Photo of Halong Bay (Halong Bay): photos, 3D anaglyph photos

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Click on the link "View photos in 3D" under images and put on the special red-blue glasses (anaglyph) to see pictures of Halong Bay in 3D format.

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zvezda-marina-1- 29 July, 2015
Desperate to get in, so I'll ask.
Climbing Fansipan is hard for the average person received? It's cold there in October?
Is it possible to see the path of animals and birds, snakes off any?
Where is it best just to walk through the jungle, like our way to go into the woods?
Is there anything in the vicinity of tea factories? ...
29 July, 2015
Tell me how in Halong Bay with diving? Are there corals, fish?
On group tours there are stops for swimming? ...
admin 29 July, 2015

I sent you the password by email, it should work.
On Fansipan can enter any of them, even without training, but it will be hard. No special equipment and special skills, but will not prevent the good physical form, still it is a hike to the overnight camping and long transitions. In October, cool, warm clothing need to take. Before the snow comes, he's very rarely in winter. Along the way, quite a lot to see, and all sorts of animals and birds. But this is not a zoo and not a Safari, there could be as lucky. At least one of you to drive, show animals and wait until you pofotografirovat would not have lift a little bit other purposes.
And what about where to walk in our woods, it is you as applied to Sapa? This is for you then the ham Rong mountain you need to take a walk ( There is not to a forest but other locations in the mind and not come. The terrain is mountainous, and simple walks in the jungle I have not seen, but who knows, maybe there is. ...
admin 29 July, 2015

They say that diving there and the underwater world is diverse. But group tours are not met. Stop doing to the boat, where you unwind to the fullest on the headstock, but for the diving stop... It is necessary to have a special tour to buy. Otherwise, as you imagine. You one (one) dive, and the ship is waiting and looking at you? ...
Андрей2232 20 August, 2015
And you can read more describe where in Hanoi can buy a tour for 2-3 days in Halong. Thank you! ...
admin on 20 August, 2015

No problem. Go to the tourist area ( and there on the street take a stroll, find a bunch of travel agencies. If the hotel or the guest will stay at the reception ask where all the transfers and excursions are trading. If more specifically, here on the map -,105.8527258,21 z I bought at Sinhcafe.
Or the office also located in the old quarter, but they have on the website like it is possible to book ...
voroncovgeorgij 22 August, 2015

Oh, thanks for nodocchi, useful information, the other was just interested what to do there, and the money would be like? ...
admin August 22, 2015

From the program the price varies greatly (accommodation on boat or hotel class boats, etc.). Better look at cenicafe online prices - There is a one-day tour, but if my memory serves me, $ 50 for two people for the day trip gave the year before. ...
3, 2015
Good day!
Tell me, please, is it possible to purchase Russian-speaking tour? interested in 2-3 day...
LanaMileva 4, 2015
We bought one of the most expensive tours in Alova Cruises$ 54 per person, while in other agencies and offered$ 28. But I have never regretted. First because the customer support is excellent. My husband the night before the trip, stomach ache, and we realized that we will not be able to go on a trip - I called the Agency at 7 am. The Manager got on the phone with the first call! I was able to postpone the trip for the next day, although at 8 am we are already the bus was supposed to arrive.
On the trail. day we still went to the Bay, the guide was excellent, the ship beautiful new, not like others, we saw that other groups sit in a much worse boat. On Board lunch was lovely, plenty of seafood. Even vegetarian set specially for us brought. In General, we were satisfied. ...

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