The fortress (citadel) of Hanoi

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The strength of Hanoi (Hanoi citadel, Hanoi Citadel, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long) is a relatively new historical landmark of the capital of Vietnam. The fact that until recently, the fortress was the acting army object, and only in 2010 has opened its doors to tourists, thus becoming the largest and one of the most interesting attractions of Hanoi. Then, in 2010 the citadel was inscribed in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Южные ворота, крепость Ханоя The southern gate of the fortress of Hanoi
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Oddly enough, until now, this attraction is a little known and little visited by foreign tourists. Not a lot of information on tourist sites and tourist publications. Meanwhile, the place it can be put on one of the first places among the Hanoi attractions, and be sure to include it in its programme of visits to the capital.

She was built in 1010 during the reign of the Imperial dynasty (Ly), as the Imperial fortress. Hanoi at that time was called Thang Long, hence the other name of the fortress of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long . The Imperial fortress was until 1810, when the capital was moved to hue city. In the late 19th century under colonial rule of the French facilities, built in its original form, was almost completely destroyed. The restoration of the citadel, actively began only in the 21st century. Today the citadel is presented not in the form in which it was built, however, the exhibition at the Museum gives an idea of its historical past.

The entrance to the fortress is through the gate of Doan Mon Gate, located on the South side (from the war Museum and Hanoi flag tower, but first you need to get to the Parking area through the gate located on the West side of the complex). The complex is quite extensive and complete examination should allocate at least 3-4 hours, preferably half a day. Most of the exhibits of the Museum is a restored architectural structures, but there are several pavilions with exhibits, which are independent museums on a specific topic and historical period. To pay extra for entrance to these museums do not need anything. On the North side of the complex there is a North gate (Northern Gate), which can be viewed only from the outside, since they are administrative and residential buildings of the military.

The other part of the complex, archaeological Park, is separate from the main complex, across the road from the West. To get there you have to first get out of the castle, cross the road and re-enter the complex, showing the tickets. Unfortunately, in the archaeological Park (not in the complex, namely in the archaeological Park) photo or video shooting is prohibited, but, if careful, then.

It is best to explore the complex, moving on the route on the plan shown on tickets. So you don't miss anything interesting and complete review visit to the archaeological Park.

🕐 Working time: from 08:30 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00; Monday – closed.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 30,000 VND / child 15,000 Dong (currency of Vietnam, the exchange rate).

🚶 How to get there: the Citadel is located in the centre of Hanoi about 2 kilometers West of Hoan Kiem lake and directly to the East of BA Dinh square and Ho Chi Minh mausoleum (entrance to the citadel on the map).

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Photos Of The Citadel Of Hanoi

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Panorama of the fortress of Hanoi

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