Hotels in Phan Thiet (MUI ne), where to stay. The Beaches Of MUI Ne

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Hotels in MUI ne/Phan Thiet

Accommodation on arrival on the spot in Phan Thiet and MUI ne can be found without trouble at any time of the year, but we recommend to book in advance if you plan to visit the resort in the high tourist season (December to April) and especially during the Christmas holidays and the Vietnamese new year of Tet. In fact, even during this time, you can always find something on the spot, but it will be "something", not a good hotel. Most good hotels in Phan Thiet / MUI ne booked a few months in advance, so you'll have to settle for in place of what is left.

For budget travellers to find the Guesthouse in MUI ne at 15-20 dollars will not have difficulties at any time of the year. For the money you can get a double room with a minimum of service and amenities, but with air conditioning and bathroom.

Well, another addition to the choice of the hotel: if you really love to swim in calm, clear water, we highly recommend you choose a hotel with a pool. Unfortunately, the sea in the ne is very often troubled, especially in windy period from January to March, and plenty inexperienced swimmers swim here difficult.

Find and book accommodation in MUI ne or Phan Thiet can on these sites or via the search form:

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Areas and beaches in Phan Thiet / MUI ne

  • The Beaches Of MUI Ne

    Пляж Муйне часто выглядит вот так MUI ne beach often looks like this
    due to the winds and bad weather

    Central MUI ne beach – the most popular and most developed in terms of infrastructure to accommodate. It is also known under the name of the Rank (Rang). The beach begins at a distance of about 7 kilometers East of Phan Thiet city (the Central beach on the map). Along the beach at a distance of almost 6 kilometers, where most of the resort hotels, bars and restaurants, water activities and schools and water sports. There is also a maximum concentration of surfers and kiters on the beach. Here you can find a very low-cost prices, just move a little bit away from the beach. If you want to be in the fun at the resort Phan Thiet, then you definitely here. If you want to find the cheapest accommodation, then you, too, here. Well, if you want peace and tranquility in a secluded hotel beach, dotted with surfers and kiters, it is better to choose a different, more quiet area.

    Directly on the beach in a Central area of MUI ne has a fairly wide yellow and white sand bar. The tides manifest themselves not much here, the slope of the bottom is normal. Water most of the time unclear because of the constant waves, as indeed on all other beaches. On the shore there are sun beds and some water sports, but given the length of the beach, giving the impression that entertainment is almost there, as they are at a great distance from each other. Almost all of the beach strip is densely Packed with hotels that stubbornly block the passages to the beach on its territory from the main road so if you stay at a hotel or Guesthouse across the road from the beach, the place to go to the beach still have a little look. One of the disadvantages for certain categories of travelers – occasionally a large number of kiters and surfers. For those who it's not annoying, but rather, right on the beach is a lot of firms hire and teaching water sports.

    Пляж Муйне Shore in the Eastern part of MUI ne is far "not the fountain"

    One of these quieter areas are East beach of ham Tien (Ham Tien), located to the East, i.e., closer to the village of MUI ne from the Central beach (ham Tien on the map). The prices are also a bit smaller. The farther away from the Central beach, the quieter and calmer, but the infrastructure outside of the hotels a bit weaker, although on the hotel grounds you will feel great. However, the closer to the village of MUI ne you will move, the narrower the strip of sand, and then closer to the fishing harbour it has completely replaced the concrete fortifications of the shore.

    Even more to the East, in the village of MUI ne, you can stay in one of the few hotels in the area designated in the search engine of hotels as Sand Hills (Sandi Hills). Any serious reasons to prefer this area of Central MUI ne beach, we found, is that if you like to be in the center of the fishing village, where you can get acquainted with the locals.

    West Central beach (closer to Phan Thiet city and the Cham towers) is a beach Puhi (Phu Hai Beach), also a bit quieter than the center. Hotels here are mostly comfortable and expensive, with their territory. The beaches have hotels, respectively, more clean and deserted, but the water is as muddy as on the Central beach.

  • The City Of Phan Thiet

    Отель в Фантьете Hotel in Phan Thiet

    You can also stay right in the centre of Phan Thiet city. The beach there is almost no (have to get to the beaches outside the city), but nearby there is a Golf course and several city attractions. The position here is rather more suitable for business trips than for a beach holiday. If you prefer a beach holiday, and evening walks along the tourist area, then to stay in this place strongly recommend.

  • The Tien Thanh Beach

    Пляж в районе маяка Ке Га The beach near Ke GA lighthouse

    The retreat, unspoilt beaches and beautiful landscapes, with almost no tourist infrastructure outside of the hotels, you will find on the beach of Tien Thanh (Thanh Tien), lying South-West of Phan Thiet city. Ends the Tien Thanh beach Cape Ke GA (Ke Ga) at a distance of 30 kilometers from Phan Thiet, where you can also stay in one of several hotels. Nevertheless, even the most expensive hotels and constant cleaning of the beaches can't handle muddy water and debris brought by the sea, so don't expect too much from this place. To be honest, the beach here is cleaner and more beautiful, though not ideal.

    This area is absolutely quiet, no tourist infrastructure outside of the hotels. To eat here you are likely to have either in the restaurant or to go every once in Phan Thiet or resort area of MUI ne. Walk in the evening, there is also nowhere. The only plus of this area – expensive luxury hotels and secluded hotel beaches. Of course, budget accommodation in this area is not easy.

  • The hon ROM beach (Hon rom)

    Deserted hon ROM beach is not a place where you can pick up a hotel. There is practically nothing. However, if you want to find near MUI ne is a quiet and beautiful beach, you can go here. We can confidently say that of all the beaches of MUI ne is the most beautiful place, and you can even have the courage to stay here in the tent. If you are one of these adventurers, then come back here at least for a few hours, maybe all day.

    The beach is about 12 miles East from the centre of MUI ne on the way to the White dunes. You can get here by taxi, rented vehicle or bus # 1.

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Henrietta 23 Nov, 2014

I personally know people who are constantly living in MUI ne and working remotely. Problems with the Internet in MUI ne no, Wi-Fi in every guest.
But it is necessary to pay attention in the choice of housing, because in the gest, where we lived last year, the Internet was only on the first and second floors. ...
admin 23 November, 2014

It's probably still not on the guest houses, and decent housing. Besides, Wi-Fi in hotels for real work is not suitable, to know yourself. Sometimes speed is important, as well as the stability of the connection. To walk around the room to catch network and put the chair near the door, that was the signal, all of which I passed. ...
Irinak 2 December, 2014
live in the guestbook. the Internet super. watch movies online. all individually! ...
Gal 23 January, 2015
Hello! How dangerous is it to climb alone on the mountain Taku? There is a desire to climb to the top, but are afraid of tropical insects or snakes. ...
admin 23 January, 2015

Yes, before cable road was built, only walking to and raised. There's even still the path remained,they say, abandoned and overgrown with jungle. However, in my opinion, there will have to rise about two hours, the route is not for everyone. ...
MariDu 30 March, 2015
Good day!
anyone visiting MUI ne: hotel Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & SPA will give a good discount or minus 25% of the price on the booking. Bought for myself in March 2015, but was unable to fly. The hotel was allowed to re-register your booking to a third person and date ANY until June 2015, is Now paid for 6 nights in the room "Bungalow with garden view" if you need a greater number of nights - pay the hotel directly. Write on ...
Elysiumie 22, 2015
A little update information: now from the ne to the Lotte Mart there is a bus №9 (red color in contrast to white No. 1). ...
Tiger55555 9 February, 2016
Good time of day.
The lighthouse is temporarily closed, say the broken ladder. Accurate information of time no repairs, and the repair is not visible.
But You know it only paying for the round trip transfers and entrance ticket)
Be careful of the types from the island, of course, beautiful but not worth it. ...
MUI ne resident 13 February, 2016
he's already closed since the summer. and local agencies continue to take money from tourists for a tour of the island. when you open it nobody knows. so stay tuned for more information ...
Titans January 7, 2020
Was in December 2019 at the fairy stream. the entrance fee!!!! 15000 Dong or 45 rubles. Tickets issued at the box office! ...