Safety in Vietnam

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General information

Vietnam is among the ten most secure places in Eurasia. By and large, this is due to the rather rigid administrative-police regime (remember the USSR), as well as traditional hospitality and friendliness of the people of Vietnam. There is almost no religious fanaticism, racial prejudice, inadequate aggression. Serious crime is very rare and are a real emergency for the local population.

However, there are typical minor crimes, who is to be feared. This is usually theft. They mainly occur in shopping malls, markets, from hotel rooms or Luggage. The purpose of thieves are cell phones, cameras, wallets or money. Violent crimes - robbery or robberies, are extremely rare.

Полиция Ханоя Police car in Vietnam

In the case of theft of valuables, money or documents, you must contact the police. In the case of loss of documents you'll first need to contact the police for help, which you need to recover documents when applying to the Embassy. The location of the nearest police station available in the hotel or passers-by, or just turn to a policeman on the street.

The main problem always and everywhere are petty theft and molestation of local residents. Private traders and ordinary citizens are always trying to sell something on "speculative price", and do it with amazing tenacity in the most unexpected places. To get rid of their attention is quite difficult, and even bought something, it is not easy to surrender. There are cases of outright fraud, for example, when you begin to demand money for services or goods that you did not ask for, or deception in currency exchange. For safekeeping of personal property should take normal security measures.

You should avoid travel on bicycles after dark. In any case, no need to carry large amounts of documents, especially when visiting crowded places or markets. Try to keep money and documents in the hotel safe. In any case, it is possible to have a copy of the passport. For greater reliability you can put your scanned passport and a Russian passport online, for example, in their Inbox. So you will be able to access them at any time, the Internet in Vietnam at almost every corner.

Still keep in mind that the Vietnamese language is quite complicated, many of the words, even the names of some specific locations or streets, are pronounced in two or three options, so even the "English speaking" local resident is totally incomprehensible for a foreigner (and Vice versa). Russian language, which had enjoyed great respect here, currently, almost never used (however, in French the same story). When any movement around the city is recommended to record the names of the required points in Vietnamese and show this "guide" to local residents, help usually no one refuses.

Commercialization in Vietnam has reached incredible heights. All of them require a fee, and often illegally (Parking, toll bridges and roads). Many tourist spots molestation "sellers" simply exceeds all conceivable norms, in this case, if we satisfy one, immediately come 20-30 new applicants. Some Vietnamese even ready to break something or to sprinkle dirt on the unwary tourist, and then to offer their "help" in repairing or cleaning. Therefore, never succumb to even the most seemingly innocent sentences. In major resort areas it came to the point that local traditions and customs give way to the previously hated Western culture, including an unprecedented case - the American.

But do not be afraid to spend money in Vietnam, you just have to adapt and follow a few simple rules that will help you to keep them:

  • Everywhere and always haggle and compare prices. The "gullible tourists" prices referred to in two to three times higher than for locals. Price at the market for Souvenirs to really knock down 2-3 times.
  • Not to accept any unnecessary services and assistance, as for them, then suddenly ask for money.
  • Always purchase, exchange of money, payment, bargaining with the taxi driver about the fare several times and ask the exact final price, and ideally write it on paper or a piece of paper and get confirmation that everything is correct. Otherwise, you verbally agreed sum can be added the extra fee or extra zeros.
  • Try to pay for services without change, as the change can sometimes not get.

Also read information on ways of keeping money and documents while traveling and about the tricks and scams in Vietnam.


According to the recommendations of the world Health Organization, compulsory vaccinations for travel to Vietnam is not required. But it is recommended to follow some important rules:

  • Never drink unboiled water. Water from the Minibar can also be diluted with tap. Always buy water in plastic bottles – it is sold almost everywhere. Before buying, inspect the bottle to check the safety of the plastic tube and the protective shell around her.
  • Do not eat unwashed vegetables and fruits. Wash them in boiled or disinfected water.
  • Do not drink beverages and fresh fruit juices with ice, the ice may contain harmful bacteria.
  • Do not buy food at street stalls, try to dine at restaurants and cafes, obviously popular with the locals and other tourists.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, bring sunscreen and sunglasses that absorb UV radiation.
  • For entry to country medical insurance is not required, but it is better to acquire. The insurance must be included infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Despite the fact that in the major cities and seaside resorts, these diseases are not common in the area of tropical forest (rural) the probability of their occurrence is very high.
  • If you are going to travel through the jungle in the Mekong Delta, you should take preventive measure against malaria. The safest remedy is considered "Lariam". Another good tool is "Doxycycline". The reception should start one week before travel, during travel and for four weeks after return one tablet a day (read the instructions carefully and consult your doctor before use).

Important: Observe all the above precautions. In case of discomfort immediately contact the hospital, please inform the representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the representative of the insurance company. All costs associated with eventual treatment, should be paid or reimbursed by the company-the insurer (not the travel company) under the terms of health insurance.

Машина скорой помощи во Вьетнаме Ambulance in Vietnam

Traffic/recommendations to pedestrians. Vehicle rental

Traffic in Vietnam, as in Russia – right.

In big cities everywhere installed traffic signals, signs and markings on the road. Sometimes in the tourist areas in the evening even close separate sections for movement, labeling them with "Walking street" and they won't even drive on the bike and even tourists. Despite this, the traffic in Vietnam is chaotic enough and rules are violated everywhere and everyone. Especially dangerous is the traffic in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, da Nang, Nha Trang. Before you sit yourself behind the wheel in such cities, think several times. Much easier situation in small towns and resort areas, there is quite easy to cope with the traffic, but you need to exercise greater caution and care than when driving home.

Бесстрашный иностранец турист за рулем мотобайка во Вьетнаме A traffic COP in Vietnam

Here's how he described the traffic in Vietnam one experienced traveler:"the principle of "less misses and more." And missing all the buses, even many ton trucks. I.e. if a bus crashes into the oncoming lane on the side schemyatsya ALL! Motobiker in ANY case obliged to rebuild on the side if the oncoming leaves the car"

When crossing the road in Vietnam, you must follow the rule: never make sudden movements from side to side, not to rush in front of the vehicle. Be prepared for the fact that You no one will miss, even at a crosswalk or even a traffic light. To cross the road, you just need to slowly and quietly move perpendicular to the road and flow of traffic, like water in the river, You will travel around. Look like crossing the Vietnamese and do the same. The main thing is not to panic and not make a fuss.

Russian law (even international) do not apply here, so rent a car and motorcycle with engine displacement more than 49 cubic centimeters tourists who do not have a driver's license issued in Vietnam, is excluded. You can rent a low powered moped or scooter, engine size less than 46 cubic cm, or Bicycle with an engine on electricity, for which all rights are required. Right here at foreigners almost never check, but in the case of traffic violations or getting into an accident, the foreigner will definitely be found guilty. Alternative to car rental is to rent a car with driver that will cost almost as much as rent a car without a driver.

The best alternative to the motorcycle and even car for the power tour is a Bicycle. But here one should be particularly careful – motorcycles and cars will be zipping inches from you, all you will be constantly beeping in the back (and not only you, everyone here with all the honking). After a few hours practice you will be able to join the stream and safely move, but do not lose vigilance: better transfer Bicycle across the road on foot or to pass the dangerous area on the sidewalk, than to be under the wheels.

When driving on the road bike it is also important to try not to make any sudden movements on the road and stay to the right. Drivers in Vietnam just the assy and will to go around you if you will not be disturbed and shy away to right and left along the road.

Automobile fuel in Vietnam is sold everywhere (thanks to the widespread use of motorcycles). Some problems may occur with gasoline AI-95.

As for Parking, even in large cities they are few. Drivers leave their cars along the roads. As a rule, the cost of Parking within a few hours is 10000-20000 VND for the car and 2,000 to 5,000 for the bike. Free Parking available in shopping malls. In addition, almost all restaurants offer free Parking to visitors. The highway linking the province are paid. Payment is required at the entrance to the highway on a special trip, but motorcycles will not pay anything.

Useful numbers, contacts of embassies

The Embassy in Hanoi

  • Address: Hanoi, street Lathan, 191 (191, La Thanh street, Hanoi)
  • Phone: (844) 3833-69-91, (844) 3833-69-92
  • Fax: (844) 3833-69-95
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

The Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city

  • Address: str Maguindanaon, 40 (40, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, Hochimin)
  • Tel: (848) 930-39-36
  • Fax: (848) 930-39-37
  • E-mail:

The Consulate General in da Nang

  • Address: Changfu street, 22 (22, Tran Phu Street, Danang)
  • Tel: (84511) 382-23-80, 381-85-28
  • Fax: (84511)381-85-27
  • E-mail:

Useful phone numbers in Vietnam:

113 - police;
114 - fire Department;
115 - emergency medical care;
116 – telephone directory.

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All known modern history of Vietnam. Many years of war badly affected the financial possibilities of the population It is a poor country so the Vietnamese have adapted to all kinds of petty cheating. They are not trustworthy. ...
Foxa 1 February, 2015
Of course, in all countries and in Vietnam it is necessary to look at both! In Saigon we caught at once for a divorce with coconut. :) Heat, thirsty. Then, just across the Vietnamese coconuts to us - say, won't you? Of course, we stretched grab a coconut with a straw, and then ask: How much? The answer discouraged a bit - $ 10! Gave what to do. But I realized that first you need to ask them - how much? And then pull your hands for something.
By the way, the price of coconut is $ 1, then it is so much for them already and paid. :) ...
Igor' February 2, 2015
About the taxi could not agree more. Also came across in Vietnam! :) Actually had not planned to take a taxi, but lost a little bit in Ho Chi Minh city. Had to take a taxi. And counters they are cunning, also a bunch of zeros, and we are in the course of the money transfer is still not properly penetrated. And the taxi driver, seeing that we are still beginners and don't fumble well we heated... :) Called the amount of one more zero! So, be careful. ...
Leona 12 Feb, 2015
About the fraud clear. It's everywhere like that.
How about physical security? Told about the strange rules of the road. All go as they want. How to protect yourself from raids of scooters. ...
admin 12 February, 2015

Go quiet and slowly across the road and all. It is important not to twitch and not to rush, and you will travel safely. Here is a video of crossing the road
9y3jOMMA91c ...
Mila 12, 2015
And we in Vietnam are faced with the following type of fraud:
1) rented a motorbike in MUI ne. In the evening the husband went for cigarettes at the entrance to the store on the turn it entered the young Vietnamese on a motorbike, although he could easily him (husband) to go round to the left. Just in Vietnam a foreigner driving a bike is wrong by definition, because they have international law do not apply, and any accident is a criminal offense. Immediately, out of nowhere, there was a bunch of Vietnamese and began the blackmail on the topic, saying you owe us $ 500, or "I'm calling the police". Had to negotiate on the spot with these n*dorami for less money, to avoid contact with corrupt police. Although honestly, this bastard still we had to give money for treatment (the husband severely injured his leg). We were warned that MUI ne is considered a crime area, but on vacation do not want to believe it at all. Beware.
2) In Saigon in the evening took a taxi to the airport. In advance before boarding stipulated amount 200,000 VND. When we arrived at the airport, the husband handed the cabbie the bill a piece of paper 200 000, and turns toward the door to open it. So the taxi driver puts the money into the pocket of his pants, and out of the pocket of his jacket pulls the banknote of 20 000 Dong and shows it to the husband, saying "you're not that gave." These idiots I have ever seen - this despite the fact that I'm sitting in the back seat and everyone can see it, besides bills 200 000 and 20 000 completely different color. Husband barely restrained so as not to "remove" this p*Dora "with elbow" and had to next time nepovadno was. Apparently, the taxi drivers - it's kind of a special caste of crooks. ...
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Of course you should! Money everywhere you want to heat, and tourists, so don't worry about it much. Just be careful and attentive, read as much information about the divorce in Vietnam, and everything will be OK. My first time in Vietnam several times caught on divorce in detail, but in the second and later one I have never pinned. ...
hdpanov 11 March, 2016

You should go! Vietnam is a wonderful country, and swindlers and thieves, they abound everywhere!! You can go down into the subway and not notice how you've lost your phone or tablet! You just have to be careful and nothing happen! ...
Dasha0505 13 March, 2016

Thanks for the tips! I really want to go there, because is very beautiful. But you have to be alert always) ...