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Прогулочные лодки в Хюэ (Вьетнам) Pleasure boats at the Marina in hue
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Hue just created in order to be visited for attractions. Historically, the place is very interesting (it is, after all, the ancient capital of Vietnam) and is full of ancient monuments. And during the war with Americans these monuments was supplemented by military-historical sights, however, unfortunately, some of the more ancient landmarks were significantly damaged or even completely destroyed as a result of military action.

The main attractions of hue are the Imperial citadel (Citadel), within the walls of which the majority of the city's attractions: the Imperial Palace complex, Forbidden purple city (Forbidden Purple City), many temples.

It is very handy to almost all the attractions of hue are situated compactly, and all them to explore without transport. You can walk around the whole city far and wide. Alternatively, you can purchase from $ 10 (excluding entrance fees) day tour to the city attractions, as well as visits to the tombs of the emperors outside the city by bus. The tours are also offered options for day trips by boat to the Imperial tombs. You should know that this tour is not for those in a hurry to see one day how much more. Boats on the river swim very slowly, and the tour itself is quite slow, so the whole day you will spend only on the examination of graves, and the city's attractions will have to allocate another day or two. So if you have limited time, it is better to choose a tour bus or self drive in a rented transport.

Among the excursions you can select another one - the boat trip on the river. From the pier in the tourist area on the perfume river constantly day and night sent beautiful pleasure craft. These tours are more entertaining than informational, but, nevertheless, the action is quite interesting. During the boat show a small show with traditional dances and songs, will offer dinner. Tickets are available right here on the pier, but initially they are offered at incredibly inflated prices. The real price, you can bargain - 120 00 - 200 000 dongs.

To use transport will need only if you decide to visit one of the few attractions outside the city, or if you decide to visit the beach. Yes, despite the fact that the hue beach vacation and does not smell, is easily accessible to the coast on a wonderful beach Thuan An Beach (beach on a map of hue). Even outside the city you can visit the hot springs and the Hai Van Pass (Pass is closer to Danang), which offers very scenic views.

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The Imperial citadel of hue

Императорская цитадель (Вьетнам) Thai Hoa Palace

The Central attraction of hue is the Imperial citadel (fortress). This place is also called the Royal Palace, the citadel of hue, Imperial hue or just a city within a city. This is the main attraction of the city and its must-visit.

The citadel is not the ancient landmark, its construction started in 1804 by Emperor Gia long (Gia Long). However, despite its modest age, the citadel has experienced many historical events, including the was very seriously destroyed. Still there are restoration work and every year, offers access to all the new halls and palaces in its territory.

The citadel really is a city within a city. The entire fortress surrounded by a moat and walls with a thickness of 2 meters and a size of 2 by 2 kilometres. The total length of walls subject to bending is 10 kilometers. Today, inside the citadel there are houses, markets, museums, restaurants, in General, life in the fortress today runs its course.

But in a separate part of the citadel, the Royal Palace (Royal Palace or Hoang Thanh), daily life has not penetrated. This is another city inside the city inside the city! Access to this part of the citadel paid – 105,000 VND.

Read more about Imperial hue citadel and photo...

🕐 Working time: every day 06:30-17:00.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: General admission ticket to the citadel and the Museum Bao Tang – 105 000 VND.

🚶 How to get there: the main entrance to the citadel (Ngo Mon gate) is located on the South side opposite the flag tower, Cot Cot (entrance to the citadel on the map)

National pagoda Dieu De (Dieu De National Pagoda)

This pagoda was built during the reign of Emperor Thieu Three in 1841-1847, and was under the personal protection of the Emperor. The pagoda is known that in the 60-ies of the last century it was a stronghold of Buddhist and student opposition to the South Vietnamese and the American invasion.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: admission is free.

🚶 How to get there: can be reached on foot (pagoda on the map)

Tombs (Tombs of the Emperors or Royal Tombs)

Вход в гробницу императора Кхай Диня, Хюэ (Вьетнам)

The tombs of the emperors located on the banks of the perfume river (Perfume River) in 7-20 kilometers from the city (many of the tombs and they are in different places). This is the main attraction outside of hue. Rather, it is the whole group of sites, each of which is unique and different from the rest. In these tombs were buried the Royal emperors of the Nguyen dynasty (the Nguyen) in the period of her reign from 1802 to 1945 and at the time when hue was the capital. And, of course, it is not just about the graves, and of entire mausoleums, many of which, incidentally, was designed by some of the emperors during the life of and even sometimes used them to work and live.

To visit the tombs of hue are invited to tour the boat for the day for just a few dollars. But the problem of such tours is that they are very slow and somewhat tedious, as the boat floating on the river very long. At this time you will be able to enjoy the scenery of the river and the Breakfast included in the price. But when you arrive and make landfall, you will have to pay extra for a trip on a motorcycle taxi, to individual graves, as they are at some distance from the river, and also to buy tickets. The visit to the tombs of the emperors is also included in many tours to hue city (cost about $ 10). Well, the ideal option to visit them is to rent your own transport: bike or at least bike (Parking near the graves is 2-5 thousand of dongs). You can also rent a boat with boatman (about $ 20 for half a day), but the banks still have to take motorcycle taxi to reach the remote graves.

The entrance to most tombs is 80 000 Dong (currency of Vietnam, the exchange rate), while working in the summer months, 6:30-17:30, winter 7:00-17:00.

The tomb of Emperor Gia long (Tomb of Gia Long)

The Emperor For long (also known as Nguyen Phuc Anh and Nguyen tze) was the founder of the Nguyen dynasty and capital of hue. It's also the first Emperor, who began to use the name of the state "Vietnam". His grave is the grave of the first Emperor of the Nguyen dynasty (buried here in 1820). Moreover, it is the most remote, located 20 kilometers from the city (Tomb of Emperor Gia long on the map). The story goes that the Emperor himself chose the place for his burial while walking on the elephant. Here was buried and his wife.

Unfortunately, this grave because of the difficult accessibility (located at the fork of the river between two rivers), rarely visited, and is in poor condition. But visit it for free.

On the boat to the grave to get pretty easy (though long), but still have to walk about 1 kilometer from the river. You can reach it by land on a motorcycle and did not succeed. Take before crossing the river (Do Gia Long on the map), leave the transport there and go on hired boat. Then walk about 1 kilometre. But this route is worth to be done.

Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang (Minh Mang, Nguyen Thanh That)

Emperor Minh Mang was the second Emperor of the Nguyen dynasty, he reigned from 1820 to 1840. He is remembered in history as a reformer, and that he had 150 children!

The construction of this tomb was started in 1840, but before the death of the king her he did not complete it. Urgently its construction was finished the next Emperor. The result is one of the largest and most beautiful tombs in an area of nearly 18 hectares on the lake, Tan Nguyet Lake (lake of the new moon).

This grave is located 12 kilometers from the city, and you can get here either by boat and by motorcycle across the bridge (the Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang on the map). The entrance fee of 55,000 Dong.

The tomb of Emperor Thieu Chi (Thieu Tri, Nguyen Thien, Nguyen Phuc Tong Meehan)

Next, the third Emperor of the Nguyen dynasty, ruled from 1841 to 1847. It was the favorite of the people of Vietnam Governor, trying my best to improve the lives of ordinary people. His tomb is the most humble and smallest of all, and, based on such according to his own will. He built it after his father's death in 1848, following the Emperor Tu Duc.

The entrance fee of 55,000 Dong. The tomb is located 7 kilometers from the city and easily accessible by boat and by motorcycle or Bicycle (the Tomb of Emperor Thieu Chi on the map).

The tomb of Emperor Tu Duc (Tu Duc, Nguyen Tong Tongue, Nguyen Phuc Hong Yum)

Tu Duc is considered to be not a very good ruler. It is believed that because of his wrong actions and indecision has resulted in a loss of independence of Vietnam. The Emperor is remembered in history by the fact that he surrounded himself with luxury, had 104 wives, but never received children.

Tomb he also built on a large scale. For the construction of the complex took 13 years, and the result is almost second Imperial city where he was resting. It's definitely the most beautiful, large and popular with tourists from all tomb, and say that You Dyk participated in the design, as I had a very creative nature.

The entrance fee of 55,000 Dong. Located 5 kilometers from the city and easily accessible by water and by land (the Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc on the map).

The tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh (Dinh Khai, Nguyen Phuc Dao BYU)

Khai Dinh was the twelfth Emperor of the Nguyen dynasty and the penultimate Emperor of Vietnam. He ruled nine years from 1916 to 1925. He is remembered as a reformer, as well as those that tried to return to Vietnam independence. Despite this, his reign was a puppet and under the strong influence of the West (France). As a result, even the Emperor's tomb was built with elements of European style. The entrance fee of 55,000 Dong. Located 10 kilometers from the city and easily accessible by water and by land, but from the river will have to walk or drive a little more kilometers (the Tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh on the map).

Pagoda Thien Mu (Thien Mu Pagoda)

Пагода Тиен Му в Хюэ (Вьетнам) Pagoda of Thien Mu in hue (Vietnam)
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This is one of the main attractions of hue, and part-time unofficial symbol of the city. The pagoda has 7 levels (each of its levels represents a stage in the reincarnation of Buddha) and is the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. Even more elevates the pagoda hill, on which it is located.

The original temple, which houses the pagoda was founded in 1601. Then it was a very simple and small temple, but later on the instructions of the rulers of these places the Church has repeatedly changed and reconstructed.

Read more about Thien Mu Pagoda and photos...

🕐 Working time: every day from 8 to 17 hours. In the period from 11:30 to 14 hours part of the complex is closed because the monks at this time lunch

🚶 How to get: visit the pagoda is included in many city tours, including a boat tour to the tombs of the Emperors. You can get on a rented transport (pagoda of Thien Mu on the map)

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: admission is free.

The Tu Hieu Pagoda (Tu Hieu Pagoda)

It is quite famous and very beautiful temple, situated in not less picturesque place in a pine forest. This is a working temple and monastery.

The Church was founded in 1842, however, despite not being too big for the Church age, his history is eventful. In 1848 the temple was dedicated to Imperial eunuchs, which were buried near the cemetery. The temple is famous for the fact that it is associated with one of the world's most famous Buddhist monk named Thich Nhat Hanh, who taught here in the forties of the last century.

🚶 How to get there: the temple is located five kilometers from the city (pagoda of Tu Hieu on the map). His visit is convenient to combine with a visit to the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: admission is free.

Hot springs of My An Hot Spring

Горячие источники Май Ан в Хюэ Hot springs May An to hue

These hot springs are a complex, where you can not only take hot healing baths, but also massages, Spa treatments, eat at the restaurant and stay overnight in a local hotel.

Directly hot springs are pools of water, obtained from a depth of 150 meters. Appropriate odor – hydrogen sulfide or rotten eggs.

Paying the entrance fee once you can spend in the pools all day, however, it should be remembered that the stay time should be limited, otherwise the benefits will go to harm.

Additional information about the sources you can get on the website

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: offers several programs to stay at the springs. The cheapest software – only hot springs in the amount of 80 000 VND per adult / 40 000 per child. Next is the hot springs and light lunch, pool, therapy, etc.

🕐 Working time: from 07:00 to 22:00.

🚶 How to get there: the springs are 7 kilometers from the city on the way to the Thuan An beach (hot springs of My An Hot Spring hue on the map). You can get here by hired transport or taxi.

Hot springs, Thanh Tan Hot Springs

This is another hot springs, but they are already much further than My An Hot Spring. To reach them, will have to overcome about 30 kilometers. But, having got this far, you get hot springs with almost no odor of hydrogen sulfide.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets cost: there is no information.

🕐 Time work: there is no information.

🚶 How to get there: the springs are located 30 kilometers from the city (hot springs, Thanh Tan hue on the map).

National Park Bach MA (Bach Ma National Park)

Национальный парк Бать Ма, Дананг

This is one of the most striking natural sights that you can visit from da Nang, hue or Hoi an. Here you can see about 1700 species of tropical plants, of which about 80 are listed in the Red book, rare species of mammals langur Duke and Barnacle Gibbon. While visiting the Park you can walk on a specially equipped trail called the "Pheasant trail", which runs at altitudes above 500 metres through the jungle, past mountain streams and waterfalls, viewing platforms. To visit needs to be well physically and mentally prepare, because you have to walk about 14 kilometers, and to overcome many descents and ascents. Mandatory good Hiking shoes, water and picnic lunch, rain gear, a swimsuit for a dip in the pool, and will not interfere warm to wear. Read more about the national Park Bach MA here...

🕐 Working time: PPC in the Park is open from 07:30 to 17:00, seven days a week.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance fee to the Park: adults - 60 000 VND (190.47 USD), children – 20 000. Guide – 500 000 (1587.26 RUB).

🚶 How to get there: the Park is located 70 kilometers from da Nang on the way to hue (the national Park on the map). You can get here with tour (worth from 500,000 VND) from da Nang, Hoi an or hue, or hire transport.

Elephant Suoi Voi

Источники Suoi Voi, Дананг

These sources are located quite far away from hue, more than 50 kilometers on the way to da Nang or in the national Park Batima. They are little known among tourists, mostly locals. Usually they visit in the form of a stop for travelers on the way from hue to da Nang or in Batima.

The area of the sources is quite large and consists of many framed stone pools of natural origin. They can swim (the water is not too cold), sunbathe, have a massage, eat, or drink beer, all for that there. Surrounded by dense forests on the slopes of the two mountains, between which and stretched the springs. The main pool is lined with rocks and resembles the head of an elephant, for which they received their popular name of "Elephant". You can go further from the Parking area and the main pool, and then you will get unequipped to natural pools where almost never anyone.

🕐 Working time: no information.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 10 000 VND. For entry into the motorcycle would have to pay 3000 for a car 10 000.

🚶 How to get there: the Springs are located about 50 kilometers South of hue on highway No. 1 (hot springs on a map of hue). On the highway there is a pointer to the sources, then you need to drive another 6 kilometers.

Lagoon Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon – General relativity one of the two largest freshwater lagoons of Vietnam. Its length is 23 miles, and from salt waters of the South China sea it is separated by a strip of land with a width of 800 meters. The water in the lagoon remains fresh, allowing you to grow a huge number of freshwater marine life.

For tourists this place is interesting with beautiful views, especially at sunset, when the wind subsides, and the water surface becomes mirror-like. Even around the lake hum with life, lots of fishing boats constantly sail on the lagoon, and some of them are ready to take aboard tourists who want to go fishing. From hue in the lagoon are fishing excursions on a single day.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free, tours from hue from $ 40.

🚶 How to get there: Laguna is located 12 kilometers South-East from hue (Laguna hue on the map).

Covered bridge Thanh Toan Bridge

Крытый мост Thanh Toan в Хюэ (Вьетнам) Covered bridge Thanh Toan in hue (Vietnam)
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This bridge is sometimes called the "Japanese bridge". It was built in the 18th century during the reign of Emperor Le Hien Tong in order to make life easier for the inhabitants of the settlement Thanh Thuy. Besides the fact that the bridge has a very interesting and rich history, it is still very beautiful and now is something like a mini-Museum. If you cross Museum and walk a bit, you will find yourself in another small agricultural Museum dedicated to rice cultivation, and the surroundings are very picturesque rice fields. The hostess agricultural Museum itself welcomes visitors and conducts tours, enthusiastically talking in Vietnamese (she doesn't know English) about how rice is grown.

Overall a decent place to visit if you will be able to get to it.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🚶 How to get there: the Bridge is located about 7 kilometres from the centre of hue, and you can reach it by taxi or rented transportation (bridge hue on the map).

City bridge Trang Tien Bridge (Truong Tien Brigde)

Городской мост Trang Tien Bridge в Хюэ City bridge Trang Tien Bridge

This bridge is not historic and it is not yet bound to any history. However, this bridge is the symbol connecting the ancient Imperial hue and modern. Along with pagoda Thien Mu this beautiful modern bridge is another landmark of the city. The bridge is especially beautiful at night when it is illuminated. At day same time just this massive steel structure, not something you fall under the category attractions.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🚶 How to get there: the Bridge is located in the centre of hue. (bridge hue on the map).

The Mountain Pass Of Hai Van Pass

Вид по пути на перевал Хайван, Дананг On the road to the pass

The pass is a very popular hue place, although located much closer to da Nang. Read more about the mountain pass of Hai Van Pass, see here.

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