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Hoi an hotels, place to stay

Prices for hotels in Hoi an, especially in the period of discounts in the low season (see weather and tourist seasons in Hoi an), ridiculous. Simple hotel-type "for the night" with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and hot water can be found for 15-20 dollars for a double room. Some hotels manage this cost "stuff" and a simple Breakfast. From $ 25 you can even find a hotel with a pool, but on the outskirts (in the old town there are almost no hotels with pools).

To book hotels in advance during low season, maybe not necessary, but in high season, should plan well in advance, especially if you have a preference on services and the quality of the hotel. In addition, prices through the booking system can sometimes be lower than on the official website of hotels.

Find and book accommodation in Hoi an can on these sites or via the search form:

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Хойан, Вьетнам An Bang Beach, Hoi An

In Hoi an, tourists can choose for themselves conventionally 4 zones for travelers: seaside (beach vacation); old town (the center of Hoi an); the outskirts of Hoi an (between the center and the beach); riverside (Islands).

Hotels located on the coast, very convenient for a purely beach pastime. The beaches in Hoi an is just wonderful - clean, not crowded and very Sunny. Distance from city centre to hotels on the beaches from 4 to 6 kilometers. In order to get to the city, you will have to use taxi or rent a motorbike, which is not always convenient and economical, especially in the evening. Some hotels include in their services free of satvas to downtown and back. About the availability of the bus can be found in the hotel description when booking.

Хойан, Вьетнам The Cua Da Beach, Hoi An

But, if you come to Hoi an for a beach vacation, but in order to plunge into the life of an ancient town, to try on the customs and culture of the people of Vietnam and to study architectural attractions, the best place for you - old town (center of Hoi an) or riverside. All the walking around the city at any time of the day you will be able to do on foot, leisurely sightseeing.

If you want easy access to the beach and explore the town, then you have to be on the outskirts of Hoi an. You can easily be reached by rental Bicycle to the beach and to travel on foot through the town. In addition, prices in hotels on the outskirts of the city is lower than in the center.

The Beaches Of Hoi An

Хойан, Вьетнам Traditional boat on the beach, Hoi an
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The beaches of Hoi an out of competition. They are very clean, beautiful and deserted. Only in rare peak season the beaches are filled with tourists, the rest of the time here only empty chairs and fishing boats. The water in nice weather there is just pure.

The beaches here conventionally, there are two: An Bang Beach and Cua Da Beach. Both beaches are located on one coast and the border, and the difference between them is conditional. For an interactive map of Hoi an you can see their location. Water sports on the beach would not. Surrender sunbeds to rent, restaurants and cafés, Parking for bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

To get to the beaches along the road, continuing the street or Hai Ba Trung street Cua Dai. The beaches are quite far from the city center and to go there on foot would be too far. But 20 minutes before they can be reached by rented Bicycle or motorbike. Some hotels offer one of its services free of satvas that several times a day goes to the beach (information about this service can be found in the hotels). But keep in mind that in the period of the season hotels often reduce this service generally or temporarily suspend.

The sunbeds on the beach, nearby Parking (even for bikes) is paid. On the beach with a bike under various pretexts, will try not to let the local dealers, but you left the bike in their possession. But, with a strong desire to ride a little away from the beach and find "wild" (without sunbeds), where you can get the bike right on the sand. Such "wild" places no worse than a, and thus deserted and free from traders and molested.

If you prefer a beach holiday than exploring the city, you find it easier to stay in one of the hotels on the coast with a private beach, and already I get downtown as needed.

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admin 1 Oct, 2016

Well, you say, too, in the hotel to sit. In Hoi an you can spend days walking, exploring the city, walking from one restaurant to the next. The atmosphere there is just great. You can go to da Nang, my son (Mason), to marble mountain. In da Nang, be sure to go to the Museum, I liked it very much. So don't despair, you can and lucky with the weather. And since in this season go, I recommend to choose a hotel in the city, and not on the beach. ...
Аня86 20 December, 2016
Guys, please tell me how to operate passivnye workshops in Hoi an on new year's prazdniki. We were there in February this year, just on Concise, and all the shops were closed. We barely had time for a night costume to sew. On our NG too, everything is closed or not? ...
Shmelia 22 December, 2016
Good afternoon. Planned in May to travel to Vietnam and travel from North to South in two weeks. Already two months sitting on your wonderful site and looking at everything. I have here a question. How can you find out the cost of local transportation. Ie I want to stay at Joane and from there on a day trip to Danang. You write that you can by public transport, but you can cheat with the cost of tickets. Where would you even know how much it costs???? ...
admin 22 December, 2016

So we have the same on the website and written - 18000 VND route No. 1 is. And do not bother you much. A cheap price, so if you would rip off, do not worry. Just try to give large bills, or they will quickly in the pocket of the conductor will be, and you without change. If two of us go, give 50 000 for two, and that's enough. If the conductor is to ask, can you give ten more, or send it. But if you give 100 000 for two people or 50,000 for one,there is a high likelihood of passing not get. By the way, neither in Saigon nor Hanoi never more price tag is not stripped. ...
Irenkairenka 1 September, 2017
Good day! tell me, does the freeze from 25 December to 10 January? how many degrees the water in the sea at Hoi an? +18 somehow not satisfied at all)) ...
admin 2 September, 2017

Do not freeze. +18 this is usually night-time temperature. Water temperature statistics 23-24 degrees, the data source https://seatemperature.info/january/hoi-an-water-temperature.html ...
Ivan V. 26 February, 2019
Was yesterday in Hoi an (25.02.2019) Russian tourists are not met. Many English and French. Prices rose a Cup of coffee in a normal coffee shop will cost you 40000 vnd, bun with shrimp 25000-50000 vnd (depending on how you bargain), a kilo of shrimp in the market from 140,000 to 170,000 vnd. What is nice is the small number of Chinese, which is now paraplane Vietnam, the town resembles a European hinterland and definitely happy. ...
admin on 26 February, 2019

You just got lucky for some reason. In November last year was last there, the streets Packed with Chinese tourists so that it is impossible to drive on the street. Russian tourists really small, but they are there, just live closer to the beaches and the city only in the evening walk :D . And the prices in Hoi an were actually in the European hinterland. ...
March 1, 2019
Vietnam was a war with the Chinese and them from here out. Were only tourists. In fact, very few Chinese here. A lot of Koreans. Perhaps you confuse them. I live s of da Nang. From very close to Hoi an. It is interesting how there obrashaites to me. Answer. There is a channel on YouTube. They're making a movie about da Nang and its surroundings. Konstantin Vasilets. ...
admin March 1, 2019

So travelers about speech, not about local. A lot of tourists from China in Vietnam, with the Koreans do not confuse them. You can see them on the buses brought in the crowds and unloaded, and signs all in Chinese characters. Although perhaps Koreans in Hoi an, too much, so the total weight they are all the same. But in the North there's all jam jammed with them to the limit.
In General it is not important to the Koreans and the Chinese, just the bad thing is that because of these "imported tourist landings" netai Hoi an already quiet town.
But in the photo, actually, as their "little Hoi an". And that's, I the boat and the bus didn't photograph on which they arrive.
IMG_0141.JPG ...