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General information

Вид на Дананг с полуострова Nui Son Tra The view of the da Nang Peninsula with Nui Son Tra

Da Nang (Da Nang, Danang, formerly. French Turan (Tourane)) - the third largest and most important city in Vietnam (after Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi). Located on the coast of the Central Vietnam coast (South China sea) approximately midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Danang on the interactive map of Vietnam). Is the administrative center of the province of Quang Nam-da Nang. The city is one of the fastest growing and emerging economy in Vietnam. The population of 887 069 (2009) and projected to 2014 will reach one million. The city has an international airport, railway station, intercity bus station and the seaport. Textile (cotton, silk), food industry, mechanical engineering. In da Nang there is a Consulate General of Russia.

By now recognized as evidence da Nang was founded back in the year 192 in the Kingdom of Champa. It is much older than even the present capital of the country. Unfortunately, today almost nothing from those ancient times were not preserved. Da Nang today is one of the most modern cities in Vietnam, and there is not even preserved monuments of relatively recent history, except during the war with the United States. In General, the history of da Nang is quite closely connected with the Europeans. So, the first Europeans (Portuguese) in Vietnam landed in 1535. In 1858, da Nang became the French concession. During the Vietnam war near da Nang was a major U.S. military base.

Повсюду стройки в Дананге Construction everywhere in da Nang

Today, da Nang is not yet too spoiled by the attention of European tourists, because it is a typical industrial city, without any special attractions and entertainment. To be honest, to meet a European tourist on the streets of da Nang at all rare. However, Forbes beaches of da Nang have been named among the most attractive in the world. The beaches of da Nang are gorgeous, deserted and annually attract large numbers of tourists, most of them residents of Vietnam and neighboring country in Southeast Asia. In General, for the Vietnamese this is one of the favorite places.

While in the da Nang attractions except for the Cham Museum, a huge statue of the Buddha and the magnificent modern bridges are almost there, near Danang are the mountain of the Ban, the Hai van pass, the ruins of Mason, national Park Batima, marble mountain, and more than the popular tourist town of Hoi an and the ancient capital of hue. Here you can also go to Laos. In da Nang, convenient place to stay to visit all these places.

Вечерний Дананг Evening da Nang, the famous Czech bar

In General, the day da Nang is a pretty boring city. But at night the city is transformed, the whole rastsvetay colored lights; cafes and restaurants open in places where the day and they did not exist; appear out of nowhere tourists (even Europeans). The evening is clearly more fun and you can even find night clubs. But for now, the main visitors of such establishments are not European tourists.

The city's infrastructure now offers everything necessary for quality recreation, and while all developing very dynamically. In the city one of the best and broadest roads in the country and almost no traffic. Hotels are a huge number, and constantly grow new. Everything is changing, and the current vacant lots along the beach (yet there are vacant lots still there) next year will be built up with hotels or restaurants. The prospect of the city adds that it is a major transport hub: there is only a recently upgraded international airport, railway station, sea port, bus station.

If you decide to go to da Nang, then on our website detailing the following information:

Weather, tourist seasons

There is no reason not to go due to the weather in da Nang at any time of the year: it's always warm and cozy. But conventionally it is accepted to distinguish two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season (wet season).

The hot period in da Nang from August to September when the average temperature is 33°C-34°C. the lowest average temperature from December to February is 18°C-19°C but the day this period is still hot and even more comfortable than in other periods, and then the temperature is lowered.

The dry season, which is also the high season for tourists lasts from January to August. It is an ideal time to visit Central Vietnam. The best time for "bathing" of rest is the period from may to August, because at that time the sea has virtually no waves. The lowest rainfall from January to April.

The rainy season lasts from September to December. This time is the low season for tourists in this time hot, can be frequent but short heavy rains (most of the rainfall comes in October and November). Sometimes in September-October on the coast can fall typhoons, heavy rain and floods, but more often it happens that the weather is great even in the off-season. In low season you can seriously save some money as hotels dropping prices sometimes up to 50%.

Tourist seasons in da Nang by months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in da Nang forecast for the near future:

Helpful advice about da Nang

Travel Agency in da Nang. Unfortunately, da Nang is not tourist area, where you can find anything tourist like. So if you want to find a travel Agency, you may have a decent climb on the city. In extreme cases, to buy or book tickets or tours in any hotel.

Information in Russian language. Immediately upon arrival to the airport of da Nang on the racks waiting for Luggage on the first floor you can find a lot of useful information in Russian. In addition to advertising avenues, you can find maps of da Nang, hue, Hoi an, description of tours and excursions. Nowhere else such information in the Russian language you will not find, so don't forget to get her at the airport.

Rent a motorcycle. Unfortunately da Nang is not so easy to rent a motorbike for a few days to travel to another city, for example, in hue. If the rental or the hotel you are refused, ask around about it on the street, from taxi drivers, motorcycle-workshop, just passers-by. You quickly arrange everything.

The fireworks festival. A great time to visit da Nang is the end of April. April 29th and 30th in da Nang is hosting an international competition of fireworks. Such a sight you can see anywhere else, besides will have the opportunity to cheer for our one of the favorites of the competition are Russian pyrotechnics.

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admin 09 Feb 2015, 12:38
From the airport to the hotel in da Nang 5 $ negotiable or over the counter less.
From da Nang to Hoi an from 20 dollow. But there is better on the counter not to go, and the right to negotiate. Taxi drivers on the street in da Nang's full duty, come and traded. And, as shows my modest experience in Danang and Hoi an, if you agree on poezdku, for example the next day, it turns out a bit cheaper. ...
Zosia 14 Feb 2015, 12:42
Thank You for the helpful responses...to take transfers from the company is obtained from a\n Nang to the hotel 26$...too expensive for the whole route.I forgot to see the price tag route hotel Hoi an-a/p da Nang.If you know,please write,I would be grateful. ...
admin 15 Feb 2015, 07:07
From Hoi an to da Nang cheaper, oddly enough. In 2011, 200 000 VND got to the airport. Moreover, when looking for a taxi (the day before the trip), I offered to pay in dollars, 15долларов what's more, the driver refused. Toli is not able to read or something, for 200 000 which is less than 10 dollars then it got. Now prices have risen a little, but I think in the range of $ 15 meet. ...
Zosia 15 Feb 2015, 10:26
Thanks for the useful tips...In the da Nang want to watch the festival of fireworks...really does not understand near what exactly bridge it is going to be...I would like to make a photo gallery good .Roughly expect to stay at Grand Mercure Danang. Then for a few days to stay in Hoi an. Want to visit BA na mountain and the Marble mountains...will advise you where closer to go from da Nang or Hoi an? ...
admin 16 Feb 2015, 06:33
Where fireworks festival takes place, do not know. But the marble mountains and BA na by far from da Nang closer to visit. Here map view http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/vietnam/danang-karta.php ...
Vasylich87 24 Feb 2015, 13:17
All kind time of day! Please tell me the shortest route from da Nang to Laos by bus, you just cross the border (there and straight back). Many thanks in advance!!! ...
admin 24 Feb 2015, 13:46
I hope you are aware of recent events regarding re-entry to Vietnam http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/vietnam/ar ... neniya.php. Pravda, there is no updated information because again has changed a bit, will do today.
As for the topic, then from the bus station of da Nang (where it is written here http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/vietnam/da ... .php#bybus) morning buses to Laos to Pakse, Vientia and Savanaket. Price from 400 000 VND.
Here is the schedule found in the Internet:
Danang – Pak Se Lao Tien 6:30am – 9 pm 460,000
Danang – Vientiane Central station//Hai Van 8:30am – 5 am 600,000
Danang – Savanakhet Central station 7:30am (Tuesdays only) 400,000
It's from 2013, but I think will understand. If you get the current schedule from the place, do a good deed, it then lay. ...
Shmelia 23 Dec 2016, 09:25
Good afternoon guys. And tell me where you can see the schedule of local buses Hoian - Danang - Хоян7 ...
admin 23 Dec 2016, 14:00
Maybe the schedule is there, but there they are likely not on a schedule, and like our suburban or city buses as priedtsya. Ie schedule in theory, but practically not. ...
admin 23 Nov 2017, 07:49
The schedule may have, but they did not adhere to, just like our buses. Just come to a stop and wait for the bus, an interval of 15-60 minutes. ...