Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi

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Perfume pagoda (Perfume Pagoda)

Ароматная Пагода, Ханой (Вьетнам) Perfume pagoda

60 kilometers southwest of Hanoi among the mountains on the banks of the perfume river is a complex of Buddhist temples, which was called the "perfume pagoda" (Perfume Pagoda). This is one of the most sacred places for Buddhists in Vietnam, and in the period from the first to the third lunar months (usually from March to April) there is the so-called "Festival of the perfume pagoda" (Perfume Pagoda Festival). At this time to the temple, thousands of pilgrims of Buddhists, and if you find yourself at this time in Hanoi, you should definitely make a visit. Legend has it that when God bodhisattva went on a trip South, he stopped at this place and was engaged in the salvation of souls.

The first pagoda was built in the 15th century, and now there is already a whole complex of temples. The main pagoda, called the Perfume Temple or Chua Trong is located in a mountain cave and to reach it is not so easy. First, it directly until it is impossible to reach ground transport. You must first get to the jetty to swim a few miles by boat and then walk a little walk. At the last stage of the route to the pagoda is accessible to her on the steps of the walk (do not recommend this method), and are accessible by cable car.

The place is quite interesting and is one of the most famous and popular religious sites in Vietnam. Bad only one thing: the visit to the pagoda will have to spend the whole day and to explore the whole complex of pagodas, need almost a week.

From Hanoi to the Pagoda are daily tours for the whole day, which cost starts from $ 20 per person. Buy the tour travel agencies on the street, in the hotel through the Internet. Russian the agencies sell these tours from $ 60.

On the tour you will depart from hotel at 8 to 9 hours travel by bus to the Marina in town, My Duc for about 3-4 hours. On the pier you will Board a rowing boat and will sail another 40 minutes to the entrance of the complex. There you stroll through the market, walk through the temples at the foot of the mountain, have lunch (lunch included), and then on foot or by cable car rises to the main temple in the cave. In Hanoi you'll be back in about 19 hours.

Ароматная Пагода, Ханой (Вьетнам) The view from the cable car, perfume Pagoda
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Although the tour may seem interesting, unfortunately, most of the time will be spent on the road. You only briefly see only the most popular temples of the complex. So if you are a true connoisseur or a researcher of religious buildings of Vietnam and your time is limited, this tour can refuse. Anyway, it should be said objectively that this tour tourists can seem to be one of the most boring, primarily because almost all of the time spent on the road and the boat trip with views of the rather monotonous scenery. The exception is the festival of the perfume pagoda in March-April, when the pagoda sent thousands of pilgrims. At this time, the whole river full of boats with pilgrims, and the air around the pagoda smelling incense, justifying the name of the pagoda. Well, in fairness I should mention that the cable car the views are very decent, but it lasts only a few minutes.

When buying a tour, try to ask the seller is whether the cost of the tour is ascending by cable car (to walk to the main temple strongly recommend), lunch, boat trip, entrance fees. The fact that some agencies and guides during the tour are beginning to collect money from tourists for the above "additional services" or tip, at the same time abandon them, you will not be able, because otherwise your tour just will not happen. Ie get that 20-25 dollars for the tour you pay only for travel on the bus to the pier, and all the rest or part of the need to pay extra. No tips for the boat you have to pay is also not required, all should be included in the price. The cost of the journey by the cable car: 120 000 dongs (Vietnam currency, exchange rate) there and back, 80 000 one way; child – 80 000 dongs there and back, 50 000 one way.

Ароматная Пагода, Ханой (Вьетнам) Cave temple

Particularly worth mentioning Hiking climbing cave pagoda: the rise, this does not represent anything interesting. No scenery along the way, you will not see. The entire road is a market, and all kinds of closed market stalls, and toilets. It is better to use the cable car and save time and effort (though you will have to spend money). If you really want to walk, you can climb to the cable car and descend on foot. Uphill walk will take an hour with a good physical preparation, to go down in 20 minutes.

🚶 How to reach: to Reach the pagoda can be yourself, but better to do it by buying a one-day tour to Hanoi costing from $ 20. If you decide to get yourself, you first have to get to the Marina by taxi (public transportation there is almost no walking), and on the pier to hire a boat with boatman. Just like when you visit with a guided tour, for an independent visit of the pagoda will be gone almost the whole day.

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Photos Of The Perfume Pagoda (Hanoi)

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