Do I need a visa to Vietnam for the citizens of Russia

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Виза во Вьетнам в паспорте Visa to Vietnam

The citizens can visit Vietnam without a visa for up to 15 days. If you stay more than 15 days, need a visa in advance or upon arrival (see more information on how to apply for a visa to Vietnam).

Visa stamp the Russians on the border of Vietnam to be in airports and at land border crossings. To obtain it is necessary to observe several simple conditions:

  • The citizen of the Russian Federation is not in the list of persons banned entry to Vietnam
  • The citizen of the Russian Federation must have a passport with validity not less than 6 months
  • The citizen of the Russian Federation must have a return ticket to the Republic of Belarus or in a third country
  • Since the last DEPARTURE from Vietnam was not less than 30 days (condition was put into effect 01.01.2015)

How is the number of days of stay

In 15 days of stay are included all the day of arrival and day of departure regardless of the hour of your arrival. For example, if you cross the border 1 day of the month, you will have to leave the country not later than the 15th day, i.e. at the rate you have 13 full days. When entering the stamp in the passport would bear the latest date when you must leave Vietnam, and if you pass the exit passport control after this date, it will be considered a violation.

For violation of term of stay, a penalty of $ 5 for each day of delay, but in practice it also happens that for exceeding the border guards might not pay attention, or Vice versa will have to extort a bribe of a few tens of dollars. Anyway, better this time not to break. To extend visa-free stay in any legitimate way, unfortunately, impossible.

Important! Some sites online still you can find the information that for the extension of visa or visa-free stay of citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus can travel from Vietnam to a neighbouring country and returning back to stamp for 15 days visa-free stay. This information is not true. Starting in 2015, to enter Vietnam without a visa is possible not earlier than 30 days after the last departure.

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andrei 26th September, 2019
And when Cambodia will cross the border of Vietnam,you will need something to apply? ...
andrei 26th September, 2019
What is the real price of the taxi from the airport to the bus? And do taxi drivers dollars? I would not want to change currency at the airport. ...
admin September 26, 2019

The exchange rate at the airports of Viet Nam is good, this is not Russia. Course and the airport is even higher than in the resorts, although in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi in jewelry stores it is of course slightly higher, but not significantly. So you can easily change. Better yet, install Grab, attach your card, and no change to pay for dollars will not have to - Airport Wi-Fi to order, please use. If you're on the spot can hire a taxi, the dollars can, in principle, everywhere take, but it is only in private, and of course the unfavorable exchange rate for you. So it make sense not to change at the airport, and then to pay a taxi driver $ 't see. How much travel do not remember, long ago paid in cash to the taxi drivers, the last few years only through Grab. ...
andrei 26th September, 2019
And back from Cambodia to Vietnam, the border will have to issue a visa or something.What documents are needed for the transition? ...
admin September 26, 2019

No, if you apply for multiple at the first entry. Just check the passport, put the stamps and everything. ...
andrei 26th September, 2019
Grab I downloaded,but everything is in English,and I'm not an expert on it. So you'll have to go to work,nothing can be done. ...
andrei 26th September, 2019
I even found the bus station Ho Chi Minh city.Tickets there at half the price.Tried to buy tickets,but failed.Maybe some crap? ...
admin September 27, 2019

I can't say. In Ho Chi Minh city do have local bus station. But I never used, because they are far to reach them is difficult, tickets can not buy, and information about the schedule of virtually no. It may have changed since my last stay there, but I can't help you. It is possible that you from the tourist area will take the bus and transfer to the bus station, where transplanted on a big bus, that happens a lot in Vietnam.
But that was the price 2 times cheaper, it is very doubtful. Usually when travel agencies sell tickets for the buses, with a very small margin, as it includes a Shuttle from the tourist areas to the bus station. Even locals use their services in my last experience in the North of Thailand. The cheapest ticket to Phnom Penh to see right now, is 870R. I doubt that there are buses ready to take passengers at 435R. in the neighboring country for 8 hours.
PS Our relationship has gradually deviated from the topic of visas and entry. Asking further questions about travel please ask in the subject of transport of Ho Chi Minh city, for example - ...
andrei Sep 30, 2019
I apologize for the deviation. So it turned out.Because of not knowing English have to learn all the details.Paint each step almost by the minute.And from you I learned a lot,which is not so easy to find in search engines.I am very grateful for the patience and detailed answers.At the moment no more questions,but if there are,then ask.Thanks again! ...
andrei Sep 30, 2019
And on that bus ticket to Phnom Penh costs 180,000 Dong. But I don't remember the site where this station is. Today it is not found.Well, okay. ...