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General information

Ko lang (Lang Co) is a small village in Central Vietnam on the coast of the South China sea (the Bay of Lang Co Bay) between hue and da Nang (lang Co on the map). In itself the village is unremarkable and small, its population is engaged mainly in fishing. However, while this is a tourist place that attracts a certain category of tourists.

Вид на Ланг Ко Views of lang Co from the Hai van pass

Holidays in lang Co

Lang Co as a place to stay, is not suitable for every tourist. Can not be called a village, remote and secluded, because it lies on the banks and near a major interstate running through the country from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city, however, the situation here is very secluded. Yes, this place is considered a tourist resort, but the tourism infrastructure is poorly developed: in addition to several hotels, especially for tourists there is nothing here. You will not find any of the travel agencies and tours or cafes and restaurants, even the exchange of money. Eat and fun can be found only in hotels, but once you step outside, you get to stop ordinary fishing village, where to find civilization in the form of shops, cafes for the locals, and a couple of ATMs is possible only along the main highway.

Oh yeah, and there's a few seafood restaurants right on the beach, made in the form of temporary barracks. They can eat fresh seafood that will float in the water until you pick them up in the menu, but they are not prepared to say that it is very tasty, and the prices are high even by the standards of neighboring da Nang. And yet, the sanitary conditions in these cafes is not the best, because water with fresh water no. So if along the way during the tour from da Nang or hue guides you will offer to go and see here, there is a sense to refuse.

Hotels in lang Co is not very much. Inexpensive options can be found can be found along the main highway, but there the tourists have nothing to do, the beach is too far. If we settle here, it is best on the beach, where there are several hotels with private grounds, swimming pools and direct beach access. In them we offer a full range of services that didn't even have to go outside the hotel but do not expect the level of Turkish accommodation options when the hotels are even live entertainment.

Search and book hotels in lang Co the best in popular search engines of hotels worldwide:

Can also find and book accommodation in Danang/lang Co, including private accommodation (apartments), using the search from Agoda. Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

The beaches at lang Co

Is to pay tribute in lang Co beach is lovely. According to some estimates it is even considered the most beautiful in Vietnam. He continuously stretches for 10 kilometers, and it's all fine white and yellow sand, very pleasant to the touch. Not to mention the beach is clean comes debris, beached sea and waste from the village, but the beaches at the hotels are clean. The slope of the bottom of the normal: not too deep, ideal for children, and at the same time and not too small, and even at low tide, you can swim.

Пляж в Ланг Ко The Lang Co Beach

The tourist seasons, when to go

Due to the fact that lang Co is exclusively a beach vacation, the influence of the seasons here are very pronounced. There are two tourist seasons:

  • Dry season (high season) lasts from January through August. At this time, a little rain, the waves are small.
  • The rainy season (low season) lasts from September to December. At this time, frequent rains, the sky is overcast, and almost never stops the wind and strong waves. In principle, at this time, you can go and even be able to swim and sunbathe, but the entire tourist life stops here, the hotels are empty. It may even be that in a huge resort on the beach, you will be the only guest, and not even someone to talk to and have fun.

The tourist seasons in lang co for months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in lang co/Danang and forecast for the near future:

Attractions in lang Co

No entertainment and attractions here. As already mentioned above, outside of the hotels is a fishing village, which has everything that is necessary for life, but nothing touristic. While walking through the village you can see is that the pagoda and temple, a Catholic Church, a cemetery, but they are of little value and no interest. Lang co is located near the national Park Bach MA, Elephant, the Hai van pass, da Nang and its attractions, as well as the ancient capital city of hue. But in all these places you should go either with a tour or to rent a transport. Besides, da Nang or hue is better to go for a couple of days.

Церковь в Ланг Ко The Catholic Church in lang Co

How to get to lang Co

Lang Co is about 30 km from da Nang and 60 from hue. All the routes here are only those of the city, differently not to reach. See more:

To get from these cities is easiest by taxi or request a transfer to the hotel upon booking. You can also pre-book a Shuttle service through the search form, then our driver will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

If a taxi or Shuttle service is too expensive for you, then from the bus station of da Nang during the day, filling buses cost 30 000 dongs (about 825.75 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate). You can also take any bus from da Nang to hue direction, or Vice versa, and out of the village on the main highway.

If you are going to get there from da Nang on a rented vehicle, keep in mind that on motorcycles you can only travel via the Hai van pass, travel on a shorter path through the tunnel is possible only by cars and buses.

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I hope you are aware of recent events regarding re-entry to Vietnam Pravda, there is no updated information because again has changed a bit, will do today.
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Here is the schedule found in the Internet:
Danang – Pak Se Lao Tien 6:30am – 9 pm 460,000
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There is online information from the center by a free Shuttle bus twice a day from address 64 Tran Quoc Toan St., Danang. Start at 9.00 am and return at 2.00 pm, or start at 03.15 pm and return at 8.00 pm ...

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