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General information about Hoi an

Хойан, Вьетнам

Hoi an (Hoi An) - a small town in the Central part of Vietnam, on the coast of the South China sea. Included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Hoi an is one of the popular tourist destinations of Vietnam. The city is located 25 kilometers South of da Nang, on the banks of the river Thu Bon river (Thu Bon), a few kilometers from the coast. See the position the city of Hoi an on the map of the resorts in Vietnam.

Hoi an, also known by its ancient name of FIFO (Faifo) was in the 16-17 centuries important and very busy commercial port. Later, the center of trade moved to da Nang, but in the heart of Hoi an old town, preserved the spirit of ancient trading town.

Hoi an is more than any other place in Vietnam, retains the atmosphere of past centuries and is a favorite destination of tourists. In 1999, Hoi an was recognized by UNESCO world heritage as a model commercial city in South-East Asia, 15th-19th centuries.

Hoi an is sometimes called a city-Museum under the open sky. Today in Hoi an 844 officially recognized the building's historical significance. Among them, the old Chinese houses, Cham temples, shops, public buildings, tombs. Here you will spend hours Hiking through the ancient quarters of the city, discovering the many meeting Chinese communities, a charming ancestral homes, some of whom live on the fifteenth generation of the same family. It is safe to say that Hoi an is one of the most romantic resorts in Vietnam. The city is also known for its traditional and souvenir shops, a large number of sewing workshops.

Хойан, Вьетнам Traditional boat on the beach
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You will not remain here without a great beach vacation. The Beaches Of Hoi An located a few kilometers from the city center, but you can get there easily by bike or motorcycle, taxi or free callbase. And you can even stay in one of hotels of Hoi an on the beach. The quality of the beaches here. They are sandy, not crowded and very clean. In some places along the beaches have the most water, leaning palm trees, and some where beautiful casuarinaceae trees. Here, right on the beach, hides the real round fishing boats of Vietnamese to tackle.

Another vacation in Hoi an - scuba diving. Of course, in the city of diving you will not find, but on the nearby island of Cham (Cham Island) there are a diving school, and the prices in it are among the lowest in the world.

Cuisine of Hoi an - is generally a separate conversation. There are numerous cafes and restaurants, lit in the evenings its lights for visitors, you can enjoy incredible dishes. This is the city of artists and craftsmen. And the chefs are also artists. And most importantly, everything you eat and drink will cost mere pennies. Only in restaurants in Hoi an you can drink a mug of beer for 2000 Dong (currency of Vietnam), and eats their hearts for 40,000. By the way, if Vietnamese cuisine you have to taste, in Hoi an there are a lot of courses for tourists (the so-called cooking lessons), after which you will learn to cook popular Vietnamese dishes.

Well, when it comes to shopping, some here just can "blow the roof". The city is famous for its sewing workshops, stalls for the manufacture of shoes and hats, souvenir shops. And all this is famous in Hoi an with good reason. Once you fall into the hands of one of the local craftsmen, without buying you will not go away. In each sewing shop you'll come up with a number of possible models of clothes from catalogs, which you will not find even on the Italian factory. And most importantly, that the next day you will deliver your order directly to your room, and if something doesn't fit, will immediately alter and customize.

Over the last few years, Hoi an has become very popular among Russian tourists, most of whom come here for a few days in the tour of Nha Trang. Today almost every fourth tourist in Hoi an English speaking, although three years ago to meet in the town of the Russian language was virtually impossible.

The tourist infrastructure in Hoi an developed perfectly. Here a large number of hotels, from the budget $ 15 for a double and up to five star for $ 500. There is a huge number of restaurants and cafes where you can eat very cheap. And although there is no abundance of noisy evening entertainment in the traditional concept of active tourists, you can always find something interesting to do or where to go. Public transport in Hoi an, but is then by and large and don't need to move around the city on foot or by bike. Every hotel can book trips or tickets for plane, train (from da Nang) or the bus to other tourist cities. There are several small supermarkets where you can buy semi-finished products, beverages and drinks. Night clubs, discos and noisy bars in Hoi an there except for a few restaurants with a dance floor open till late.

Хойан, Вьетнам

Weather in Hoi an, tourist seasons

Hoi an, together with da Nang and Hue (Hue) is located in Central Vietnam, and therefore these cities is inherent in the weather of Central Vietnam. This year-round resort, but in certain periods of the year allocated at the time when a vacation may not be very comfortable.

High tourist season lasts Hoine from January to August and the ideal time to visit is between may to August.

The period from September to January is not a popular time: at this time hot, but can be frequent but short rains (the rainy season from September to December and the most rain falls in October and November). In the period from September to January you can seriously save some money as hotels dropping prices, sometimes up to 30%.

The hottest period is from August to September when the average temperature is 33°C-34°C. the lowest average temperature from December to February is 18°C-19°C but the day this period is still hot and even more comfortable than in other periods, and then the temperature is lowered.

Sometimes in September-October on the coast can fall typhoons, heavy rains and floods, so this period is not recommended to visit for a pure beach holiday.

The tourist seasons in Hoi an*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Hoi an and the forecast for the near future:

Time in Hoi an

In summer and in winter time in Hoi an ahead of Moscow is +4 hours.

The current time in Hoi an*
The time difference with the cities:
Moscow: +4 Samara: +3
Kazan: +4 Nizhny Novgorod: +4
Ekaterinburg: +2 Novosibirsk: 0
Irkutsk: -1 Vladivostok: -3
* - if time is incorrect, refresh the page Ctrl+F5:

Useful tips for Hoi an

Хойан, Вьетнам

Not equipped beaches in Hoi an. If you decide to get to the beach in Hoi an by bike or motorcycle, you'll have to leave it at a Parking lot in front of the beach (from 20 000 VND). Even with the bike on the beach you will not be allowed. But you can easily find a beach, drive a kilometer or two on the road along the beach. There you will be able to bring your vehicle almost to the water, and no money for it will not take.

Maps of the city. Walking around the city in many places you can see large maps of the city, made in the form of stands. These maps are very accurate, and also show your current position. If you get lost in the city, just raise your eyes and look for a large stand with a map. Most likely, he is somewhere nearby.

Where to buy alcohol? Problems with the acquisition of beer or something stronger in Hoi an you will not have, but if you want to find cheaper, go to the street and Hoang Dieu, resulting in the Cam Nam bridge near the local market of Hoi an. There, rows of shops selling clothes and shoes, you will find a few shops, resembling our optovku, which sells beer, spirits and soft drinks at very competitive prices. On the market you can find very cheap local whiskey.

Shopping in Hoi an. In Hoi an you will find big shopping centres, there are only a few modern grocery stores. Shopping in Hoi an you can do either the Central market or in a variety of shops on the street.

Maps Of Hoi An. If you arrive in Hoi an via da Nang airport, then the airport information desks can be found Kara Hoi an and useful information about Hoi an in the Russian language.

Internet in Hoi an. The city has free public Wi-Fi network to access the Internet. Even if you will not be able to use this network due to weak signal, it is possible to find free wifi hotels, cafes, travel agencies.

Tailoring. If you order in local sewing workshops sewing clothes, be careful. Although there has not been widespread deliberate "throwing" of clients (when is the last day before your departure, it turns out that the costume does not suit you, and the Deposit will not return because he went to buy fabric), I run into low-quality tailoring here is very easy. It is not necessary to order a sewing serious things like costumes, they are simply not here are able to sew. You can order something simple like a dress, skirt, pants. The same applies to the manufacture of footwear: serious sturdy shoes are manufactured only in factories here is worth ordering max beach sneakers or sandals.

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admin 1 Oct, 2016

Well, you say, too, in the hotel to sit. In Hoi an you can spend days walking, exploring the city, walking from one restaurant to the next. The atmosphere there is just great. You can go to da Nang, my son (Mason), to marble mountain. In da Nang, be sure to go to the Museum, I liked it very much. So don't despair, you can and lucky with the weather. And since in this season go, I recommend to choose a hotel in the city, and not on the beach. ...
Аня86 20 December, 2016
Guys, please tell me how to operate passivnye workshops in Hoi an on new year's prazdniki. We were there in February this year, just on Concise, and all the shops were closed. We barely had time for a night costume to sew. On our NG too, everything is closed or not? ...
Shmelia 22 December, 2016
Good afternoon. Planned in May to travel to Vietnam and travel from North to South in two weeks. Already two months sitting on your wonderful site and looking at everything. I have here a question. How can you find out the cost of local transportation. Ie I want to stay at Joane and from there on a day trip to Danang. You write that you can by public transport, but you can cheat with the cost of tickets. Where would you even know how much it costs???? ...
admin 22 December, 2016

So we have the same on the website and written - 18000 VND route No. 1 is. And do not bother you much. A cheap price, so if you would rip off, do not worry. Just try to give large bills, or they will quickly in the pocket of the conductor will be, and you without change. If two of us go, give 50 000 for two, and that's enough. If the conductor is to ask, can you give ten more, or send it. But if you give 100 000 for two people or 50,000 for one,there is a high likelihood of passing not get. By the way, neither in Saigon nor Hanoi never more price tag is not stripped. ...
Irenkairenka 1 September, 2017
Good day! tell me, does the freeze from 25 December to 10 January? how many degrees the water in the sea at Hoi an? +18 somehow not satisfied at all)) ...
admin 2 September, 2017

Do not freeze. +18 this is usually night-time temperature. Water temperature statistics 23-24 degrees, the data source https://seatemperature.info/january/hoi-an-water-temperature.html ...
Ivan V. 26 February, 2019
Was yesterday in Hoi an (25.02.2019) Russian tourists are not met. Many English and French. Prices rose a Cup of coffee in a normal coffee shop will cost you 40000 vnd, bun with shrimp 25000-50000 vnd (depending on how you bargain), a kilo of shrimp in the market from 140,000 to 170,000 vnd. What is nice is the small number of Chinese, which is now paraplane Vietnam, the town resembles a European hinterland and definitely happy. ...
admin on 26 February, 2019

You just got lucky for some reason. In November last year was last there, the streets Packed with Chinese tourists so that it is impossible to drive on the street. Russian tourists really small, but they are there, just live closer to the beaches and the city only in the evening walk :D . And the prices in Hoi an were actually in the European hinterland. ...
March 1, 2019
Vietnam was a war with the Chinese and them from here out. Were only tourists. In fact, very few Chinese here. A lot of Koreans. Perhaps you confuse them. I live s of da Nang. From very close to Hoi an. It is interesting how there obrashaites to me. Answer. There is a channel on YouTube. They're making a movie about da Nang and its surroundings. Konstantin Vasilets. ...
admin March 1, 2019

So travelers about speech, not about local. A lot of tourists from China in Vietnam, with the Koreans do not confuse them. You can see them on the buses brought in the crowds and unloaded, and signs all in Chinese characters. Although perhaps Koreans in Hoi an, too much, so the total weight they are all the same. But in the North there's all jam jammed with them to the limit.
In General it is not important to the Koreans and the Chinese, just the bad thing is that because of these "imported tourist landings" netai Hoi an already quiet town.
But in the photo, actually, as their "little Hoi an". And that's, I the boat and the bus didn't photograph on which they arrive.
IMG_0141.JPG ...