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Аэропорт Ханоя

International airport of Hanoi (Noi Bai), (IATA: HAN, ICAO: VVNB) is 45 kilometers from the capital. The website http://www.hanoiairportonline.com/

Despite the fact that it's the capital airport, it is the largest and only third in terms of passenger service in Vietnam. However, there is a necessary minimum for comfortable sending and waiting passengers of international and domestic flights. There is an official taxi Desk, tourist information (where better to take a free city map and brochures with useful information), reception, hotels, travel agencies, cafes, currency exchange, ATMs and even the office of the Bank where you can exchange traveler's checks. In the international area, of course, a duty-free shop. Note, however, that long wait between flights it is not very well adapted: the seats are hard, do and see nothing. So if you have been here a long transplant, try to prepare for it in advance.

The exchange rate of the currency of Vietnam is quite reasonable, only slightly less than what you can find in the city. For example, one day the exchange rate: at the airport 20 890 Dong per dollar; at the exchange offices in the city 20 900 in jewelry stores in the city 21 150.

In Noi Bai are direct flights from Moscow (Aeroflot and VietnamAirlines), seasonal from Vladivostok. However, prices for direct flights is high, much cheaper to fly here instead. A lot of the flights are performed here from the major cities of Southeast Asia, including fly budget airlines AirAsia and JetStar.

Find and book tickets to Hanoi, including automatically selecting the most beneficial route with transfers, you can through the search form above. Options the cheapest flights on any date you can view and book here: the cheapest train tickets to Hanoi.

The cheapest flights from Russia to Hanoi:

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Orienteering at the airport, the scheme

Аэропорт Ханоя: парковка на втором уровне

Hanoi airport has two terminals: the new international terminal (International Terminal T2), and the old domestic terminal (Domestic Terminal T1). They are located in separate buildings that are not connected by transitions. Distance from entrance to entrance is about 1 kilometer. To get from one terminal to another, you need to go outside. Further to the other terminal can be reached on foot (20 minutes) or free Shuttle service on a special Shuttle car. It is recommended to move between the terminals to lay 30 minutes.

As noted above, the airport has everything you need: an official taxi stand, tourist information (where better to take a free city map and brochures with useful information), reception, hotels, travel agencies, currency exchange, ATMs and even the office of the Bank where you can exchange traveler's checks, and cafes. Most of it is on the ground floor in the arrivals hall. Stand income tax refund Vat Refund is on the second floor.

The main part of the check-in counters on the flight located on the second floor, but reception of individual companies are set on the ground (particularly JetStar).

The procedure at the airport is the same: first check-in and hand Luggage -> go to the waiting area boarding -> boarding.

The scheme of the Hanoi airport can be seen here http://www.hanoiairportonline.com/hanoi-airport-terminal-mapbut, as we mentioned, the device of the airport is very simple, and the scheme you do not need.

Схема аэропорта Ханоя, зона прибытия Схема аэропорта Ханоя, зона убытия

How to get from Hanoi airport to the city

The airport is 45 kilometers from the city (Hanoi airport on the map). The transport here is quite developed, and you want to be able to use the city bus, commercial bus or taxi.

  • Taxi

    Стойка с ценами на такси в аэропорту Ханоя

    This is the fastest way to get to the airport or in the city. In the terminal and on the Parking lot at the exit from the first floor there are a few stands, the cost isn't much different. Of your choice can ride at a fixed price or by the meter (taximeter). You can also rent a car via the app Grab. Grab is an Asian version of Uber, and almost indistinguishable on the interface, but only in English. Trip through Grab cost even cheaper than the taxi on location: from the airport to the tourist area of Hanoi, from $ 12. To connect to the Internet through free Wi-Fi at the airport.

    Trip at a fixed price cost from 360 000 VND (16 USD) for a five-seater car and 390 000 VND for a car for 8 persons, time 40 minutes.

    If you go to the counter, different companies offer different variants of the calculation for mileage, and they are clearly indicated on the racks. For example, for the first 700 meters 10 500 VND, then for each kilometer 760 2 dongs after 30 kilometers 2 160 dongs. Although the calculations it is obvious that the trip meter is cheaper, in practice it may be higher than fixed because the drivers are "wise" with counters. Therefore, to travel from the airport and recommended travel at a fixed value, or the order of the tourist Shuttle.

    Tour pickup is almost the same as a taxi, but with great service. Already on arrival you will meet your car and driver will meet you with the tablet. No problems with the language barrier will not occur, the payment is made online when booking, so you never have to change money at the airport. To check the transfer prices and book can by using the search box:

    How does a transfer bookingDetails >
    Поиск трансфераFind the right route
    Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
    Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
  • Rent a car

    2014 in Vietnam on absolutely legal grounds, you can manage the rented vehicles under international driving permit (IDP), the relevant requirements of the Vienna Convention on road traffic (read more about rent a motorcycle and car in Vietnam). Such issue in Russia, and previously was necessary to obtain a temporary local license, and no other in the country was not recognized. Now you can safely manage with a driver's license issued in Russia. Just remember that an IDP is valid only in conjunction with the national rights, so to take to Vietnam have both rights. To obtain the IDP in the traffic police, their cost is 1600 rubles (1120 in the design of public services through the site.Russia in 2018). To pass the exams to get an IDP is not required.

    The price for renting a car remains quite high, from $ 50 per day. The country has opened offices international distributors, and now you can book a car rental at the airport of Hanoi by using the search form and compare prices from different companies:

    Find car rental in Hanoi

  • Vans Vietnam airlines (Hanoi Airport Minibus).

    As soon as you exit the airport on the first floor, you will see a number of vans. The trip cost them $2 or 40 000VND. You can buy tickets directly in the bus. For large Luggage, you will have to pay$ 2. For an additional cost of $1-2, the driver will take you to the hotel. Go as you fill and move without any schedule from early morning until around 22 hours. Journey time – 45-60 minutes.

    From the airport, they arrive to the Vietnam airlines office at 1 Quang Trung (seemap or the position of Vietnam airlines office at the interactive map of the city). Upon arrival to the office, you can take a taxi to your hotel or within walking distance. The office is a short walk from the lake "Returned sword" , and 10 minutes from the main tourist area (on the map the walking route from the office to the tourist area depicted in blue).

    You can also get there by minibus from the city to the airport, but check in advance the time of sending, better yet, buy your tickets in advance (at the Vietnam airlines office at 1 Quang Trung).

  • City buses

    Городской автобус Ханоя

    This is the cheapest way to get to the city centre. The cost was 9000 VND ($0,5), plus the same amount for the Luggage if it is big. Travel time – half an hour at peak times longer. The buses are quite comfortable, air-conditioned, but frequently crowded. Go from 05:00 to 22:00 every 15-20 minutes.

    City buses leave from the opposite side of the road from the domestic terminal, bus stop near the international terminal they don't. If you exit the domestic terminal on the ground floor, you can cross the road, slightly beating the separation fence. You can also go to the opposite side from the second floor of the terminal directly on the bridge. On the map we noted the exact location of the bus stops at the terminal. Be careful: you will try to put in a commercial bus for $2 or a taxi, and assure that the bus is no longer here, or that stop is very far away. Don't believe it. Take your time, find the bus and sit in it. City bus terminal is shown in the photo. Like this and you need.

    There are several routes from the airport:

    • Number 17 goes to Long Bien station (seemap) past the tourist area. Even if you miss an exit near the tourist area (and get off after the bridge) before reaching the final stop, Long Bien easy access to the tourist area on foot (20 minutes). The map of the bus route No. 17 and the stop is marked in purple. Where is the Long Bien station, see also interactive map.
    • No. 7 goes to Kim Ma station. It's quite far from the tourist area, they will have to take a taxi or take another bus.
    • Express bus No. 86. It does stop near the exit at each of the terminals (stops are marked with blue signs with route number), goes to sword lake (the heart of the city), and uploads the route to the railway station of Hanoi. From the airport runs from 06:25 to 23:05 from Hanoi from 05:05 to 21:40 every 25-30 minutes on the schedule. It's a great alternative to crowded city bus No. 7, it is only the seats,but costs 35,000 VND, not 9000 as the previous two.

Wi-Fi in Hanoi airport

At the airport Noi Bai in 2017 has free access to the Internet. Manual to connect to Wi-Fi posted on the information boards at the airport, but even without them it is easy to understand: after connecting to the network "NoiBai Airport Free WiFi" you need to open the browser and opened the login page to fill in the form to connect.

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There you can take the bike everywhere. Ask at reception and they will tell you. ...
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Around Hanoi on a Bicycle, IMHO, is comparable to suicide :suicide ...
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Hello! Gonna fall in Vietnam. Planning to fly to Hanoi, take a 2 day tour to Halong Bay, a couple of days to spend in Hanoi and after somewhere on the sea. In Hanoi are planning to fly in Sunday morning. In this regard, there are a few issues: 1. Is it possible on Sunday in the city to change the currency or is it better to do it at the airport immediately after arrival? 2. Really Sunday in Hanoi to buy a tour to Halong Bay on Monday and Tuesday? 3. In the section on hotels in Vietnam read that when you check passports remain at the reception until check-out time. If leaving the hotel for 2 days in ha long Bay and spending the night there at the hotel, will you require in ha long passport to check in? If need be, how is this solved? Is it possible to get a passport during the tour administrators Hanoi hotel or the lack of a passport once decided by the organizers of the tour in hotel ha long? 4. I understand that the question that is now going to ask you a very individual, but if you can, please answer, at least approximately. Tell me how many Vietnamese Dong, roughly, it may be necessary for the first three days (one day in Hanoi + tour in Halong for 2 days)? If possible, call at least a "plug" from and to? Thank you in advance! ...
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1. currency actually change at any time, best to do it in jewelry stores on the street, Hang Bac, tested personal experience, see http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/vietnam/hanoi.html#useful 2. Really, especially if you arrive in the morning. If in doubt, you can order in advance on the website sinhcafe, but I wouldn't worry 3. Interesting question :-). In fact, the original passport is not required everywhere and take, sometimes the cost of a photocopy (although the law should be the original registration). I think this is a question the Agency resolved, so don't worry, just stock up on a photocopy. In General, why pay for two day just so the hotel, it is easier to be discharged, to book a room in two days, and leave things at them. So repeatedly done. 4. No problem. If at the minimum, to get from the airport on 17-m the bus (about 0.3$); on the cheap guestlist for two is$ 15; the tour is$ 50 for two. Plus eat, drink a beer and 15$ for two. A total of 80.3$, it is 1792560.99 at today's exchange rate, and if as wrote above, will not be for two more days the guest to take. Well, the upper limit is infinity ;) . While there, in Vietnam at all desire a lot of money to spend does not work, this is not Russia :lol: ...
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