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Вечерний Хюэ

With the placement, including the very cheap, in hue there are no problems. To find a modest, air-conditioned room for two is possible and for 200 000 Dong (currency of Vietnam), which is approximately equal to 10 US dollars! a bed in a hostel will cost half the price.

With the choice of location it's simple: the closer to downtown the better. The district with the most expensive hotels, or so-called backpacker district, is a district of the street of Pham ngu Lao (Pham Ngu Lao). No worries, we messed up the name of the main street with Ho Chi Minh . In hue, this street is called the same way. District budget hotels in hue is quite small and limited by the streets of Le Loi, Hung Vuong, Chu Van An, and Nguyen Cong Tru. To see the area on the interactive map of hue (the Area on the map). If you arrived in hue with no hotel booked in advance and with the intention to save money, then you direct road here.

Keep in mind that taxi drivers, bus drivers and tour guides can assure you that the cheapest hotels are in a different place, but really they just try to bring to the hotel, where your head will receive a Commission.

If you do not focus on only budget accommodation, you can choose a hotel in any location in the city, if only he wasn't too far from the city centre. As a landmark city centre can use the same district cheap hotels (see above). From myself I can add that a great place to stay is the riverside (near the Perfume river), where you will be able to get a room with a great view of the river.

There are several areas relating to the city, but far beyond. Areas: lang Co beach (Lang Ko Beach); There's an Giang Lagoon (Tam Giang Lagoon), Beach/May the An (Beach Side / My An); Thuan an Beach (Thuan An Beach).


The name of these areas speaks for itself. Hotels in these areas are far outside of the city. This is a great place for a secluded and relaxing stay but also for a beach holiday. But keep in mind that outside the hotels in these areas are not near anything and you will find yourself far from any tourist infrastructure, entertainment and attractions. In General, if you are in hue for a long period and not solely for the sake of entertainment, then this is a great place for accommodation. In the end, you can in your holidays include a few days stay in the city limits of hue, and the rest to spend on the beach or near the lagoon.

Find and book a hotel in hue is possible using the search form below. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

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