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Водопад на Фукуоке

As we mentioned, Phu Quoc island isprimarily popular for its serene beach holiday. But, in addition to the clean beautiful beaches, the island has some attractions. Of course, do not expect that, after visiting Fukuoka, you'll be able at least to some extent, to know and understand the history and culture of Vietnam. To do this you have to visit in other places. But some at least of the attractions on the island to tourists was not boring, here.

One of the attractions of the island is its nature. It is striking in its splendor. Relic forest covered mountains, thanks to the number of which (the mountain peaks), the local people call Phu Quoc "island of 99 mountains". The height of the highest peaks Chua (Chua) is only 603 meters. In the North of the island is national Park and the Phu Quoc (Phu Quoc National Park) , which occupies a large area. In 1986 he received the status of a protected area. The reserve is a habitat for 150 species of small animals including the famous wild dogs of Fukuoka, besides, here there are more than 930 species of trees. It should be noted that excursions are possible only in the dry season.

Travel agencies of the island you will be able to purchase eco-tours to natural attractions. Depending on the tour you will walk through the jungle, visit the waterfalls of mountain rivers, climb a mountain, visit an aviary with sea eagles, a black pepper plantation, reservoir, sculpture Park and much more. Most of these trips a day and cost from 15 to 30 dollars depending on the program and the number of tourists. Private tours are much more expensive – about $ 100.

Find tours online (with reviews)

If you are a really experienced traveler-traveler, you can enjoy excursions into the jungle with your tent and gear for a few days. Well, or just to visit on your own all these places, with the motorbike (scooter) rental. To find the routes for these walks is easy, getting a free map of the island in a hotel and consulted with staff. If you can't find staff with a common language, I can recommend you one good route: from the village of Ganh Dau in the North-West of the island (Ganh Dau on the map) to the East jungle is a dirt road which is easy to navigate on a motorcycle. Moving in this way, you can make a stop and walks into the jungle. Comfortable and interesting walking trails signposted (but only in Vietnamese).

Another of the natural attractions you can visit Suoi Tranh waterfall (sometimes called Da Ban Stream), which is near the town of Duong Dong (the Suoi Tranh waterfall on the map). This is a very beautiful place, and it is certainly worth a visit.

You can still go directly to the lake, Duong Dong (Duong Dong Lake). It is the largest freshwater lake on the island, and part of the reservoir. Honestly, nothing special here you will not see, but at least I noted that I visited. The lake of Duong Dong on the map

On the island there are two large farm to grow pearls – Japanese and American, so Phu Quoc island is often referred to as "pearl island". Here the best quality sea pearls in Vietnam, as the temperature of the water near the shore year round is around 30°C. not to mention pearls Fukuoka is one of the best in the world. On farms you can see how the pearls are cultivated, visit a small Museum and, of course, you have to visit the factory store. The prices are not always lower than in conventional stores on the island or the mainland, but due to the fact that the pearls are natural and no fakes. But for visits to farms and Museum you do not have to pay.

Not to mention also on the plantations of black pepper. Them on the island for several. The attraction for the Amateur, but there are imported as part of the group of the city's almost all tourists. Specifically and specially only for plantations to go there, perhaps not worth it.

Another attraction of the island are factories producing fish sauce, although it is not an attraction in the truest sense of the word. Here you can get acquainted with the process of making the famous Vietnamese fish sauce Nuoc mam. Much of the production of the sauce be sent to the mainland, however, this sauce is often used in canadian, American, French and Japanese cuisines. The most famous factory is located near a market in the centre of Duong Dong town (fish sauce factory on the map). For the factory visit you will not have to pay, but if You don't know Vietnamese language, it is better to use the services of a guide.

Музей Фукуока (фото с http://www.coinguonphuquoc.com)

The only real Museum of Phu Quoc island is a private Museum Coi Nguon Museum. The six-storey modern building, are exhibits telling about the history of the island. The exhibition consists of photographs, documents, ceramic, stone and bronze tools; the skeletons of animals and marine life. If so you came to Phu Quoc, do not visit this Museum just can't. The Museum is located three kilometers South of Duong Dong town (the Museum Coi Nguon at the map). The Museum is open from 07:30 until 11:00 and 13:00 to 17:00. Entrance costs 20,000 Dong (currency of Vietnam). The website of the Museum: http://www.coinguonphuquoc.com/coinguonphuquoc/

In the recent past, Phu Quoc island is the French colonialists used mainly as a prison. In the South of the island, not far from the town of al Thai is the Coconut prison (Cay Dua Prison or Coconut Tree Prison) (coconut prison on the map). This is one of the largest and most famous prison island. Now it is considered a landmark, and there is also a small Museum. Access to the Museum paid 20,000 VND. The prison is open to the public from 7:30 to 11:00 and 13:30 to 17:00 except Monday.

On the East coast of the island there is a small, sometimes rocky and deserted beach of Bai Thom. Near the beach a few meters from the shore is seen a small island of Hon Mot. These places are not as popular as the southern beaches and Islands, but is quite noteworthy.

Almost in the centre of the island, erected a dam to provide the surrounding areas with fresh water, forming an artificial reservoir Duong Dong (Duong Dong Ho). Near a reservoir of a small mountain stream Suoi Da Ban, along which you can stroll and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

A special place in Duong Dong market. As in almost every city of Vietnam, on the main market of the city you can buy almost anything. On the market and in its vicinity a huge number of local "pedal." If you go to this market once, it is quite possible that after this you will not be able to abandon the campaign here every day. The main market on the map.

Another market Duong Dong night market. It begins its work with the coming of darkness. This market is quite small, but you can find it cheap Souvenirs. Around the market in the evening with plenty of cafes and pedal. Night market on the map.

In Duong Dong is Cau Palace. The Cau (SAI Cаstle or Dinh Cau) resembles a cross between a lighthouse and a temple. It was built in 1937 in honor of the patroness of fishermen and sailors - the sea goddess TA Nai. Is a place of worship for the inhabitants of the island. Local fishermen here praying to their gods. This place is a kind of symbol of the island. Climbing to the top of the cliff, you will be able to enjoy fresh sea breeze and the splendor of the local scenery.

Among the guests in Phu Quoc, a very popular excursion associated with snorkeling, fishing, diving (there are guided tours "Day Robinson Crusoe on an uninhabited island, Evening fishing," etc.) Phu Quoc island is called Paradise for divers. Here is pure water, a large number of small Islands and a wide variety of fish. Diving equipment and instructor services here are inexpensive and you can get a lot. The snorkeling is also quite popular, but honestly the conditions for it here is mediocre. For less good snorkeling is better to go with a trip to Islands and fishing spots.

A special pride of the island is a large diving center, built in 2002. Phu Quoc is invaluable for scuba diving thanks to the diverse underwater world and the absence of sharks, these benefits set it apart from other resorts in Vietnam.

The main commercial port of An Thoi is located in the southern part of the island. Near the town is the so-called triangle of An Thoi. That's 15 small Islands that have quaint forms and curious names. They can be reached by boat. The largest island of this group is Hon Thom (pineapple island), its length is about 3 km away, No less fanciful names have and other Islands in the chain: Hon Rоi (island light), Hon Duа (coconut island), Hon Dam (shadow island), Hon Mau Rut (the cold cloud island),Hon of Mopd Tau (Isle weapons), SAP Qui (yellow tortoise) and others. These Islands are a wonderful place for diving, sunbathing, swimming and fishing.

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