Sightseeing in hue: Imperial citadel hue (Hue Imperial Citadel)

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Императорская цитадель (Вьетнам) Thai Hoa Palace

The Central attraction of hue is the Imperial citadel (fortress). This place is also called the Royal Palace, the citadel of hue, Imperial hue or just a city within a city. This is the main attraction of the city and its must-visit.

The citadel is not the ancient landmark, its construction started in 1804 by Emperor Gia long (Gia Long). However, despite its modest age, the citadel has experienced many historical events, including the was very seriously destroyed. Still there are restoration work and every year, offers access to all the new halls and palaces in its territory.

The citadel really is a city within a city. The entire fortress surrounded by a moat and walls with a thickness of 2 meters and a size of 2 by 2 kilometres. The total length of walls subject to bending is 10 kilometers. Today, inside the citadel there are houses, markets, museums, restaurants, in General, life in the fortress today runs its course.

Императорская цитадель (Вьетнам) One of the gates of the citadel

But in a separate part of the citadel, the Royal Palace (Royal Palace or Hoang Thanh), daily life has not penetrated. This is another city inside the city inside the city! Access to this part of the citadel paid – 105,000 VND. Traffic, except special tourist electric cars is forbidden here, so you should have time and strength, after all, for a visit to the Palace will need at least half a day. The admission also includes a visit to the Museum Bao Tang (Hue Royal Antique Museum), located outside the Palace walls on the East side. With the ticket you will receive the mini-map guide book with the designation of the most interesting places in the territory.

The grounds of the Royal Palace comprises at least the following main attractions:

  • Ngo Mon Gate (the main entrance gate from the South to the Palace). The gates themselves are very beautiful and you can climb to the second level and look at the Palace from above. As of may 2013 was under restoration.
  • Thai Hoa Palace (aka Palace of Supreme Harmony or Dien Thai Hoa, coronation hall). In this Palace the Emperor was carried out the reception of official guests. This Palace is in excellent condition.
  • Forbidden Purple City (forbidden purple city). This Palace was located immediately behind Thai Hoa Palace. Unfortunately today there is virtually nothing left except with piles of stones.
  • Hung Mieu Temple. Well-preserved beautiful temple built in honor of the parents of the Emperor.
  • Dien Tho Residence. This well-preserved Palace, surrounded by a separate fence, the entrance to the grounds is through a beautiful gate. The Palace was intended for the mother of the king.
  • The Mieu Temple (temple of generations). This temple is dedicated to ten emperors of the Vietnamese Nguyen dynasty, which includes altars in honor of each of them. The temple is in excellent condition.
  • Hien Lam Pavilion. This pavilion was built in 1842 on the orders of Emperor Minh Mang (Minh Mang) in honor of those people who helped the Imperial dynasty. It is the tallest building in the citadel.

🕐 Working time: every day 06:30-17:00.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: General admission ticket to the citadel and the Museum Bao Tang – 105 000 Dong (currency of Vietnam, the exchange rate).

🚶 How to get there: the main entrance to the citadel (Ngo Mon gate) is located on the South side opposite the flag tower, Cot Cot (entrance to the citadel on the map)

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Photo of the Imperial citadel of hue

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