Attractions Of Hanoi: The Lake Of The Returned Sword

Озеро Возвращенного меча в Ханое

The Park around Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi is the tourist center of the city, a landmark and starting point for tourists. The lake of the Returned Sword even usually referred to simply as "the lake", and all Hanouz know what was going on. The position of all landmarks is usually determined relative to the lake. To the North of the lake (see map of Hanoi) is a tourist area and he's Chinese quarter, which focuses the most part of cheap hotels Hanoi.

Evenings around the lake you can walk for hours and observe the life of the inhabitants of Hanoi. Around the lake is almost always something going on. We (the authors), for example, the last time I watched the filming television shows on the jade island and the bridge, which was attended by many Asian beauties (see photo below). For hanouzet is a popular place for evening relaxing and practicing morning and evening gymnastics. Located on the perimeter of walkways, benches, flowerbeds and several sculptures and monuments.

At the Northern tip of the lake of the Returned Sword is a bus stop of city transport, the final stop of the tourist electric cars, taxis. Here, in the North, is a popular restaurant, the City View Cafe, which are definitely worth a visit in the evening if not for the cuisine, at least from the view of the evening city and the lake from above.

From the North-East of the lake is the building of the puppet theatre on the water, which should be an integral part of any program to stay in Hanoi.

In the middle of the lake on a small island is situated the "Temple of the turtles", and near the North shore of the lake lies Jade island on which is located the "Jade temple" (Ngoc Son Temple), which is accessible by the famous red wooden bridge ("Bridge of morning sunlight"). The entrance to the temple for foreigners is paid is 20,000 VND (currency of Vietnam).

How to get there: the Lake is in walking distance from the tourist quarter of Hanoi (lake of the Returned sword on the map of Hanoi)

Photos of lake of the returned sword in Hanoi

Click on the link "View photos in 3D" under images and put on the special red-blue glasses (anaglyph) to see pictures of Hanoi in 3D.

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In this topic, ask questions about the attractions of Hanoi and what to see. ...
Kira 22 Nov 2014, 08:05
The city is rich in sights, both architectural and natural. Personally I remember Sapa Cathedral - the Cathedral, in its exterior design, similar to Notrе-Dame de Paris. ...
admin 22 Nov 2014, 10:45
Well, basically because about this place says it all. ...
Mila 23 Nov 2015, 20:25
Thanks for the info!Very interesting and concisely written, and with a map just sooo convenient! ...
samonnoff 24 Jan 2015, 06:34
3D free all super! Be sure to visit lake of restored Sword thanks to your article ...
egorbrel 08 May 2016, 16:04
If time permits, the Lake of the Returned sword I advise you to look twice a day when the temple on the island, and in the evening when there is a night illumination and not so hot.
Stuffed and on display in the temple made of 250 kg of turtles killed during the bombing of Hanoi by the Americans.
Very symbolic, and impressed my children. They are all the time now on the beach sand doing a turtle... ...
admin 08 May 2016, 16:07
Good advice. Actually, IMHO, this is one of the best places for an evening stroll in Hanoi, especially if you're staying in the tourist area North of the lake. It is not fussy same streets they walk, it is best to the lake. I always do when I go there. ...
PaZan 25 Dec 2016, 21:32
I advise you to visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Very interesting and allows you to get acquainted with their culture and ethnic groups. ...