Hotels and beaches in Fukuoka

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Hotels In Fukuoka

Good hotels on Phu Quoc island is almost always full. Just come and find a room in a decent hotel, especially in high season, there is nothing to think. You will have to run a lot between hotels before you will find free and comfortable room. There is a clear shortage of hotels, especially given the annual increase in the number of tourists. However, local hoteliers are not seeking to squeeze all of the "poor" tourists, and not much over the price even at the height of the season.

We recommend booking hotels in advance is good, better than a month before the trip. Although, if you are not too picky about the quality of accommodation, in every season, arriving at a place without a roof over his head will remain. In low season you can find accommodation on the spot at very attractive prices: bungalows on the beach with shower and a fan will cost from $ 6. In addition to hotels in Phu Quoc, you can rent a Villa on the beach from $ 50 per day.

Find and book your accommodation on Phu Quoc island, can on these sites or via the search form:

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The Beaches In Fukuoka

The beaches of Phu Quoc is its pride. The island is still considered untouched by civilization, not spoiled with tourists. Almost the entire perimeter of the island consists of pristine beaches with white sand and palm trees almost to the water. Only a small part of them are furnished with sun beds and filled with tourists. There are a huge number of non-equipped beaches where you can only stay alone or with your partner. However, before these beaches will have to walk or drive from your hotel.

Hotels are concentrated within a few beaches, so the choice of places to stay, not so great. The budget hotels located in the town of Duong Dong (Duong Dong) and near the airport as well as in the southern part of long beach (Long Beach). The town of Duong Dong is the chief town of the island. To call it the capital of the island, even as the language is n turns, because it is very tiny. However, all the shops, banks, teeming with cafés and "pedal" here. Therefore, the closer to Duong Dong you stay, the closer to the center of island life will be. However, have to settle for a beach that looks like an ordinary beach town.

When choosing a hotel, consider one more thing – food. If you stay in a hotel away from the city center, markets, shops and restaurants, you'll have to settle for a meal in the hotel, which are not up to par. Either you will have every time to get into town for a bite to eat, taking into account the cost of taxis on the island can be quite costly.

Beach long beach / Duong Dong beach (Long Beach / Duong Dong)

Пляж Лонг Бич

In fact, the name of Duong Dong and the beach, respectively, correctly pronounced approximately as Duong Dong. And local this beach is generally called "Truong" (bai Truong). This is the most popular and largest beach of the island. It begins in the town of Duong Dong almost from the runway of the airport and extends South for 7 miles (the long Beach on the map Fukuoka). This is the beach, and almost all the hotels on the island are located here.

Several very cheap hotels are located just at the exit of the airport and not too far from the beaches. However, you will almost in town.

Staying at the hotel here, you'll be on the beautiful clean beach (this beach is always clean) and next to the touristic centre of the island. To choose a hotel elsewhere on the island is only in the case that you are looking for complete privacy and solitary life.

Bai Sao (Sao Beach and Bai Sao)

Пляж Бай Сао

This beach is the best in Fukuoka, if not in all of Vietnam. The beach is very clean and still a little. Here, clear turquoise water, white, very fine sand and palm trees bending to the water. This place is as close to a perfect beach in the style of "bounty". Even if you don't stay here in one of the two hotels, to visit it in order to sunbathe and swim is a must. Every day the beach is becoming more organized (now there have already appeared the sun beds, several restaurants) and its pristine and wild form is changing, so hurry to get there, otherwise in a few years it will be a very different place. There is only one "but". In bad weather, when the sea washed ashore mountains of garbage and seaweed, the beach becomes not so attractive. Fortunately, this does not happen often.

Is the beach in the southern part of the island on the East coast (the beach of Bai Sao on the map Fukuoka). To get to the beach in a rented car or as part of guided tours, which are sold everywhere in Fukuoka.

If you want to stay on this beach at the hotel, then your choice will appear only two properties of them using the proposed booking system is available only one - My Lan Guest House. But keep in mind: no tourist infrastructure and entertainment here. At least not yet.

Ong Lang

This beach stretches to the North of Duong Dong town on the Western coast of the island (Ong lang on the Fukuoka map). Here is lot of hotels, but a lot less than in long beach. At the same time the beach is more peaceful and remote from civilization. Although to say that this beach is not completely secluded. There is enough aquatic and traders scurrying on the beach. In General, if you want to be in the middle of nowhere, but away from the city – you here.

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