How to get to Phan Thiet and MUI ne from Nha Trang

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Nha Trang and MUI ne parts 220 kilometers. From Nha Trang to MUI ne and Phan Thiet can be reached by plane (via airport), by train, bus or taxi. The fastest way is taxi and bus. Hop on a plane though, and takes very little time, actually considering check-in and transfer from the airport to the resort is much more expensive and longer trip from Nha Trang even by taxi. Below you can read about all the ways how to get from Nha Trang to MUI ne and Phan Thiet.

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By taxi

  • Cost: $ 90
  • Time: 3-5 hours

The taxi ride from Nha Trang or Nha Trang airport will cost from $ 90 per car up to 4 people, in the way of 3-5 hours. The car can be found on the Desk at the airport (expensive) or outside the airport (cheaper, you can bargain even for $ 80). Problem to find a taxi willing to take you from Nha Trang to MUI ne will not occur, and almost the first taxi driver you all arranges, but it is better to discuss the trip in advance.

Can book a taxi in advance by using the search box, and driver will be waiting for you at the airport on arrival Nha Trang:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

By bus

  • Cost: from $ 9
  • Time: 4-5 hours

The bus from Nha Trang to MUI ne departs several times a day, 4-5 hours, costs from $ 9. The buses are comfortable and fast (sometimes even faster than a taxi) they can even sleep. Conveniently, the tourist bus to MUI ne depart not from the bus station and directly from the tourist area of Nha Trang. MUI ne also arrive in the centre of the resort, where the hotel can be reached on foot or by taxi. Find and book tickets for such a bus is possible through the search form below, or purchased at travel agencies or hotels.

🔍 Search

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When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.

By train

  • Cost: $ 9 train + 20-30 dollars for a taxi to MUI ne
  • Elapsed time: 5 hours

In MUI ne there is no railway station but 15 miles is a station of the Binh Thuan (former Muong Man) (W/train station Binh Thuan Phan Thiet on the map). Through this station all the trains are from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh city. The train is 5 hours, the cost of 9 dollars.

On arrival at Binh Thuan to MUI ne will have to get a taxi for 20-30 dollars. To buy tickets for the train is better on railway stations, in ticket offices, but you can do it in travel agencies on the streets but with the added Commission, or through the search form. The best ticket to buy at least the day before the trip.

The schedule of buses and trains to MUI ne/Phan Thiet

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admin May 28, 2015

Hmm :THINK . The idea is interesting, but it seems to me difficult to achieve. The airport is in the city, and the likelihood that down the road you'll encounter a ride to the ne minimum. This is about how to get out of Kursk station in Moscow to catch a ride to Peter, IMHO. ...
piton258 16 June, 2015
In General, we went to MUI ne. Maybe later report gash. Went there by taxi (because it arrived late and the buses do not go) from Maylin. The price tag of 130$ is a standard price. We bargained for 100$. bargained fiercely and tears :) I went Back in clipbase, which took away from the hotel. Cost 150 000 VND / person, tickets bought at a local travel Agency. For those wishing to go on a normal bus: only one flight leaves at 7: 30 am, price is not much cheaper. ...
Fred 10, 2015
Can help to arrange transfers from the airport to Hoseline to MUI ne and to help with housing at adequate prices. +841218175858 Alfred ...
a resident of the MUI ne Jan 12, 2016
Shuttle cars at the moment is 90долларов for the car. you can order directly from local travel agencies. payment on the spot. contact the tour companies can write to the PM here, to do so is likely unwise, TK can be regarded as advertising ...
admin 13 January, 2016

$ 90 is as I understand it from the ne? Like from the airport for a price not to bargain, or changed the situation? ...
a resident of MUI ne, 13 January, 2016
At the moment no problem to book through a local travel Agency, and back 80 and you can drive ...
a resident of MUI ne, 13 January, 2016
90$ is the normal price at the moment for a car from Saigon to MUI ne. you may find a car for $ 80 for the car. vans for 20-30 dollars more expensive. ...
a resident of MUI ne, 13 January, 2016
one more thing. New year's celebration for Chinese (lunar) kalendaryu date of the celebration always falls on the period from 21 January to 21 February, and in 2016 Chinese new year will be celebrated, starting with a night of 8 February. so the price for the transfer from the number 6 and somewhere else the week after the 8th will be significantly higher than $ 90. sometimes it increases in two times.
but it's only for new year celebration. then again, everything comes back to normal ...
marinar 16 September, 2016
Tell me, which site can be pre-buy bus ticket Ho Chi Minh-MUI ne? ...
admin 17 September, 2016

Here the form of search and booking. There buses and trains and taxis can be booked. ...