Transport In Nha Trang. How to travel around the city

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Такси в Нячанге, ВьетнамTaxis in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is a small city and if you stay within the city, for example, in the tourist area of Nha Trang, then to any place in the city can be reached on foot. A great alternative to Hiking can be a Bicycle which can be rented from 20,000 VND a day. More room for movement it is possible to rent a motorcycle from about 120 000 Dong per day (about $ 6). Car rental is possible only in the presence of Vietnamese rights (international law in Vietnam do not work, see more info rent a motorcycle and car in Vietnam), so practiced car hire with a driver. Although, in theory, to control a motorcycle in Vietnam are required only by local law, this wasn't really paying attention. To rent any kind of vehicles everywhere in Nha Trang.

If you don't want to mess with renting, you can use to move around Nha Trang taxi or motorcycle taxi. Both abound here, and inexpensive trip. Ride motorcycle taxi from one end of town to another will cost no more than 20,000 Dong (see Vietnam currency), car taxis are about three times more expensive. Try to use a taxi with the meter: will be cheaper. The cost of the trip by car taxi for the short distance to the counter starts from 15 00 dongs. Keep in mind that some of the traffic in the city organized one-way roads, and sometimes it's easier to walk to your destination than to drive around in a taxi half the city.

Автобус №4 в Нячанге, Вьетнам The number 4 bus in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang has a system of buses six routes. This is a great and very cheap way to get around. The bus ride is not more than 5000 Dong. The buses are air-conditioned and comfortable. Through the tourist area of Nha Trang are two popular route No. 2 and No. 4.

In addition to ground transportation in Nha Trang, you have the opportunity to take advantage of and water. Near Nha Trang there are two bays: North and South.

The South jetty is just outside the town (South pier on the map) and it is reached by bus # 4. From the South jetty you can reach the Islands of Hon Mun, Hon Mieu (tri Nguyen Aquarium) and Hon Tre (Vinpearl Land).

North jetty is 18-22 km North of Nha Trang (North jetty on the map). It is called the Marina on monkey island. It can be reached only by hired transport or taxi. From North pier and boats to monkey island, Orchid island and deer island.

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January 19, 2015
Today leave Nha Trang. The resort left a mixed impression.A wave of the sea - not swimming..But the beach is good..a beautiful Promenade and clean..Very much Annoying..Russian..Russian barkers pilipcova local and make a pitiful impression..maybe just not the season??? ...
George M. 4, 2015
Was Nachange before the new year, I loved it! Lived in a hotel Moritime. The hotel is nice clean, the rooms are cleaned every day. I don't like hotel on the outskirts and far from the city center, on foot you can walk 30 or 40, always used a taxi. Nearby there is a beach 100 meters away, but for some reason there is no one bathed, and we went closer to the center, where there are more people. Excursions like, for Souvenirs it is better to go to the evening markets where everything is cheaper and you can haggle! Tours can come in handy money, might drop a fortune to buy a good thing then you will need to run or ride. The fruit is better to buy the day before the departure at the Central market, very convenient. ...
Alexandra I. 18 July, 2015
We were in Nha Trang at the end of September 2014, the weather was comfortable and in order to sunbathe and swim, and to go on tour, the rains were a few days that lasted literally for an hour. Lived in a wonderful hotel, Best Western Premier Havana Nhatrang, the view is breathtaking! This hotel is near the beach and has an underground walkway from the hotel to the beach (which is very convenient for the newly arrived tourists, which in the early days of the road crossing, full of scooters, very unnerving), in addition, the hotel is situated near the building of the Lotus (the main landmark in Nha Trang), night market and shopping centre. Not going to say much about the hotel, I can only say that everything in it is great: Breakfast, pool, Spa, views, rooms, restaurants. On the first day, after settling we ran to explore the surrounding area and sample local cuisine. Main dishes consist of rice, seafood, you can taste ostrich meat, crocodile, turtle soup, and, of course, soup, Pho. In many places there is menu in Russian language, which, at times, can amuse the tourist such dishes as "pork cheapskate" and "shrimp with radioactive equipment" (translation to Russian). Also on the first line there is a nice restaurant, where home-cooked meals: 250 000 VND (about 600 rubles), visitors have the opportunity to choose any raw foods, which are presented in the restaurant (a large number of fish, meat, seafood, sausages, etc.) and cook them on the grill located on each of the tables. You can also eat in the café located a little further from the city center, literally for 40 000 VND (100). I advise you to go on ...
alenazzz 29 December, 2016
We in November in Nha Trang to the rest, and nothing, the rainy season even for the benefit went. It was not so hot and the waves to swim more interesting =) ...
Shab.ivan96785 25 January, 2017
Was at the Museum of impressions the price is 150 000 VND, not worth it!!! ...
Jaroslav 19 March, 2017
was 19-03-2017 at the entrance to the Cathedral, collect a fee, children free, adults 10 dongs. Tried to go on the other hand, we were sent back to the entrance ...
Ollga 13 July, 2017
Was 31.03.2017, no admission fee did not take with us. ...
Murzik 23 September, 2017
We recently returned from Vietnam. Was in Nha Trang, lived in a nice hotel NHA TRANG HOTEL DUBAI, not far from the hotel there is a pharmacy, Pharmacy 777, we've been buying sun creams and ointments for the joints. Back in Nha Trang really want to) ...
admin September 24, 2017

This is likely not a fee, and took the bait giliam-the nuns, or maybe do you have donations. ...
Egorov, 24 October, 2017
We are from white Russia. Can be used to eat out but we unichange , delicious food this is one./If the dealer fits a European the price is 4 times more mostly the food is not tasty. Delicious food closer to the North. This is the worst
.the rest of all. Cheaper in Bulgaria. In India. And tastier. People are kinder ...

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