How to get to Hanoi, tickets

To Hanoi by plane

Аэропорт Ханоя

Near Hanoi is Noi Bai international airport, were flying many airlines, including direct flights from Russia (mostly from Moscow). Many tourists start their journey to Vietnam with the arrival in the airport. Direct flights to Hanoi from Russia perform Aeroflot and Vietnam airlines. But not always the shortest route to the plane may be the cheapest. Sometimes there are options very cheap flights with transfers.

The cheapest flights from Russia to Hanoi:

17.01.2018 07.03.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant FIND FROM 20944 ₽
14.02.2018 15.03.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 29479 ₽
26.03.2018 09.04.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20883 ₽
15.04.2018 18.04.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20653 ₽
07.05.2018 13.05.2018 Лого авиакомпании 2 transplant TO FIND 20647 ₽
02.06.2018 14.06.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 28871 ₽
01.07.2018 10.07.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct TO FIND 31511 ₽
23.08.2018 29.09.2018 Лого авиакомпании Direct FIND FROM 28871 ₽
19.09.2018 03.10.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 26366 ₽
29.10.2018 06.11.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 26366 ₽
19.11.2018 29.11.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 28231 ₽
01.12.2018 16.12.2018 Лого авиакомпании 1 transplant TO FIND 26757 ₽

Find and book tickets to Hanoi, including automatically selecting the most beneficial route with transfers, you can through the search form above. Options the cheapest flights on any date you can view and book here: the cheapest train tickets to Hanoi.

How to get from Hanoi airport Noi Bai to city

International airport Hanoi, Noi Bai is a relatively small airport, located 45 kilometres North of the city. To see the location of Hanoi airport you can on our interactive map of Hanoi.

Once at the airport you will not have problems with where to go and where to look for a taxi or a bus. The airport is small, and outputs of the airport go to one side, where you'll be able to find transport.

  • Стойка с ценами на такси в аэропорту Ханоя

    Taxi.This is the fastest way to get to the airport or in the city. At the airport and in the Parking lot at the exit from the first floor there are many stands where you can pick up a taxi on the pocket. The cost isn't much different. Of your choice can ride at a fixed price or by the meter (taximeter).

    Trip at a fixed price will cost 350,000 Dong (about $ 16, see money, Vietnam exchange rate) for a five-seater car and 380,000 VND for a car with 8 seats. When ordering a taxi from Hanoi at a fixed price you can go for 250,000 Dong.

    If you go to the counter, different companies offer different variants of the calculation for mileage, and they are clearly indicated on the racks. For example, for the first 700 meters 10 500 VND, then for each kilometer 760 2 dongs after 30 kilometers 2 160 dongs. Although, if you counting, it turns out that the trip meter is cheaper almost in two times, in practice it may be higher than fixed because the drivers are "wise" with counters. Therefore, to travel from the airport and recommended travel at a fixed cost.

  • How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • Vans Vietnam airlines (Hanoi Airport Minibus).As soon as you exit the airport on the first floor, you will see a number of vans. The trip cost them $2 or 40 000VND (calculated in dollars is more profitable than trade them first at the airport). You can buy tickets directly in the bus. For large Luggage, you will have to pay$ 2. For an additional cost of $1-2, the driver will take you to the hotel. Go as you fill and move without any schedule from early morning until around 22 hours. Journey time is 45 minutes.

    From the airport, they arrive to the Vietnam airlines office at 1 Quang Trung (seemap or the position of Vietnam airlines office at the interactive map of the city). Upon arrival to the office, you can take a taxi to your hotel or within walking distance. The office is a short walk from the lake "Returned sword" , and 10 minutes from the main tourist area (on the map the walking route from the office to the tourist area depicted in blue).

    You can also get there by minibus from the city to the airport, but check in advance the time of sending, better yet, buy your tickets in advance (at the Vietnam airlines office at 1 Quang Trung).

  • Buses Jetstar. Just as the Vietnam airlines minibus, buses Jetstar waiting passengers at the exit from the arrival hall of the airport on the first floor. This large orange buses, not minibase. Tickets cost 40,000 Dong (price current as of 2013), journey time - 1 hour. Tickets can be purchased in the bus.

    In Hanoi the bus arrives to the Jetstat Airlines office at 206 Tran Quang Khai in the lake of the Returned sword. To the tourist area of Hanoi 10-15 minutes away on foot. See the position of the Jetstar office on the map. You can also drive to Hanoi airport here. If you fly Jetstar Airlines, can in the office to take the Luggage to check in and get boarding pass, but you have to be on the bus stop at least 2 hours and 30 minutes before departure of the aircraft.

    Actual information about the cost and route here

  • City bus.This is the cheapest way to get to the city centre. The cost 7000VND ($0.3) per person, plus the same amount for the Luggage if it is big. Travel time – about an hour. The buses are quite comfortable, with air conditioning.

    Настоящий городской автобус

    City buses leave from the opposite side of the road from the terminal. If you go out of the terminal on the ground floor, cross the road, slightly beating the separation fence. You can go to the opposite side from the second floor of the terminal directly on the bridge. On the map we have tried to mark the exact location of the bus stops at the terminal. Be careful: you will try to put in a commercial bus for $2 and say that the bus is no longer here or that stop far. Don't believe it. Take your time, find the bus and sit in it. City bus terminal is shown in the photo. Like this and you need.

    There are two routes from the airport:

    • No. 7 goes to Kim Ma station. It's quite far from the tourist area, they will have to take a taxi or take another bus.
    • Number 17 goes to Long Bien station (seemap) past the tourist area. Even if you miss an exit near the tourist area (and get off after the bridge) before reaching the final stop, Long Bien easy access to the tourist area on foot (20 minutes). The map of the bus route No. 17 and the stop is marked in purple. Where is the Long Bien station, see also interactive map.

    Buses run from 5:00 to 22:00 PM every 15-20 minutes. They can get to the airport with stops Long Bien, need to stock up on extra time (at least 1 hour) on the road.

More information about Hanoi airport here.

To Hanoi by bus

Туристический автобус во Вьетнаме

Pretty convenient way to move around Vietnam and Asia in General – trips to tourist or the so-called openbase (openbus).

In Hanoi a few long-distance bus stations, which receive and from where buses depart to different parts of the country and Asia. In order to use the bus, you do not have to look for these bus station. By purchasing a ticket at a local travel Agency, you can get a Shuttle from the hotel to the place of departure of the bus. Some tourist buses leave directly from the tourist area and you can walk to the place of departure from the hotel on foot.

If you arrive Hanoi by bus, you should know which bus station in Hanoi will be your final step to plan your travel in the city:

  • In the centre of Hanoi station "Kim Ma bus station" (the intersection of Pho Nguyen Thai Hoc & Pho Giang Vo) – buses North-Western areas (Hoa Binh, Dien Bien Phu).
  • In 2 km on Northwest from the city center station "Gia Lam bus station" (827 1569; D Ngoc Lam). Buses of North-East destinations: Ha long Bay (Ha Long, 40 000VND, 3.5 hours); Haiphong (Haiphong, 35 000VND, 2 h); Lang Son (50 000VND, 3 hours); Lao Cai (Lao Cai 53 000 VND, 9 hours).
  • In the South-East of the city station "Loung Yen bus station". With her buses in the North-East direction, and Cao Bang (80 000VND, 8 hours) and Ha Giang (76 000VND, 7 hours).
  • On the South of the town is "station Giap Bat bus station" (864 1467; D Giai Phong) serves the southern areas of Hanoi: Ninh Binh (28 000VND, two hours); hue (Hue, 80 000 VND, 12 hours).

To Hanoi by train

Ж/д станция Ханоя

The movement of the trains in Vietnam is quite convenient and comfortable. Railway connects all major cities of Vietnam.

In Hanoi there are two railway stations. One of them – Gia Lam – located in the North-East of Hanoi (Gia Lam Position on the map). According to information available to us, from this station operates daily trains in a single direction Nanning (China). This train is around 13 hours.

All other trains depart from the main station in Hanoi (Hanoi Main Train Station or Ga Ha Noi) which is located in the city center at 120 Le Duan. The position of the main railway station in Hanoi on the map. The station is very convenient, and to the Hoan Kiem lake (the tourist area) can be reached on foot in 20 minutes. From this station you can go: South to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) following through all the major cities including hue, da Nang (Hoi An), Nha Trang; East of Haiphong (in Halong Bay); the North-Western Lao Cai (Sapa). From there you can take the train to Beijing (journey time less than two days).

Next to the tourist quarter of Hanoi there is another small station (or train stop) Ga Long Bien, where some trains leaving from the main station, make a stop. If the train you plan to go, make am stop, you can Board or get off the train there and almost immediately find yourself in the tourist district. But ray tickets

Билетные кассы на ж/д станции Ханоя

Buy train tickets in advance (at least several hours and it is the previous day) and better in the box office of the main station. Working cash register at Hanoi station from 7.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 19.30. There has several offices and the electronic part (get the token and wait for your number), but it (the electronic part) is practically not observed. So just get a ticket and stand in the queue to the window. Another station in the hall of ardania have cash unclaimed tickets (Immediate tickets), where you can buy the tickets before sending, but it is as lucky. At the station in one of the Windows has staff that speaks English.

Tickets can be purchased at travel agencies, at the reception of hotels, ticketing offices in the city. However, the Agency can increase prices significantly. In addition, you may be the victim of a very popular fraud when you pay the agent for the expensive ticket, and really get the cheapest class. You're not going to deal with the seller for 10 minutes before departure of the train. You can still book and buy tickets online on the website or http://www.vietnamrailways.netthe prices are quite high. But on these sites you can find the current schedule for the popular trains. There is still a great site and the timetables, however in Vietnamese.

Useful information:

Указатели к поездам на станции Ханоя
  • Access to the platform from the waiting room only upon presentation of a ticket
  • On the platform of the tourists meet the "staff" that is taking you a ticket in a hurry to take you to the train so you don't get lost. For their services is "personal" then asks one or two dollars. If you don't want to pay for such wiring, it is better to refuse their services and they take your ticket. And to find the train yourself, just go where all go. Each train is sent with his line, which is marked with a sign, such a sign and find.

The schedule of buses and trains to Hanoi

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Here Hoane met guys who from Hanoi came to the Cat BA and got a personal tour for the day. Them with Cat BA in the morning and took the evening brought. Paid three times less than we drove across the Bay so as not to overlap with other groups. In addition there was a personal guide and a kayak. In my opinion (after the fact) the night on the ship is absolutely a waste of time, and besides, you can have a front row seat to a very loud karaoke concert. ...