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What beaches in da Nang

Despite the fact that da Nang is a major industrial centre and one of the largest cities in the country, the beaches in da Nang are great. In 2005 they were even recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most attractive in the world. And although since then much time has passed, the worse they become, but there is a more developed infrastructure and facilities built promenade.

Пляж Дананга The Beach Of Da Nang

The total length of the beaches within the city – more than 15 kilometers and 20 kilometers stretches in the direction of Hoi an town outside of da Nang. And all this long and sandy beach of white fine sand. And it is absolutely wonderful, even in the midst of the season in the heart of the city beach vacationers almost there, what can we say about the rest of the coast, where for miles not a soul in sight. And the thing is that da Nang is not very popular and fit for the rest of the European tourists, because most of the rest here – local and Chinese. As you know, the beach and bathing are very cool, if not cautiously.

Местная девушка на пляже Дананга Local girl on the beach da Nang

Paid beaches are not all public. Even those that are in hotels, you are free to visit, but will not be available sun loungers and advanced service.

Entertainment on the beaches of da Nang is very small. Only in high season at the beach my Khe, you can ride a waverunner or banana, but the great diversity there is no question, though, perhaps things will change. The center also has Board rental and surfing lesson.

Обучение серфингу, Дананг Learning to surf at da Nang beach

Infrastructure on the beach is quite traditional: deck chairs and umbrellas for rent, toilets, showers, drinks on sale. There Kafa and restaurants, but not directly on the beach and along a promenade. What is good, prohibited trade, so not bothered with any nonsense. Drinks and sun loungers are available everywhere at the same price:

  • The plastic chaise - 40 000 VND (124.64 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate)
  • Fabric-chaise – 20 000 (62.32 RUB)
  • Fresh chilled coconut – 30 000 (93.48 RUB)
  • Water 1.5 l, soda – 12 000 (37.39 RUB)
  • Beer 0.33 l - 15 000 (46.74 RUB)
  • For the rental of sun loungers you can bargain. But in high season they might not even be enough, so it makes sense to stock up on a large beach towel or an inflatable mattress. But carry with them necessarily, you can buy them here on the streets.

    Шезлонги в Дананге Sun loungers in da Nang

    And now a list and description of the beaches of da Nang, indicating their location on the map:

    • The city's my Khe beach (My Khe)

      My Khe beach on the map.

      This is the main beach town of da Nang, and the most advanced place. It used to be called China beach.

      It is sandy, very wide, clean and with the most developed in the city's infrastructure: sunbeds, umbrellas, drinks. Its length of almost 6 km, and along this whole length stretches a beautiful pedestrian promenade. The water goes under the water moderate, suitable for adults and children. But in low season there are quite big waves and murky water due to suspension of sand. On the shore of the lifeguards on duty, swimming is permitted only in marked and fenced with ropes areas. Should not swim outside of these areas due to the strong bounce of the flow (see what is a rip current and how to deal with it).

      In General, anything bad about my Khe is impossible to say, except that, in the opinion of the European tourists it might seem underdeveloped for a center city beach.

      Набережная и городской пляж Мы Кхе, Дананг
    • The BAC my An beach, or China beach (Bac My An, China beach)

      Is BAC on the map

      Behind my Khe abroad continues da Nang BAC my An beach, or China beach. It runs for another 20 kilometers to Hoi an to anything and anywhere without interruption. Theoretically, it is divided by several sections of beaches with different names, but essentially it does not change.

      It's a wild beach with no infrastructure. There are several hotels with their territory and access to the beach. In such places there are sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes, but very few of them. And the farther away from da Nang, the less often they occur.

      Пустынный китайский пляж, Дананг
    • The Bay of da Nang, Red Beach (Danang Bay)

      Bay and beach on the map

      North of the city in Danang Bay along Nguyen Tat Thanh road along the 10-kilometer sandy beach. Also known as Red Beach and Nam O Beach.

      It's not the best place for a beach holiday. There are no sun loungers and umbrellas, coffee shop or drinks, no nothing tourist. The waterfront in poor condition. This place is more popular with fishermen and local children, and swimming here is really not very nice: the water is muddy, the beach is not cleaned, there is no shade. But if you follow it further to the outskirts of the city (towards the Hai van pass), the naked sandy shore gives way to a beautiful pine grove almost at the water's edge. In the shade of trees you can picnic, and generally relax in privacy. But the weekend is here come to rest quite a lot of local young people.

      Бухта Дананга
    • The beaches on the Peninsula Shona (Nui Son Tra)

      Sona on the map

      Around the perimeter of the Peninsula Shona are several secluded beaches, some of which are hotel. No infrastructure and transport is not here, so you can visit them by hired transport or taxi, or staying at one of these hotels. But then you need to get into town by taxi or rented transport.

      Вид на Дананг с полуострова Nui Son Tra
    • The beaches on the Hai van pass

      The pass on the map

      On the Peninsula, which is the Hai van pass, there are several secluded beaches. But some of them, unfortunately, are officially closed to the public because of the danger of landslides and rockfalls are talking about warning signs (a secret beach on the map and another secret beach on the map). In practice, they can visit but at your own risk. Locals visit these beaches for fishing, and also arrange camping with tents. To get them you have to leave the transport on the road near the places marked on the map places the beginning of the trail (the trail to the secret beach and the trail to the secret beach), continue to go down for at least 1 hour one way. Vehicles can be parked under the supervision of sheds along the road near the beginning of the trails where the locals charge 10 000 VND.

      After passing the highest point of the pass there is a branch from the main road (the branch on the map), which leads to the village, a small waterfall, and one more secret and remote beach Banana Beach (beach on the map). To get to Banana Beach, you need to get to a checkpoint where vehicles can be parked under the supervision of a security guard (5 000 VND for a motorbike, 10 000 per car), and then along a difficult and steep path on foot for about 45 minutes. However, it is not necessary to get to this beach just to relax during the day, too the long and difficult road. But if you like tenting, then this is the perfect place.

      Вид по пути на перевал Хайван, Дананг View of secret beach on the way to the pass
    • The Lang Co Beach

      Lang Co on the map

      Lang co beach is on the other side of the Hai van pass towards hue, and is usually considered to be an independent tourist destination. However, here it is possible to look one day. The beach you can't call it perfectly clean, here it was long, but no infrastructure except a few hotels and a couple of seafood restaurants, no. There are hotels with its territory and access to the beach, and not very expensive. Read more about lang co in here...

      Пляж в Ланг Ко

    Beaches on a map of da Nang

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admin 17 October, 2019

I honestly don't know what the beach Pham van Dong, but I can assume that it is about the city beach across the street Phạm Văn Đồng in the city centre. If so, then there a taxi will cost as well as on any other city beach.
Quote what we have written in the guide to da Nang, and this is the price during my last trip in November 2018:
Taxi to the city center and the main tourist area and the beach (see about areas of da Nang and where to choose a hotel) it is best to use the meter, and to travel at a bargain price to drop, will be much more expensive. The drivers usually ask $ 10 non-negotiable that more than 200 000 VND (552.34 USD), while the meter will cost 60 000 VND (165.7 RUB).
So if not through the Grab you want to order, in the region of $ 10 to prepare, to force local taxi drivers to go by meter I failed, they just really turn and run away. But you can and will work, try. Generally there really to go to the beach nothing at all, and 5 dollars is a good price for the trip, if storge. ...
andrei on 18 October, 2019
And dollars cheaper in Ho Chi Minh city or to change in da Nang the same course? ...
admin October 18, 2019

In Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi is always beneficial, possible change there. But the difference is quite small. If you're ever in da Nang to change, go to the market Han Market and go around the jewelry beside him, ask. Where the course will offer above, there is change, and you can even negotiate your rate to offer. ...
Nina 21 Oct, 2019
Good afternoon, prompt, please, whether in the Park Bana hills storage space for things? ...
admin 21 October, 2019

Hello! Yes, there are right next to the box office, like free for the customers. With this in General in Vietnam no problem, you can always negotiate in order to leave your stuff in any shop or turagenstva on the street, etc., if you really need. Had a personal experience a couple of times. The security issue is not discussed, everyone is at risk as he wants. ...
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Please tell me what local bus from da Nang you can reach the Park of BA na hills? ...
admin 18 January, 2020

Hello! Yes, sort of no - ...
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Write that Park Sun World every day at 15.00 the bus in Bana hills at 600 dongs. The price includes Shuttle service back and forth. entrance ticket and buffet. Is this true? ...
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of course for 600 thousand dongs ...
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Very doubtful, given that the only entrance now 750т. worth it. Well, on the website there is nothing on this, at least I have not found. ...