The tricks and scams in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a wonderful, interesting and safe country. But, unfortunately, experienced tourists and travelers have long known that the number of wiring and various tattoos with the aim of taking money from tourists here is incredibly high. Perhaps no other country in South-East Asia boasts such a large number of ways to obtain a tourist a few extra dollars for anything. And it's not just about the ingenuity and the number of these methods, but the magnitude of this phenomenon. And the scale of these enormous built in method of doing business: trying to fuck everywhere and always, from state institutions to travel agencies. And those tourists who believe that he had been in Vietnam and no one is fooled, really just don't know that they were deceived.

The truth is to say that, fortunately, wiring in Vietnam are mostly small, not violent. You will be forced to buy something at an inflated price, will be required to pay a couple of dollars for nonexistent services, accidentally charging your credit card twice the amount for dinner and the like. No one, as a rule, not trying to take tourists to the last thread, although it happens. But, whatever it was, the residue from even the most minor wiring remains, especially when you realise that, despite the fact that Vietnam is a very inexpensive country, tourists sometimes have to pay for everything twice, and even thrice.

The main cure conman in Vietnam, in my opinion, the care and audacity. Mindfulness will allow you to recognize that you are trying to get out or already pinned, and his arrogance you can get your money back, and not just humbly give up: "even if, say, they choke my couple of dollars". You should never be afraid to make trouble and demand the return of your money, give up anything to pay if you are right and the situation is not too dangerous. If you see that the situation is too dangerous (and this happens), it is better to silently take his feet. Another tip – always negotiate the price beforehand, make sure that between you and the seller did not have any misconception. To fifteen dollars (fifteen) suddenly grew into a fifty (fifty); to have agreed that you will receive for your money and so on. Sometimes you should not be ashamed and agree a price on paper so that everyone can understand: to believe the word Vietnam is not anywhere.

Here's some quite popular scams in Vietnam:

  • The Commission from credit card. When paying with a credit card in a restaurant or travel Agency from the map without further warnings may take a Commission of several percent per transaction (up to 10%). To combat this, before buying check whether there are additional fees.
  • Substitution of bills. When calculating cash instead of 100,000 Dong (see Vietnam currency, exchange rate) you can give 10 000 and 500 000 instead of 20 000. These bills are very similar in color, therefore carefully check the numbers.
  • Double withdrawal from credit card. Your card will be swiped and say: "Sorry, this terminal does not work. Let the friend pay". The money card will not be charged twice. To fight, you need to carefully monitor the status of the account, and even better to connect sms-notification. If you have already removed twice, the problem is quite easily solved by contacting your Bank.
  • Divorce from rocker. One of the classic conman. Makashnits with a yoke stick to the tourists with the offer to take a photo with their arm, and then demand money for it.
  • Toll bridges. For crossing some bridges (supposedly a private, family) may require cost a few dollars. Of course, there are no signs that this is a toll bridge, no. The easiest way to get rid – just pretend that do not understand English, answer in Russian and leave.
  • Factory disabled. To help people with disabilities need, especially if they try and work. But here at Vietnamese factories, where work persons with disabilities and which is usually imported tourists (they do paintings, sculptures, etc.) prices why-that is almost two times higher than for the same products on the market.
  • Expensive toilet. Usually visit a public toilet in Vietnam is 2,000 Dong. But if you give bill a 5 or 10 thousand VND, the change you most likely will not receive. You just say that the price for foreigners is higher, or will pretend to know nothing. The same applies to other services such as Parking for motorcycles or cars: if you don't ask the prices before you take all that you can.
  • Additional charges during excursions. If you buy a tour for 50 dollars, this does not mean that the guides during the tour will not try to squeeze a dozen or so dollars for tickets, food and so on. Please ask before buying, tours, what does it include and what not to include.
  • Paid Parking. There is Parking where your transport will really look and give the ticket for payment (the average price of 3000 Dong for Parking a motorcycle). But sometimes if you put the bike where there is no official Parking, the nearest vendor will require money from you for Parking. Moreover, the demand will be already when you get back, and unrealistic amounts.
  • High prices in public transport. For local transport you may require two to three times more than the local. It is especially popular on the route of the city bus # 1 – da Nang-Hoi an, where instead of 17 000 VND you will be charged up to 50 000. So don't let the conductor see (the change will not get) and haggle.
  • Guide services involuntarily. In the temples you can come across young people who are represented by priests and will accompany you. Then for their services they ask for donations for the temple, and referred to a specific amount (say a considerable need for such services). No relation to the temple in fact these crooks have, and donations put it in his pocket. Such assistants can send or drop donations in a special box for donations (Donation Box) in each temple.
  • The false red cross. The streets of Vietnam go the young people who appear to be employees of the red cross and collect money from tourists. They choose their "victim" in not too crowded places and begin the long tedious to tell how they are all bad and show all sorts of lists with amounts, given how much other tourists. There is a big suspicion that they are just beggars and crooks.
  • Students with questionnaires. If you want to apply the Vietnamese and asked to take the survey and complete the questionnaire, you should know that it's just an excuse to get your attention. After filling in the questionnaires will be followed by begging money for the restoration of churches, monuments, or to help poor Vietnamese people in the face of these young people.
  • Wiring in ha long. In Halong Bay, when you approach to a floating village, tour guide will tell you that the boat rides will cost $ 2, and after that will disappear. But when you already sit in the boat (and make it quite difficult, as the boat rocking), you will require not less than $ 5. So agree a price with the boatmen before boarding themselves.
  • A ride to the train. /Railway stations in Vietnam at the entrance to the platform for you to "roll up" officially priotity fake officer who will check your tickets and escort you to the car. Of course, then followed by the requirement to pay a couple of dollars.
  • Pedicabs. For a trip to a few meters trishaw can roll you a bill for the taxi ride across town. Before planting, be sure to check the price. Pedicabs are generally very untrustworthy and you work for gangs, you can just get in a quiet place and demand big money.
  • Klofelinschica. Here even there is nothing to explain, everything is the same as everywhere else: picked up a girl in the morning woke up with no money and pants.
  • Dear girls. Popular all over the world wiring: you pick a girl and she turns you on in a restaurant or café. Then a couple of glasses of beer you will be billed hundreds of dollars, because you didn't look at the prices on the menu.

Given the ingenuity of Vietnamese, this list can be extended indefinitely. If you have something to add and something to share in this question, write on the forum.

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remark1973 1 November, 2014
All known modern history of Vietnam. Many years of war badly affected the financial possibilities of the population It is a poor country so the Vietnamese have adapted to all kinds of petty cheating. They are not trustworthy. ...
Foxa 1 February, 2015
Of course, in all countries and in Vietnam it is necessary to look at both! In Saigon we caught at once for a divorce with coconut. :) Heat, thirsty. Then, just across the Vietnamese coconuts to us - say, won't you? Of course, we stretched grab a coconut with a straw, and then ask: How much? The answer discouraged a bit - $ 10! Gave what to do. But I realized that first you need to ask them - how much? And then pull your hands for something.
By the way, the price of coconut is $ 1, then it is so much for them already and paid. :) ...
Igor' February 2, 2015
About the taxi could not agree more. Also came across in Vietnam! :) Actually had not planned to take a taxi, but lost a little bit in Ho Chi Minh city. Had to take a taxi. And counters they are cunning, also a bunch of zeros, and we are in the course of the money transfer is still not properly penetrated. And the taxi driver, seeing that we are still beginners and don't fumble well we heated... :) Called the amount of one more zero! So, be careful. ...
Leona 12 Feb, 2015
About the fraud clear. It's everywhere like that.
How about physical security? Told about the strange rules of the road. All go as they want. How to protect yourself from raids of scooters. ...
admin 12 February, 2015

Go quiet and slowly across the road and all. It is important not to twitch and not to rush, and you will travel safely. Here is a video of crossing the road
9y3jOMMA91c ...
Mila 12, 2015
And we in Vietnam are faced with the following type of fraud:
1) rented a motorbike in MUI ne. In the evening the husband went for cigarettes at the entrance to the store on the turn it entered the young Vietnamese on a motorbike, although he could easily him (husband) to go round to the left. Just in Vietnam a foreigner driving a bike is wrong by definition, because they have international law do not apply, and any accident is a criminal offense. Immediately, out of nowhere, there was a bunch of Vietnamese and began the blackmail on the topic, saying you owe us $ 500, or "I'm calling the police". Had to negotiate on the spot with these n*dorami for less money, to avoid contact with corrupt police. Although honestly, this bastard still we had to give money for treatment (the husband severely injured his leg). We were warned that MUI ne is considered a crime area, but on vacation do not want to believe it at all. Beware.
2) In Saigon in the evening took a taxi to the airport. In advance before boarding stipulated amount 200,000 VND. When we arrived at the airport, the husband handed the cabbie the bill a piece of paper 200 000, and turns toward the door to open it. So the taxi driver puts the money into the pocket of his pants, and out of the pocket of his jacket pulls the banknote of 20 000 Dong and shows it to the husband, saying "you're not that gave." These idiots I have ever seen - this despite the fact that I'm sitting in the back seat and everyone can see it, besides bills 200 000 and 20 000 completely different color. Husband barely restrained so as not to "remove" this p*Dora "with elbow" and had to next time nepovadno was. Apparently, the taxi drivers - it's kind of a special caste of crooks. ...
Dasha0505 11 March, 2016
I.e. as I understand it, everyone in Vietnam wants to make money? Only now was going to go there, sorry of course. A lot have already read and found out about him. And here came across on this topic. Is still to go? ...
admin March 11, 2016

Of course you should! Money everywhere you want to heat, and tourists, so don't worry about it much. Just be careful and attentive, read as much information about the divorce in Vietnam, and everything will be OK. My first time in Vietnam several times caught on divorce in detail, but in the second and later one I have never pinned. ...
hdpanov 11 March, 2016

You should go! Vietnam is a wonderful country, and swindlers and thieves, they abound everywhere!! You can go down into the subway and not notice how you've lost your phone or tablet! You just have to be careful and nothing happen! ...
Dasha0505 13 March, 2016

Thanks for the tips! I really want to go there, because is very beautiful. But you have to be alert always) ...