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The exchange rate

The currency of Vietnam is quite stable, and the last five years dramatically almost unchanged. To quickly count the money of Vietnam in rubles, you need to multiply thousands of dongs about 3 (actually 2.9). For example, 100 thousand dongs * 2.9 = 290 rubles.

But today the rate of the ruble, the Euro and the dollar. If the current date is not displayed correctly, refresh the page with ctrl+F5.

The exchange rate (Vietnam Dong) today ()

100 000 Dong (VND) = 289,65 rubles (RUB)
100 rubles (RUB) = 34 524,80 VND
1 United States dollar (USD) = 23 195,50 VND
1 Euro (EUR) = 26 432,60 VND
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Money in Vietnam

The national currency of Vietnam is Dong. This is one of the smallest denomination of currency in the world. Referred to as the Dong VND, D, or the official symbol is .

The cash in Vietnam is issued in banknotes and in coins. Coins are hardly used, but if you fell into the hands of the coin, consider yourself lucky. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 500000, 200000, 100000, 50000, 20000, 10000, 5000, 2000, 1000, 500 dongs. Bills of large denomination (10,000) is made not of paper but of a thin plastic material, which greatly prolongs their treatment: they are not afraid of water and not torn.

On the front side of the banknote is a portrait of uncle Ho Chi Minh, on the reverse sides of the figures are different: the Temple of literature in Hanoi, the Japanese bridge in Hoi an, the Bay of ha long, the house where he was born, Ho Chi Minh, oil offshore platform, is the ancient capital city of hue.

Are also in circulation coins in 5000, 2000, 1000, 500 and 200 VND, but to meet them in real turnover is almost impossible. If you find this coin, be sure to save it as a numismatic rarity.

Деньги Вьетнама Money Vietnam - Vietnamese Dong

Aboutofficially all the calculations in Vietnam are conducted only in national currency. But in practice, sometimes the prices for tourists for accommodation, tours and travel in tourist transport immediately announced in dollars, although when calculating the count and take in dongs. Only rarely where you can pay directly in dollars and euros are generally accepted reluctantly. Sometimes, mainly in the markets, you can pay and mixed: in dollars and Vietnamese Dong, or pay in dollars and get change in Dong (it is sometimes convenient and profitable).

What currency to take to Vietnam

Buy Vietnamese Dong in cash in the Russian Federation is impossible, as well as to exchange Russian rubles in Vietnam. If you will be able to find a place where you can exchange one of the Russian currency in VND, the exchange rate is very disadvantageous. Why you need to take one of the world's currencies: U.S. dollars or euros.

The preferred currency for import and exchange in Vietnam is USD. The exchange rate for euros may be a bit less favorable, though no problems with its exchange will not occur, change it everywhere.

Restrictions on import and export no, the only thing to do is to declare when entering or leaving any foreign currency equivalent to more than 5 thousand US dollars and national currency sum over 15 000 000 VND. In itself, the Declaration of any consequences and additional costs not carrying is a mere formality. If you have less than the specified amount, then declare anything not required.

However, there is one way to buy dollars in Russia, but only non-cash. Bank "Tinkoff" offers a map of the "multi-currency", which can be credited at a decent rate one of 30 currencies, including dollars. Further, this card can pay in Vietnam, or to withdraw money at local ATMs without the loss of triple conversion (see below). Perhaps there are other maps of this plan from other banks.

Where to change currency in Vietnam

Currency exchange in Vietnam can be anywhere: in exchange offices, banks, hotels, jewelry stores, travel agencies, airports. The difference in the rate of exchange in different places and even different cities minor. At the airports of Vietnam, unlike airports in other countries, a very good exchange rate. So you can safely on arrival at the airport to change $ 50 and then get a rate better deal. For example, in a single day in 2018, the rate at the airport in Hanoi was 23300 dongs per dollar in the exchange offices in Hanoi 23200-23400, and the official exchange rate - 23305.

Обмен валюты в аэропорту Ханоя Currency exchange at the airport

The best rates are traditionally found in jewelry shops and jewelry shops, which don't even have a sign "Money Exchange". For example, in our experience, one day at the official exchange rate 23 100 Dong per dollar (about this course and you'll find exchange offices even in the tourist areas) to exchange money in jewelry has turned over 23 400. The difference when you exchange $ 100 in this case is 30 000 VND.

To find the best rate, it is right to go to a jewelry shop, not do they change the currency (if can't say, just show a dollar bill and say "exchange"). You will be shown the exchange rate, and will only have to decide about the exchange and carefully counted the money. It is better to bypass or to bargain and offer your course.

Keep in mind that scams when exchanging money in Vietnam to happen, and the easiest of them is the substitution of large bills into small, because for the untrained sight bills like 100 000 10 000 500 000 20 000. Don't forget to exercise due care before, during and after the exchange of money, and before you travel read our section on safety in Vietnam.

Plastic cards

The use of plastic cards in Vietnam is quite common. To pay her you can almost all shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies. ATMs in major cities and tourist areas are found almost at every step.

Пластиковые карты во Вьетнаме Plastic cards in Vietnam

However, if you go into the details, the use of credit cards, especially cash withdrawal is not the best alternative to imported cash dollars or euros. ATMs in addition to the fee your Bank will hold your Commission, on average, about 50 000 VND per transaction, the maximum amount of cash withdrawals may be restricted (e.g. to 2 000 000 VND, about $ 100), the conversion rate will take place according to the official, plus with the rouble card will double conversion, and all this together will give not very good result. So try to find an ATM, which gives at once the sum is larger and takes a smaller Commission. Fortunately, ATMs of different banks and with different sea conditions here.

With regard to calculations by credit card, there are certain pitfalls. First, the Vietnam banks is a period of risk when using the card. Second, you can easily charge a fee of several percent in addition to the amount paid, didn't even warn you about it. This happens with the card at hotels, travel agencies and small private shops, where the host institution has the right to do whatever you want. In large shopping centers and supermarkets such problems were not observed. Well, and third, the recalculation of currencies in Lebanese pounds is again at the official rate. See more about ATMs and the use of plastic cards in Vietnam is here...

Traveler's checks are easily exchanged for cash at banks, but for each transaction is charged a Commission (about 3.3% of the amount of and low of 2.2 per dollar).

VAT refund in Vietnam (Vat Refund)

From 1 July 2012, Vietnam earned system of VAT refund (value added tax) for foreigners bought in the country the goods. Such a system of tax refund operates in Thailand (see about tax refund in Thailand), Singapore and other popular tourist countries, and is intended to stimulate demand tourists to purchase goods in the country. The essence of the system is that upon departure from the country, you can recover some of the cost of purchased domestically, goods in the amount of value added tax included in the price of goods.

For Vietnam, this amount is 10% of the value of the goods. From believe the refund amount is still deducted by an administrative fee of not more than 15%. Apply a VAT refund in Vietnam for every order purchased by check price from 2 000 000 VND (approximately 100 USD). Another condition is that the tax refund is only possible within 30 days after purchase.

The refund can be made upon departure from the country (only when you leave the country, domestic flights are not covered) at the international airports in Vietnam (see more about tax refund in Vietnam).

Стойка возврата налога в аэропорту Ханоя Stand tax refund at the airport of Hanoi


The official tipping systems in Vietnam and they are traditionally not accepted here, because recently here were building communism. All professionals in the field of tourism up to the porters get paid (albeit very little) and do not expect and do not expect tips, although they will be very happy a small monetary thanks from the tourists.

To give or not to give tips completely depends on your desire. If you like the service, you can leave a small amount. In the taxi meter can refuse the delivery, rounding to the nearest thousand VND (in a taxi at a fixed price on a tip cannot be and speeches). The same with the delivery at the restaurant or cafe. The room cleaning, the porter can give 10-15 thousand VND.

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admin July 5, 2012
Great news for tourists in Vietnam.
From 1 July 2012, the country earned system of VAT refund (value added tax) for foreigners bought in the country the goods, or the so-called Vat Refund. For Vietnam, this amount is 10% of the value of the goods.
Apply a VAT refund in Vietnam for every purchase, purchased by check price from 2,000,000 VND (approximately $ 96 US). Refund is possible only within 30 days after purchase.
You can return to the departure airports (in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city) on dedicated terminals. It is necessary to present the purchase receipt. ...
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Well, that all this while...but the question is how this happens in practice happens? Conditions are described everywhere: buying of$ 100, a completed application form...but with this question...I am afraid that my English skills may not be enough, also specified that purchases only in certain outlets you can get the VAT refund, and where to find them ? the question is relevant because I want to buy 5 tablet and even 10% the amount is not small... if someone had an experience of a VAT refund in Vietnam, please share. ...
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It seems that no one doesn't know that yet. I climbed a bunch of our own and foreign forums, but never found someone to use it. Understood only that it is done in some machines and only at the airport of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Looks like you have to be a pioneer. I plan to use in November. Leave feedback as you get, if you before that time will use. I too will unsubscribe. ...
Kuhara 21 September, 2013
Is it possible anywhere to exchange rubles in Vietnam or there will be problems? ...
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Not everywhere, but in MUI ne or Nha Trang will be able to find where to exchange. Only I will strongly advise you, because the course you will be very unfavorable, simply speculative. Far better to exchange at home rubles for dollars and then in place on the VND than on the spot RUB to VND. And to find a place where to exchange is not easy, at least not yet. ...
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what cards are accepted ATMs of Vietnam ? Is there Internet and WI-Fi in hotels on the continent and Islands ? ...
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