The map of Phan Thiet and MUI ne attractions, transportation, hotels

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How to use the card?

The proposed map of Phan Thiet and MUI ne is interactive and it requires Javascript enabled in the browser. If you see on the map the landmarks, neighbourhoods and transport, so everything works.

When enabled in your browser ad blockers, like Adblock, the map is not working. If you want the card to be displayed, you must disable the blocker or add Our planet to the exclusions.

The list of objects on a map of Phan Thiet and MUI ne

Below the map you can see the grouped list of all objects (stations, transport areas and beaches, attractions, etc.). Clicking on the name of any object in the list the map will automatically take you to the right place (well, not you, of course, but only its reflection :-). Double clicking will take you even closer to the location of the object.


You can get driving or walking route to determine the distance to any point or marker (hotel, attractions) to the map from your current location. Simply click on the icon of interest or hotel, and in the tip you will see a link "get over here route". In order to route to an arbitrary point on the map, it is necessary in any location on the map click the right mouse button to open the tooltip, click the link "get directions to this spot".

Important! The function of routing only works when the location service "My journey on the map." Also keep in mind that the route may not be routed across the borders of States, regions without marked on the map of roads, water obstacles, etc.

Information about the object and jump to its description

  • Hovering the cursor over the object icon on the map, you will see his name.
  • Clicking once on the object icon, you will see the object name, its coordinates and a link to the description of the object.
  • By double-clicking on the object icon, you will proceed to the description of the object (will open in a new window).

Your position on the map of Phan Thiet and MUI ne

If your browser and hardware support the definition of your location on the map, you can see your current position on the map, and go to it by clicking on Where I am on the map?.

Hotels in Phan Thiet and MUI ne on the map

On some maps you can see the location of hotels in the form of icons Отели на карте. Clicking on this icon, you can get brief information about the hotel (name, category, price and photos), but if you want to go to the full information about the hotel, check prices, availability and booking. If the icons of the hotels prevent you from working with the map, you can hide them by unchecking the box next to "Show hotels" in the upper right corner of the map.


We tried to make it so that you could print out the desired parts of the map with marked on it according to your desire. Your browser will automatically be removed when printing all the extra page elements and change the page format to "Landscape". If not, you must manually in the print window to change the page orientation to "Landscape" so that the map prints correctly. And don't forget that you can change the scale of the image will print, not only directly on the map, but with the help of your browser, to place the entire image on a single sheet.

Other maps of Phan Thiet and MUI ne

Подробная карта Фантьета и Муйне

🕒 October 16, 2018

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Henrietta 23 Nov, 2014
I personally know people who are constantly living in MUI ne and working remotely. Problems with the Internet in MUI ne no, Wi-Fi in every guest. But it is necessary to pay attention in the choice of housing, because in the gest, where we lived last year, the Internet was only on the first and second floors. ...
admin 23 November, 2014
It's probably still not on the guest houses, and decent housing. Besides, Wi-Fi in hotels for real work is not suitable, to know yourself. Sometimes speed is important, as well as the stability of the connection. To walk around the room to catch network and put the chair near the door, that was the signal, all of which I passed. ...
Irinak 2 December, 2014
live in the guestbook. the Internet super. watch movies online. all individually! ...
Gal 23 January, 2015
Hello! How dangerous is it to climb alone on the mountain Taku? There is a desire to climb to the top, but are afraid of tropical insects or snakes. ...
admin 23 January, 2015
Yes, before cable road was built, only walking to and raised. There's even still the path remained,they say, abandoned and overgrown with jungle. However, in my opinion, there will have to rise about two hours, the route is not for everyone. ...
MariDu 30 March, 2015
Good day! anyone visiting MUI ne: Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & SPA will give a good discount or minus 25% of the price on the booking. Bought for myself in March 2015, but was unable to fly. The hotel was allowed to re-register your booking to a third person and date ANY until June 2015, is Now paid for 6 nights in the room "Bungalow with garden view" if you need a greater number of nights - pay the hotel directly. Write on ...
Elysiumie 22, 2015
A little update information: now from the ne to the Lotte Mart there is a bus №9 (red color in contrast to white No. 1). ...
Tiger55555 9 February, 2016
Good time of day. The lighthouse is temporarily closed, say the broken ladder. Accurate information of time no repairs, and the repair is not visible. But You know it only paying for the round trip transfers and entrance ticket) Be careful of the types from the island, of course, beautiful but not worth it. ...
MUI ne resident 13 February, 2016
he's already closed since the summer. and local agencies continue to take money from tourists for a tour of the island. when you open it nobody knows. so stay tuned for more information ...
Stilaliana 2 March, 2018
A huge thank you Only here me one more question interests how do I put passengers??? ...

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