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Taxi in Hanoi and in Vietnam generally is a cheap way to move. Taxi is the best transport for both short and long trips around town.

in Hanoi there are several official taxi companies, and the price of their trip by and large no different. Sample prices are as follows: for the first kilometer you will pay a minimum of 10 000 Dong (currency of Vietnam) (16 rubles) for each subsequent kilometer from 8,000 VND. In recent times, there are cheaper small cars Kia, in which the fare for the first mile is generally worth only 8,000 VND. However, in these cars there is no trunk (nowhere to put Luggage) and do not always have air conditioning.

However, travel long distances, as, for example, in Hanoi airport, you better book a taxi at a fixed price (to order a taxi at the reception of the hotel on the street, any taxi driver). The fact that there are taxi drivers, hustlers who use rigged meters, and the trip can cost you much more. For reference the trip cost from Hanoi to the airport for 250,000 Dong from the airport to Hanoi - 350 000 VND.

In General taxi drivers in Vietnam is quite untrustworthy (and on the other hand, where isn't?), and you should always be prepared for what they'll come up with something to lure you out of more money. It may be twisted or broken in the way the counters; and circular routes; and fees for toll roads; or simply the requirement to pay more than you previously agreed at a fixed rate (for example instead of 15 - "fifteen" may require the 50 "fifty", and if speech in this case goes about the Dong, not dollars). There have been cases when the taxi crossed the border, and blocked clients Central locking in the car until they pay the required amount. If happened like that, and you're sure right, then go ahead and pay as agreed or what you think is correct and leave, despite the cries of the taxi driver. If he goes abroad, take proceedings in the presence of police. At the mention of the police, the taxi drivers immediately came to.

Be vigilant when loading and unloading your Luggage in a taxi. There are cases when taxi drivers deliberately or accidentally leaving with the Luggage of the customers.

Motorcycle taxis and Bicycle taxi

Велорикша в Ханое

If you are traveling without a companion and large bags, you can use very quick and very extreme form of travel – a motorcycle taxi (most likely a scooter). To find a motorcycle taxi you will be able at every step.

If you decide to use this mode of transport, you should be sure to agree a price in advance, and even better to write the price on paper and show the driver to be sure that you each other correctly understood. Do not forget to bargain: the average price for a ten minute journey is no more than 15 000VND. Don't settle for the driver to expect you to ship it back then he will probably charge you for waiting a disproportionate amount.

When driving watch out for your bags and pockets, as among drivers enough thieves.

Popular exotic species movement on a Bicycle taxi (pedicab) can be very expensive, if you do not agree on the price beforehand. The real price of a trip to the local is a penny, but with you for a trip to three meters and a few photos may require $10.

Rent a motorbike (scooter), bike

Мотобайк в Ханое

If you are sure that you "Schumacher on a motorcycle", you can rent a motorcycle or low-power scooter. Find motorcycle rental will have no difficulty – just ask at the front Desk of your hotel and you arrange everything.

The cost of rental will cost you about $5 a day. But do not overestimate your abilities: first you walk the streets, look at the movement (here it is very chaotic and is not subject to any rules), and then decide whether you this. At least, if you are confident you do not possess this type of transport, there is nothing to think about, to get on the plane in Hanoi. Read additional information about the peculiarities of renting a motorcycle in Vietnam.

A good option may be to rent a bike. For $1-$2 a day you can rent a Bicycle and explore the city. Can also ask about this at reception, and you arrange everything.

Car rental

2014 in Vietnam on absolutely legal grounds, you can manage the rented vehicles under international driving permit (IDP), the relevant requirements of the Vienna Convention on road traffic (read more about rent a motorcycle and car in Vietnam). Such issue in Russia, and previously was necessary to obtain a temporary local license, and no other in the country was not recognized. Now you can safely manage with a driver's license issued in Russia. Just remember that an IDP is valid only in conjunction with the national rights, so to take to Vietnam have both rights. To obtain the IDP in the traffic police, their cost is 1600 rubles (1120 in the design of public services through the site.Russia in 2018). To pass the exams to get an IDP is not required.

The price for renting a car remains quite high, from $ 50 per day. The country has opened offices international distributors, and now you can book a car rental at the airport in Hanoi or get the car in the city. To book a car can use the search form and compare prices from different companies:

Find car rental in Hanoi

City buses

Городской автобус в Ханое

Convenient and affordable form of transport – a system of buses. By bus you can get anywhere in the city limits, and even beyond, for example, to Hanoi airportfor ridiculous money. In our opinion, is the best and very convenient way to move around the city if you want to move economically.

The buses are clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. The value is fixed throughout the match, but varies on different routes – from 7,000 to 9,000 Vietnamese Dong (17 - 22 rubles). Sometimes you can not give change, so prepare a trifle in advance. Payment is required in the bus conductor or driver at the entrance. There are also different types of passes for the manufacture of which requires pasting pictures.

There are more than 60 routes, which you can find in electronic form via the links below, or you can purchase a paper map of the routes is 5000 Dong.

Important routes:

  • No. 7 comes from Hanoi airport to Kim Ma station and back. It's quite far from the tourist area, they will have to take a taxi or take another bus.
  • No. 17 goes from the airport to Hanoi Long Bien station and back (seemap) past the tourist area. Even if you miss an exit near the tourist area (and get off after the bridge) before reaching the Terminus of the Ga Long Bien easy access to the tourist area on foot (15 minutes). The map of the bus route No. 17 and the stop is marked in purple. Where is station, Ga Long Bien, look at interactive map.

Electric cars

Электромобиль в Ханое

Relatively new (launched in 2010) special transport in Hanoi are electric cars. It's not quite public transport, but rather explore as ride them exclusively for tourism purposes.

A lot of 8-seater buses to electric traction from early morning until late evening run on a set route length of 7 kilometres within the tourist area of Hanoi, and make 10 stops near tourist attractions and commercial streets. To go and sit on the car can be at any stop, but you must have a pre-purchased ticket. Ticket price is 15,000 VND. To buy a ticket and of course stopping the electric vehicle at the North-Eastern tip of the lake of the Returned sword. Buses run without a schedule, and begin movement along the route with the final stop filling.

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admin 4 November, 2015
This is the same map that we have given the information about the transport of Hanoi. And 9 ka there is not. ...
Diego March 15, 2016
There you can take the bike everywhere. Ask at reception and they will tell you. ...
admin March 15, 2016
Around Hanoi on a Bicycle, IMHO, is comparable to suicide :suicide ...
Victor 27 March, 2016
Hello! Gonna fall in Vietnam. Planning to fly to Hanoi, take a 2 day tour to Halong Bay, a couple of days to spend in Hanoi and after somewhere on the sea. In Hanoi are planning to fly in Sunday morning. In this regard, there are a few issues: 1. Is it possible on Sunday in the city to change the currency or is it better to do it at the airport immediately after arrival? 2. Really Sunday in Hanoi to buy a tour to Halong Bay on Monday and Tuesday? 3. In the section on hotels in Vietnam read that when you check passports remain at the reception until check-out time. If leaving the hotel for 2 days in ha long Bay and spending the night there at the hotel, will you require in ha long passport to check in? If need be, how is this solved? Is it possible to get a passport during the tour administrators Hanoi hotel or the lack of a passport once decided by the organizers of the tour in hotel ha long? 4. I understand that the question that is now going to ask you a very individual, but if you can, please answer, at least approximately. Tell me how many Vietnamese Dong, roughly, it may be necessary for the first three days (one day in Hanoi + tour in Halong for 2 days)? If possible, call at least a "plug" from and to? Thank you in advance! ...
admin 27 March, 2016
1. currency actually change at any time, best to do it in jewelry stores on the street, Hang Bac, tested personal experience, see 2. Really, especially if you arrive in the morning. If in doubt, you can order in advance on the website sinhcafe, but I wouldn't worry 3. Interesting question :-). In fact, the original passport is not required everywhere and take, sometimes the cost of a photocopy (although the law should be the original registration). I think this is a question the Agency resolved, so don't worry, just stock up on a photocopy. In General, why pay for two day just so the hotel, it is easier to be discharged, to book a room in two days, and leave things at them. So repeatedly done. 4. No problem. If at the minimum, to get from the airport on 17-m the bus (about 0.3$); on the cheap guestlist for two is$ 15; the tour is$ 50 for two. Plus eat, drink a beer and 15$ for two. A total of 80.3$, it is 1792560.99 at today's exchange rate, and if as wrote above, will not be for two more days the guest to take. Well, the upper limit is infinity ;) . While there, in Vietnam at all desire a lot of money to spend does not work, this is not Russia :lol: ...
Costanzia 28 March, 2016
Oh, and what is there to buy profitable? And that delicious recommend to eat? ...
Victor 29 March, 2016
Thank you very much for your detailed reply! I forgot to ask one more question about Hanoi Sunday: do local agencies on Sunday - is it possible to buy a tour to Halong Bay that day. But, judging by Your response - you can. Right? ...
admin March 29, 2016
Why, forgot, question 2. Really, there is always work. ...
Victor 5 April 2016
Yes, sorry for the carelessness. Thank you again! ...
egorbrel May 8, 2016
Hello. 3. I advise you to take a picture of the passport that was not just xero-, and the electronic copy, which you can show from your phone\tablet. If You are leaving from Hanoi, why pay to stay in another hotel? 4. We toured the Bay of Ha long 3 days\2 nights (01-02-03 may 3016). The first night on the ship, the second in a Bungalow on a small island in the Bay, where they themselves arrived on Cat BA and spent the night there too. Cost as much as a week in a very decent hotel in Hoi an. Here Hoane met guys who from Hanoi came to the Cat BA and got a personal tour for the day. Them with Cat BA in the morning and took the evening brought. Paid three times less than we drove across the Bay so as not to overlap with other groups. In addition there was a personal guide and a kayak. In my opinion (after the fact) the night on the ship is absolutely a waste of time, and besides, you can have a front row seat to a very loud karaoke concert. ...

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