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Hotels of da Nang, where to stay

Da Nang will surprise you with their low prices for accommodation in hotels. There is a large number of budget hotels, but if you want you can find extra low-cost accommodation in one of the guesthouses. Prices on rooms in hotels of da Nang start at $ 15 for two, and in the Guesthouse you can find a separate (isolated) and 8 for two. If you want you can stay in an expensive first-class five-star hotel. But five-star and four-star hotels in the city not so much (enough fingers on two hands to count them), so it is better to take care of their bookings in advance.

The more you should take care of booking the hotel if you plan to stay at one of the beaches of da Nang. Hotels there are very few (most of them still concentrated in the city), and may not be available. If you decide to stay in town and not going to choose a first-class hotel, it is possible to do without booking in advance. Find budget accommodation already in place in the city really even on the season.

Find and book a hotel in da Nang, you can through the search form. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

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Beaches and the areas of da Nang, where to choose a hotel

It is conditionally possible to divide the hotels in da Nang city and beach. If your priorities are – beach holiday, then you the road to one of the beaches of da Nang. If your trip is business, or if you prefer to explore the city and be close to shopping centers, attractions and museums, it is best to live in the city and the beach out of necessity. Unfortunately areas with high concentration of hotels, travel agencies, shopping centers, tourist areas like as in many other cities of Vietnam, da Nang is not. To finally determine the location of the hotel, refer first to the review of beaches and areas of da Nang are presented below.

Вид на Дананг с полуострова Nui Son Tra

The beaches in da Nang in 2005 was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most attractive in the world. The length of the beaches is 20 kilometers. A feature of the beaches in da Nang is that they are in the city and on its outskirts, and despite this, are very clean and comfortable. With all the magnificence of the beaches of da Nang, they are very deserted and not spoiled by tourists (at least until recently). Accordingly, the cost of accommodation, services and food here is pretty low even for Vietnam. This is one of the most popular vacation spot for Vietnamese.

However, it should be borne in mind that sitting on holidays in a hotel on the beach, you may be a bit far from the main city infrastructure: in most cases, a narrow chain of hotels along the beach partitioned off from it by vacant lots or an array of private houses and construction sites. Therefore, in the search of evening entertainment, cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, you'll have to get into town by taxi or going quite far on foot.

  • My Khe Beach (My Khe)

    This beach with a length of about 1 kilometer is popular among the local urban population. The beach is purely urban and fully equipped for a holiday like any other urban beach dressing rooms, showers, cafes and restaurants, deck chairs. Along the beach there are mostly budget hotels. My Khe beach on the map. Despite the fact that this beach is the most populous in the city, on weekdays during the day there is almost nobody there, only in the evening on the shore appear to the locals.

  • The BAC my An beach, or China beach (Bac My An, China beach)

    Пустынный китайский пляж, Дананг

    This beach is located in 7 km South from the city center, on the coast of the South China sea (beach on the map). Its length is 4 kilometers rovnakej line of sand, without any coves or bays.

    The white beach with fine sand. This is one of the best beaches in the world by Forbes magazine in 2005. The hotels here are the best and most expensive. But budget travelers also will find here accommodation.

    During the dry season (January to August) there are almost no waves and very comfortable to relax. During the wet season can be observed but not necessarily that they will be large and permanent.

  • Non Nuoc Beach (Non Nuoc)

    The Non Nuoc beach (Non Nuoc) is located in the Chinese beach to the South (toward the city of Hoi an). Beach on the map

    The beach is very clean and more intimate than China beach. The sea here is very clean and quiet. Here are a few hotels and most of them are quite expensive and five star. Within the beach there are Marble mountains, which reach from the hotels on the beach you can walk.

  • The Nui Son Tra Peninsula

    Вид на полуостров Son Tra, Дананг

    This Peninsula is known as "monkey mountain" (Monkey Mountain). On the Peninsula is the mountain, on which there is an observation deck (former helipad), with views of the Bay and Hai Van pass.

    The Peninsula is home to several hotels and great clean and deserted beaches. Unfortunately, no infrastructure and transport on the island there, so it's worth to stay here only if you are ready every time to get into town by taxi or rented transport.

    The Bay Of Da Nang (Danang Bay)

    Пляж бухты Дананга

    On the North shore of the city in the Bay of da Nang along the road Nguyen Tat Thanh, an emerging tourist area, yet have not received their final name. It is sometimes called the Bay of da Nang and da Nang Bay, and sometimes red beach (Red Beach). Today along the "broad" road Nguyen Tat Thanh building of new hotels already opened a large number built. A narrow strip of beach is separated from the road by footpath and concrete dam. The beach, unfortunately, can not be called perfect, but it probably still here actively is building.

    The prospect of further development and attractiveness of the place are not yet clear, but the fact that there's no problem to find a hotel and everything you need for a beach holiday – definitely.

  • Lang Co Beach

    Дананг, Lang Co Beach

    This beach is located in da Nang, and is an independent resort in the North of da Nang over the Hai van pass. Lang Co fishing village, which formed this quiet and peaceful resort area. The advantage of posting here is almost rustic atmosphere and great beaches. Everything you need for a beach holiday there, but no more. For some entertainment here do not count.

  • Urban areas

    Вечерний Дананг

    Hotels in the city is conditionally divided into three districts: the city center (City Center), Han (Nah river) and da Nang (Danang Bay). Any particular difference in any of the areas to settle, no. In some of the city hotels you will be staying, to the beach you have to get taxis, rented transport or having a decent walking path.

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admin 9 February, 2015
From the airport to the hotel in da Nang 5 $ negotiable or over the counter less. From da Nang to Hoi an from 20 dollow. But there is better on the counter not to go, and the right to negotiate. Taxi drivers on the street in da Nang's full duty, come and traded. And, as shows my modest experience in Danang and Hoi an, if you agree on poezdku, for example the next day, it turns out a bit cheaper. ...
... 14 Feb, 2015
Thank You for the helpful take transfers from the company is obtained from a\n Nang to the hotel 26$...too expensive for the whole route.I forgot to see the price tag route hotel Hoi an-a/p da Nang.If you know,please write,I would be grateful. ...
admin February 15, 2015
From Hoi an to da Nang cheaper, oddly enough. In 2011, 200 000 VND got to the airport. Moreover, when looking for a taxi (the day before the trip), I offered to pay in dollars, 15долларов what's more, the driver refused. Toli is not able to read or something, for 200 000 which is less than 10 dollars then it got. Now prices have risen a little, but I think in the range of $ 15 meet. ...
Zosia February 15, 2015
Thanks for the useful tips...In the da Nang want to watch the festival of fireworks...really does not understand near what exactly bridge it is going to be...I would like to make a photo gallery good .Roughly expect to stay at Grand Mercure Danang. Then for a few days to stay in Hoi an. Want to visit BA na mountain and the Marble mountains...will advise you where closer to go from da Nang or Hoi an? ...
admin 16 February, 2015
Where fireworks festival takes place, do not know. But the marble mountains and BA na by far from da Nang closer to visit. Here map view ...
Vasylich87 24 February, 2015
All kind time of day! Please tell me the shortest route from da Nang to Laos by bus, you just cross the border (there and straight back). Many thanks in advance!!! ...
admin on 24 February, 2015
Hello! I hope you are aware of recent events regarding re-entry to Vietnam Pravda, there is no updated information because again has changed a bit, will do today. As for the topic, then from the bus station of da Nang (where it is written here morning buses to Laos to Pakse, Vientia and Savanaket. Price from 400 000 VND. Here is the schedule found in the Internet: Danang – Vientiane Central station//Hai Van 8:30am – 5 am 600,000 Danang – Savanakhet Central station 7:30am (Tuesdays only) 400,000 It is from 2013, but I think will understand. If you get the current schedule from the place, do a good deed, it then lay. ...
Shmelia 23 December, 2016
Good afternoon guys. And tell me where you can see the schedule of local buses Hoian - Danang - Хоян7 ...
admin 23 December, 2016
Maybe the schedule is there, but there they are likely not on a schedule, and like our suburban or city buses as priedtsya. Ie schedule in theory, but practically not. ...
admin 23 November, 2017
The schedule may have, but they did not adhere to, just like our buses. Just come to a stop and wait for the bus, an interval of 15-60 minutes. ...

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