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Мишон, Вьетнам The my son ruins group

Ruins of my son (My Son Sanctuary) , and sometimes write in Russian and is pronounced like "House", "Mason" and "Mason" that is not quite correct, although local for the most part accustomed to any pronunciation, and understand you in any case.

The my son ruins – the remains of an abandoned temple complex of the Champa Kingdom, once located on the territory of present Vietnam. They were built and used during the period 4 to 13 centuries ad and dedicated to Lord Shiva. They then for many centuries they were forgotten until the 20th century hasn't started their restoration. In 1999, michonne was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The history of this place during the period of their use was very rich: here in religious ceremonies with the participation of the monarchs of the Kingdom, well-known and prominent people of the time. Churches and other religious buildings there was a huge number at one time there were as many as 70!

Sometimes michonne is compared with the complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the ancient capital of Thailand Ayutthaya, although the scope here is much more modest. More specifically, despite the great claimed the area and its historical significance, the ruins here are very few, moreover, most of them, almost nothing left except piles of stones, overgrown with grass. A great contribution to the destruction of the temple made by the American military during the war, virtually leveling the place to the ground. However, given its historical significance, this place is one of the most famous sights of Vietnam as well as the Holy place for believers.

The complex is situated on quite extensive grounds. When you log on it (in the building where they sell tickets) there is a Museum dedicated to, of course, Michonne. There are several exhibits, documents, maps and descriptions (in English). You should definitely stay in the Museum before heading to the ruins. After buying tickets and the input control you need to drive some more to the Parking lot after which continue to go only on foot. Of course, for Parking take the money (2000 Dong per bike), but if you drive a little more (100-200 metres) to the prohibiting sign, you can find a lot of places for free Parking, but leave the transport is at your own risk.

On the back of the ticket has a map on which you can explore this place. Temples on the map are divided into groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, L, but not all of them are available. If you are going to explore this place yourself, it is best to take a compass or GPS, otherwise very easy to get confused. Ruins is a very busy area with groups B, C, D. Group A almost all consists of grassy hills and piles of stones. Groups E and F under restoration (2013) and watch too much nothing. Group G is closed, and L just don't pass. All groups are close by, literally a few hundred meters from each other. On inspection of all the groups and photographing will take no more than an hour.

Also on site is a cultural center, where at a certain time show the traditional Kamskoe show with dances and songs. Watch it definitely worth it. Show it every day at 09:30, 10:30 and 14:30, but the schedule may change. Cultural center is right down the road from the entrance to the ruins, it is impossible to miss.

Usually michonne depart from da Nang or Hoi an with a tour. But, besides the excursions, you can get there yourself, hiring a taxi for the whole day (about $20) or arriving in a rented transport. Sometimes trips to michonne include a visit to the dancing performance, the Cham, the local market, cooking lessons (cooking classes), trekking (Hiking) in the area of Michonne, etc. If you leave michonne alone, on the way to visit several interesting places such as local churches and even the village of museums, where tourists never deliver.

How to get: michonne is 80 km from da Nang and 60 km from Hoi an town (1-2 hours drive) (ruins michonne on the map). Along the way there are pointers. The exit from the main road to the ruins also marked with a large stand-pointer.

Working time: from 6:30 to 16:00 hours.

Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 000 VND, approximately $5 (see the money of Vietnam, the exchange rate). The cost of day trips to michonne from chojna or Danang – from $9 (entrance fee included).

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Photo Of My Son (Vietnam)

Click on the link "View photos in 3D" under images and put on the special red-blue glasses (anaglyph) to see pictures of my son in 3D format.


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Well, you say, too, in the hotel to sit. In Hoi an you can spend days walking, exploring the city, walking from one restaurant to the next. The atmosphere there is just great. You can go to da Nang, my son (Mason) marble mountain. In da Nang, be sure to go to the Museum, I liked it very much. So don't despair, you can and lucky with the weather. And since in this season go, I recommend to choose a hotel in the city, and not on the beach. ...
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Guys, please tell me how to operate passivnye workshops in Hoi an on new year's prazdniki. We were there in February this year, just on Concise, and all the shops were closed. We barely had time for a night costume to sew. On our NG too, everything is closed or not? ...
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