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General information

Da Nang (Da Nang, Danang, a former French or Turan Tourane) is the fourth largest and important city in Vietnam (after Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Hai Phong), a popular beach resort. Located on the coast of the Central Vietnam coast (South China sea) approximately midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Danang on the map). Is the administrative center of the province of Quang Nam-da Nang. The city is one of the fastest growing and emerging economy in Vietnam is also rapidly developing tourism here. A population of over a million people. The city has an international airport, railway station, long-distance and international bus station, sea port. In da Nang there is a Consulate General of Russia.

Пляж Дананга The Beach Of Da Nang

By now recognized as evidence da Nang was founded back in the year 192 in the Kingdom of Champa, which is much before even the present capital of the country. Unfortunately, today almost nothing from those ancient times were not preserved. Da Nang is one of the most modern cities in Vietnam, and there is not even preserved monuments of relatively recent history, except during the war with the United States. In General, the history of da Nang is quite closely connected with the Europeans. So, the first Europeans (the Portuguese) landed here in 1535, and in 1858, da Nang became the French concession. During the Vietnam war near da Nang was a major U.S. military base.

Stay in da Nang

Da Nang – developed resort town with great beaches. In General, the beaches here are some of the best in Vietnam, and in 2005 even has been included by Forbes magazine with one of the most attractive in the world. The main town the beach stretches for six kilometers in the city, and another 20 kilometers beyond. And in all this length of sand, palm trees, and the almost complete lack of tourists.

Da Nang – developed resort town with great beaches. In General, the beaches here are some of the best in Vietnam, and in 2005 even has been included by Forbes magazine with one of the most attractive in the world. The main town the beach stretches for six kilometers in the city, and another 20 kilometers beyond. And in all this length of sand, palm trees, and the almost complete lack of tourists.

Набережная и городской пляж Мы Кхе, Дананг The city's my Khe beach

Also, what is a beach resort, this is also one of the most modern and growing cities of Vietnam. The image of the city is very different from other resort cities in the country, and even from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Here are very wide streets and modern buildings, and there are even sidewalks and embankments, which in fact you can leisurely stroll without having to avoid zigzags countless shops and parked motorcycles. In just a few years on the many kilometers of wasteland along the city's beach became the modern skyscrapers of hotels, has opened a modern entertainment Park, earned the big shopping malls. And by night da Nang dazzle guests with bright lights and modern architectural marvels – bridges of da Nang, which is so proud of local residents, and adorned with illuminations of skyscrapers. And once a year, in late April, da Nang surprise guests and even colors exploding lights, because the annual festival and competition of fireworks.

Вечерний Дананг The embankment of the Han river in da Nang

Today, however, da Nang still not too spoiled by the attention of European tourists, and perhaps still not very suitable as a place for a long vacation. The fact that several years ago he was a typical industrial city, without any special attractions and entertainment. Over the years tourism has rapidly developed, there was a whole area with hotels, restaurants, massage and SPA salons, beautiful promenade, and infrastructure, but with its own characteristics:

First of all, da Nang, though developed tourist resort, is still more popular among local tourists and tourists from China. Europeans meet on the street – a rarity. Accordingly, the entire infrastructure is focused on Asian tourists, not Europeans. So, all the signs are only in town for Vietnamese, the menu at restaurants too often without translation into English, and the staff of the hotels and cafes practically do not speak foreign languages. In some places, the situation with knowledge of English language is so bad that the hotel staff at the reception does not know even the most basic phrases to populate guests, and have to communicate through electronic translators on smartphones.

Another feature – the lack of travel agencies on the streets. Unfortunately, to find a travel Agency where you can buy trips, tickets for the bus or train, to seek solution to visa problems, is almost impossible. Some tourist facilities are available at the receptions of hotels and guesthouses, but again, tours will be conducted in Vietnamese or Chinese.

Not spoiled da Nang and entertainment. The city has an amusement Park Danang SunWorld, and beyond the mountain the Ban For another amusement Park and nothing more. Even on the beaches entertainment enough. Attractions are also not too much: several museums, the marble mountains, and very beautiful modern bridges. Near da Nang is still a few interesting places, including the town of Hoi an and the ancient capital of hue, and ideal for city breaks in Central Vietnam, you should visit all three cities.

Not to be mistaken with a choice of the resort, before heading here for your holiday, please read the information in our guide to da Nang:

Weather, tourist seasons

There is no reason not to go due to the weather in da Nang at any time of the year: it's always warm and cozy. But conventionally it is accepted to distinguish two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season (wet season).

The hot period in da Nang from August to September when the average temperature is 33°C-34°C. the lowest average temperature from December to February is 18°C-19°C but the day this period is still hot and even more comfortable than in other periods, and then the temperature is lowered.

Dry season (high season) lasts from January through August. It is an ideal time to visit Central Vietnam. The best time for "bathing" of rest is the period from may to August, because at that time the sea has virtually no waves. The lowest rainfall from January to April.

The rainy season (low season) lasts from September to December. At this time warm but it often rains and the sky is almost always overcast. Most of the rainfall comes in October and November. Sometimes in September-October on the coast can fall typhoons, heavy rain and floods, but more often it happens that the weather is great even in the off-season. In low season you can seriously save some money as hotels dropping prices sometimes up to 50%.

Tourist seasons in da Nang by months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Danang and the forecast for the near future:

Sights and activities in da Nang

Da Nang is not full of tourist attractions. Within the city you can visit one of several museums, here are highlights: Cham Museum, da Nang Museum, Museum of the fifth army and Ho Chi Minh city. In the evening you can walk down the street with bars and restaurants, Duong Tran Phu and admire the beautiful bridges of Danang and the panorama of the sparkling lights of the city from the viewing platforms on the Han river. Of entertainment, not counting the beaches, you can visit the entertainment Park Danang SunWorld, or one of several spas and mud baths. There are still evening river cruises on the Han river, but they are not for every tourist, because is more oriented to locals and tourists from China.

Other interesting places are outside of da Nang, and to explore some of them in General it is better to leave town for a few days and settle there. We are talking about the town of Hoi an, which is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO, and the ancient capital hue. Also outside the city you should definitely visit Marble mountain, the Hai van pass, the ruins of my son, and the Peninsula Shona.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced and experienced hiker, you can find here undiscovered tourist routes. Thus, the Hai van pass there are several amazingly beautiful secluded beach which can be reached only on foot, preferably with a tent for the night. Also on the top of Truong Son mountains on the pass you can see the sunrise. On the Peninsula Shona there are also some little known to mass tourists attractions that can be reached only by motorbike and on foot.

See more about all of the attractions of da Nang here...

Пещера в Мраморных горах, Дананг Cave in the Marble mountains

Shopping in da Nang

Shopping in da Nang is well-developed. There are several major shopping centers, supermarket chains, gift shops, markets, a thriving street trade. Worth a visit shopping centers Vincom Plaza, Parkson, Lotte mart, and the biggest local market Han Market. There are supermarket chains Big C and Lotte Mart, which traditionally all the products and merchandise, including Vietnamese coffee, lower than elsewhere.

The main area of trade is not in the new tourist part of da Nang (the area along the beach my Khe), where there are not many shops. For shopping it is best to go to the other side of the Han river in the area of market and Han Market on Bach Dang street and Tran Phu Duong next to him. On these streets there are many shopping malls, boutiques, small shops, stalls.

Рынок Han Market, Дананг Market Han Market

Useful tips for da Nang

  • Travel Agency in da Nang. Unfortunately, da Nang is not tourist area, where you can find anything tourist like. So if you want to find a travel Agency, you may have a decent climb on the city. In extreme cases, to buy or book tickets or tours in any hotel.
  • Information in Russian language. Immediately upon arrival to the airport of da Nang on the racks waiting for Luggage on the first floor you can find a lot of useful information in Russian. In addition to advertising avenues, you can find maps of da Nang, hue, Hoi an, description of tours and excursions. Nowhere else such information in the Russian language you will not find, so don't forget to get her at the airport.
  • Rent a motorcycle. Unfortunately da Nang is not so easy to rent a motorbike for a few days to travel to another city, for example, in hue. If the rental or the hotel you are refused, ask around about it on the street, from taxi drivers, in the motto of the workshops, just passers-by. You quickly arrange everything.
  • The fireworks festival. A great time to visit da Nang is the end of April. April 29th and 30th in da Nang is hosting an international competition of fireworks. Such a sight you will not see anywhere else, besides will have the opportunity to cheer for our own, after all, one of the favorites of the competition are Russian pyrotechnics.
  • Currency exchange in da Nang. Street exchange offices in da Nang there. To exchange money at the airport (a good rate), in banks or in hotels. But the highest rate offered in the jewelry shops on the street, Duong Tran Phu, opposite the market Han Market. This is an unofficial exchangers, working illegally without any signs. You need to go straight into them and ask for the exchange rate, and it is better to bypass and to compare courses.
  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation. Da Nang is the Consulate General of the Russian Federation at the address Chang Fu, 22 (22, Tran Phu Street)
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There is online information from the center by a free Shuttle bus twice a day from address 64 Tran Quoc Toan St., Danang. Start at 9.00 am and return at 2.00 pm, or start at 03.15 pm and return at 8.00 pm ...
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I honestly don't know what the beach Pham van Dong, but I can assume that it is about the city beach across the street Phạm Văn Đồng in the city centre. If so, then there a taxi will cost as well as on any other city beach.
Quote what we have written in the guide to da Nang, and this is the price during my last trip in November 2018:
Taxi to the city center and the main tourist area and the beach (see about areas of da Nang and where to choose a hotel) it is best to use the meter, and to travel at a bargain price to drop, will be much more expensive. The drivers usually ask $ 10 non-negotiable that more than 200 000 VND (552.34 USD), while the meter will cost 60 000 VND (165.7 RUB).
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