Hotels and areas of Hanoi, where to stay

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Prices, where to book hotels

Hanoi presents a vast choice of accommodation options for tourists, ranging from private apartments and ending five-star hotels. Prices for accommodation generally available, but by the standards of other cities of Vietnam, located not on the coast, quite high. The reason is the rapid growth in the popularity of Hanoi in tourists in recent years, and therefore rising prices.

So, the price for a simple double room with air conditioning and private bathroom in a tourist area starts from 300 000 dongs (about 797.95 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate), but the price still need to get what is best to do early reservation through the Internet. Be accommodated in the hostel from 120 000 VND (approximately 319.18 RUB). At the same time in Hanoi very low prices for the hotels of higher category. For example, 1 000 000 (approximately 2659.84 RUB) offers excellent four-star hotel and a 2 300 000 to settle even in the "five". When placed outside the Central regions is possible to obtain more favorable prices.

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A selection of the best hotels


Фото отеля VipHome02#Modern Class Apt 2BR#Imperia#Garden View
The hotel VipHome02#Class Modern 2BR Apt#Imperia#Garden ViewОценка великолепно Assessment of tourists 9.9 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 3979₽Check price
Фото отеля Large Apartment (120m2) in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh
The hotel is a Large Apartment (120m2) in Trung Hoa Nhan ChinhОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.8 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 2631₽Check price
Фото отеля Hanoian Elite Home Hotel
The hotel Hanoian Elite Home HotelОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.6 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 2760₽Check price
Фото отеля Phucan House
The hotel Phucan HouseОценка великолепно Assessment of tourists 9.6 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 1540₽Check price
Фото отеля Entire Central Hanoi Apartment 1' to Train Station
The Entire hotel Central Hanoi Apartment 1' to Train StationОценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 1990₽Check price
Фото отеля Delicacy Hotel & Spa
The hotel Delicacy Hotel & SpaОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 4942₽Check price
Фото отеля SMTHOMES - Modern 3BR Apartment with a River View
The hotel SMTHOMES - Modern 3BR Apartment with a River ViewОценка великолепно tourists Rating 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 2439₽Check price
Фото отеля Ladybug Boutique Villa
The Ladybug Boutique Villa hotelОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 3145₽Check price
Фото отеля Hanoi Balcony Homestay
The Balcony Homestay Hanoi hotelОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 2246₽Check price
Фото отеля Hanoi La Siesta Central Hotel & Spa
Hotel Central Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & SpaОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 12323₽Check price
Фото отеля Hanoi Bonsella Hotel
Bonsella hotel, Hanoi HotelОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 7252₽Check price
Фото отеля Little Hanoi Deluxe Hotel
Hotel Little Hanoi Deluxe HotelОценка великолепно Rating from travelers 9.5 out of 10, greatPrice for rooms: from 3081₽Check price

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Map of Hanoi hotels

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Features of searching hotels in Hanoi

Almost every, even the "seedy" hotel Hanoi provides free Internet access (WiFi), sometimes the price includes a simple Breakfast, usually scrambled eggs or baguettes to choose from and coffee or tea. The vast majority of hotels in town, no swimming pools and site.

Hanoi tourism is famous for its "wiring" in search of an accommodation on the spot. Only here found such kind of cheating tourists, as "false" hotels. Under the guise of the famous hotel chains or popular budget hotels open "fake", located in remote areas and very poor quality. Check-in tourists used a network of distributors on the streets and taxi drivers, who, under various fraudulent pretences imported just arrived in the city of travelers in these places. You should be careful of such offers, otherwise is comfortable and clean and rooms can be obtained, for example, like this:

Номер фальшивого отеля в Ханое The number of "fake" hotel in Hanoi

In General, it's best to book accommodation in advance, and not succumb to the offers of taxi drivers and touts to change your booked hotel to another.

Another traditional "wired" hoteliers – the inclusion of taxes and fees, which when you check you "forgot" to say. Because if so you found the location, it is better immediately after approval of the prices to pay and keep the receipt until check-out.

Another feature of accommodation in Hanoi is optional air conditioning in winter. From about November to February in Northern Vietnam is winter and the temperature in the night drops down to 15 degrees. As a maximum, this time is will the fan, so to save on accommodation can look for rooms without air conditioning.

Areas, where to stay

Most tourists settle in Hanoi in a tourist area and around the lake of the Returned Sword (a tourist area on the map). This place is a tourist center of the city, and here is the a large number of budget hotels and guesthouses, the hostels are concentrated travel services (travel agencies, restaurants, transportation).

Туристы ищут отель в Ханое In the old town of Hanoi

This is the perfect place to stay if you arrived in the city as a tourist, and you have a limited budget. Many of the hotels are located from the other side from the lake, but most of the cheap options is to the North, in the old Goree Hanoi). In this area you can find as quite a decent mid-priced hotels and good guesthouses and hostels.

The fundamental difference of where to settle in the North of the lake or from the other side of him, no. Here everything is very compact and close, so that, from either side near the Returned Sword lake, you will always be near the center of events. On the other hand, keep in mind that the tourist area North of the lake, especially its most intense part, can not be called clean and quiet. Even if you are located in a clean an expensive hotel, coming out of it you will still end up on the dirty streets, crammed with trade and its waste, and an endless river of motorbikes traveling on the road and sidewalks.

If you prefer a more clean and quiet environment, you can consider another good tourist area – the French quarter, but the price of it in half-two times above. In this place once inhabited by French colonists, and therefore the architecture and layout of the district created under the European standards. Here beautiful colonial buildings, wide streets and clean wide sidewalks. Of course, clean and neat, not everywhere, but in General, the area is more spacious and comfortable for walking. There is no such concentration of tourist infrastructure and trade, as in the old town, but if desired, and to the lake and to the tourist area on foot. Is the French district of the South-Eastern side of the lake (the French district on the map).

Французский квартал в Ханое Street in the French quarter

As for comfortable with many stars hotels, in the tourist area they are not. Expensive upscale hotels scattered throughout the city. Several are located around the perimeter of West lake (Western lake), a lot of luxury options in the business centre of Hanoi, which is very far from the tourist area.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
admin June 15, 2011
Detailed information about Hanoi hotels and where to stay here
Most tourists settle in the lake of the returned sword (Hoan Kiem Lake), to the North of the lake (see map). Many of the hotels are located from the other side from the lake, but the basic budget hotels and guesthouses are located in the North of the lake. In this area you can find as quite a decent mid-priced hotels ($50) and good low-standard hotels from us$ 18 for two. You can also find guesthouses (hostels) with space from $4. High-class hotels scattered around the city. Several luxury hotels are centered around West lake (Western lake). ...
admin June 15, 2011
Bamboo hotel
In September 2010 we just drove from the airport to the lake by bus. At the ready were several written addresses and names of hotels, but as soon as we entered the "tourist district", almost at every step we began to come across hotels, and we did not look for a hotel on the list, and just went into the first, which looked not fancy and therefore not expensive.
It turned out to be Bamboo hotel. Suggested accommodation for 18 dollars for two people per night with included Breakfast. After inspecting the room and not wanting to go somewhere else, soglasilis.
Room on the 3rd floor without a window, a balcony (the window was frosted only in the bathroom), with private bathroom, air conditioning and TV, free Internet at the reception. Very steep climb up the stairs. Breakfast is very scarce, and of course, not a buffet: a choice from the menu offered several items that honestly are not particularly naeshsya.
A small meal on the arrival:
The first night in the bathroom showed a huge cockroach, which successfully hid behind the fixtures, and then rustled all night at the door (really I could hear it crawling on the door), and not allowed to sleep (fear of cockroaches). The next morning the enemy was destroyed my friend, and I didn't dare have him closer, until he became this:
A couple of times cockroaches were seen on the ground floor at the reception.
More trouble, but we stayed there only three nights and went on.
This was our first hotel in Vietnam and only meeting with the cockroaches in hotels. Comparing this hotel with the hotels we lived in Hoya ...
LanaMileva 4, 2015
With a stay at Hanoi Crystal Hotel near the sword lake is GORGEOUS and cheap! Price/quality rips of all the competitors. We were very pleased! ...
ElenaSergeevna January 3, 2017
We booked on the Booking. Found a hotel in the heart of the city near the lake of the Returned sword. Was given a room with no Windows and doors. It turned out to be for the best, because until we almost did not hear the street noise. And there, believe me, VERY noisy!
Before leaving Nha Trang we took a hotel right near the airport (10 minutes by taxi) is also in Town. All very cool! There, like Russian, though the language no one knows! ...