Memo for tourist to Vietnam

Where to go in Vietnam:

To choose the right place to stay in Vietnam, learn more about each resort separately and choose a suitable price and conditions.

Popular beach resorts in Vietnam:

Phan Thiet (MUI ne), Nha Trang, da Nang, O. Phu Quoc, Hoi an, Cat BA (Halong Bay), Vung Tau, O. Con Dao

Popular sightseeing resorts in Vietnam:

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), Sapa, Halong, Hoi an, hue, Dalat, Mekong Delta.

Read more about resorts in Vietnam here.

When to go to Vietnam:

Vietnam's year-round warmth. At some resorts stands out for the low season (rainy season) in different time of year, but this does not mean that there can't go at this time. Just likely to run into bad weather during the low seasons will be slightly higher than in the high season.

Whether pure sea in Vietnam:

The purity of the sea varies from resort to resort but in General, transparency and the natural clean waters of the South China sea, washing the coast of Vietnam, according to most inferior to the purity of the Andaman sea and the Gulf of Thailand lapping sea, the nearest competitor of Vietnam is Thailand.

The cost of the tour:

The cost of tours to Vietnam for two from Moscow starts from 55,000 rubles ($1,800). In high season prices can be higher. The cheap resorts of Phan Thiet and MUI ne and Nha Trang.

Tours in Vietnam.


The currency of Vietnam is called the Dong. In the course of local currency and dollars that can be paid for by the city or a major purchase. Rate for 1 USD is about 20,000 VND.

Plastic cards are widely used: many ATMs and card can be calculated.

Read more about Vietnam currency and the exchange rate.

Communication and Internet:

Communication in Vietnam is quite developed. For calls home by roaming of the Russian operators it is better not to use it, would be too expensive. Much cheaper to buy a SIM card from local operators and to call home. You can call home via IP-telephony from Internet cafes on the streets at a price of about 4 rubles per minute.

The Internet is virtually everywhere. Almost every hotel offers free Wi-Fi access or access from a desktop computer. Free Wi-Fi in shopping centres, cafes and restaurants, on the streets of some tourist areas.

Country code: +84

The exit code for international calls: 00

How to get there:

Flight time from Moscow to Vietnam – 9-11 hours.

To Vietnam from Russia fly a lot of airlines from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, and seasonal and Charter flights from many other major cities. In the Airports of Vietnam, with regular flights from Russia: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Nha Trang, da Nang (only charters).

Which airlines fly to Vietnam from Russia.

Transport in Vietnam:

In Vietnam very cheap to travel by plane, especially if you book tickets in advance. See list of airlines of Vietnam.

The railway network connects almost all the tourist cities of Vietnam, trains are comfortable and affordable.

A large number of tourist buses of different companies connects all the tourist places of Vietnam. To travel by bus is cheaper than by train.

In the major cities successfully operating the system is very cheap and convenient public transport (buses).

Taxis are reasonably priced but the taxi drivers often try to "chop" calling high prices. Short distances by taxi is better to go by the meter, on long (between the cities) should negotiate a fixed price, but it is necessary in advance to find out the Internet for a reasonable price on this route.


For Russians, a visa for a period of 15 days is not necessary. A visa for a month or more can be obtained on arrival free of charge upon availability of visa support, which is bought and issued through the Internet.

CIS citizens can obtain a visa on arrival upon availability of visa support, but for the money.

Read more about visa to Vietnam.


Vietnam, one of the safest countries. Serious crimes are very rare. But a large number of petty theft, fraud (deceptions taxis, in restaurants, on the markets, with exchanged currency, etc.)

Read more about security in Vietnam.

Medicine, insurance, vaccinations:

Insurance and vaccinations to enter Vietnam are not required.

Medicine in Vietnam is quite weak. There are international clinics a high level, but the prices are very high and without health insurance there better not enter.

Read more about medical safety in Vietnam.

Time in Vietnam:

The time in Vietnam is ahead of Moscow for three hours.


Used 220V 50Hz, plugs are the same as in Russia.


In tourist areas, almost all can speak English. In the popular resort areas (Nachange and Phan Thiet) in recent years there are many Russian-speaking Vietnamese. In non-tourist areas you often can't understand even in English.

Emergency phone numbers:

113 – police

114 – fire Department

115 – ambulance

Embassies and consulates:

Embassy in Hanoi:
Address: Hanoi, street, Lathan, 191 (191, La Thanh street, Hanoi);
Phone: (844) 3833-69-91
Phone: (844) 3833-69-92
Fax: (844) 3833-69-95
Email address:;
Web page:
Hours of operation:
mon, Wed: 9.00-12.00, 16.00-17.00
Tues., Fri.: 9.00-12.00
Thu. In : 16.00-17.00

The Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city:
Address: str Maguindanaon, 40 (40, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, Hochimin);
Tel: (848) 930-39-36
Fax: (848) 930-39-37

The Consulate General in da Nang:
Address: Changfu street, 22 (22, Tran Phu Street, Danang)
Tel: (84511) 382-23-80, 381-85-28
Fax: (84511)381-85-27

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Good afternoon,gathered in the ne family with the departure October 23, from SPb , eating with his wife and child, wanted to clarify who knows what about the hotel golden coast resort and spa? Can someone and what to say, interested in a nanny for the child, and all all all, thank you. ...
Bogdan December 6, 2013
Good people, please tell me, if you go to Ho Chi Minh city where is the best to buy factory-made items, and whether or not to go???? ...
admin December 6, 2013
Hello! I'm shopping full 0 and do not quite understand what it means "factory of things", but in Ho Chi Minh city can be taritsya: - Ben Thanh market, but they need to bargain hard, the prices are too high; the lanes around the market Bintan in the evenings, there are many shops open; on the market in the Cholon district of Cholon (to go quite far from the tourist area, on bus # 1). Walk from the tourist area easy access to Sagon Tax Trade Center, Saigon Square. There are still there large shopping centers in the area, now all of not remember the name. But I remember that I liked the most in Sagon Tax Trade Center, because it is something like a hypermarket. Saigon Square - a lot of private sections where you have to bargain. ...
Светлана1 July 14, 2015
Thank you very much for the information. Everything is so detailed, that the first time I traveled alone abroad in Vietnam on your website as the instructions. I wish you success. ...
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And as in Vietnam on account of the smoke? On the street Smoking? Is there a Smoking room at the airport? ...
admin July 29, 2015
This is not Singapore ;) of Course smoke anywhere. ...
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You have such a cool weather map for Sri Lanka is done, make this about Vietnam. And tell me, you can still swim and sunbathe on the Beach in October? A normal person, not a walrus. ...
admin September 2, 2015
Accepted, the card will do. About BA in October was not there, but in General October is the last warm beach month of the year, then warmer. And sunbathing and swimming is possible, but on evening walks it is advisable to bring something warm. ...
Guest on November 18, 2015
But how much Vietnam is the appointment? In particular, the surgeon or traumatologist? And how to look for state hospitals to issue hospital, where doctors qualified? Once a socialist country (at least in name only), is there a way to get to the doctor for free? No insurance :) ...
mrrum June 21, 2018
please note tourists of this information: Attention to foreign tourists in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet: Beware of fake Rum and fake ISC Rhum Chauvet ...

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