite convenient way to get from the airport to the city centre (to the market Ben Thanh, or the tourist district of Ho Chi Minh city) or from the city to the airport is to take the local city bus No. 152. The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, with TV and usually almost empty. Journey time to the centre from 20 to 40 minutes depending on traffic. The buses on this route from 6:00 to 18:00. The fare is 5000 Dong (about 10 rubles, see Vietnam currency, exchange rate). Payment at the entrance to the bus driver or in a special machine (you need to throw the money in the plastic box beside the driver, and he "otsenivaet" you surrender, pressing the button on the unit).

    The bus you will find immediately when you exit the international and domestic terminal. Designated bus stop marked with the bus you will learn easy: it is marked front and rear number of route 152. In a pinch, you can exit the Parking area of the airport and go on the road (street Truong Son) to the right (if you stand with your back to the airport) to the first stop and wait for bus there. Do not believe the taxi drivers who will say that the bus No. 152 no longer walk.

    It should be borne in mind that the market Ben Thanh is not the destination: the bus stops at the front of the market, and then follows on to the last stop. Not to miss tourist area, it is better to go to Ben tan (five minutes walk to the tourist areas) or the next stop (just next to tourist area). Stop Ben tan can be found on the number of passengers (usually there are a lot of people goes and comes), to the indoor market, and a large crowd in this place of buses. Do not reverse direction when you get on the bus to go to the airport, because the bus route is not circular.

  • Taxi
    Такси в Хошимине Taxi in Ho Chi Minh city

    A taxi from the airport to the tourist area you can catch from 7 $ (150 000), this is storge. But on average expect $ 8-10. Do not worry originally called the taxi driver prices, for example, 20 dollars. Negotiate to the real price of 7-10 dollars or find another taxi driver. There are also taxis on the meter. The trip meter will cost about the same, 7-10 dollars.

    Always be prepared for the tricks of taxi drivers, especially if you decide to take a taxi outside the airport. Ho Chi Minh city taxi drivers are very famous for their tricks to deceive customers. Trip at an agreed fixed price is preferred, because very often cheat with counters. But the contract price be sure to check in advance and show it to the driver on paper to be sure that you are being taken for$ 5, not 5 hundred dongs and the like. Another common trick of taxi drivers try to bring you in "your" hotel, under the pretext that the desired hotel is full, no longer exists, etc. There are many ways a taxi driver try to "cheat" you. Some of which, and the ways of dealing with them in more details in the section "security in Vietnam".

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • Motorcycle taxi

    You can use a motorcycle taxi is cheaper, faster and more extreme. Motobiker "catch" clients at the exit from the airport Parking. You can reach the centre in a few dollars, but with a lot of baggage to get any.

Helpful information

The exchange of money. On arrival in airport Ho Chi Minh city foreign currency can be exchanged on the first floor when you exit the international and domestic terminal. There is also plenty of ATMs. The exchange rate at the airport of Ho Chi Minh city is perfectly acceptable to exchange the initial amount. So, one day the exchange rate at the airport was 20 932 Dong per dollar, and in the course 21 of 250, i.e., a difference of only 1.5%.

The bus to the tourist area. Straight from the airport to the city centre (district 1, Ben Thanh tourist area) is sent to bus No. 152. The cost of the fare is 5,000 VND. The bus runs from 06:00 to 18:00. You can find it when you exit the international terminal to the right.

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