Hotels and areas of da Nang, where better to stay

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Features accommodation in da Nang

Da Nang is a very popular resort, and the fastest growing in Vietnam. Along with the infrastructure is growing and its popularity, especially among local tourists and Chinese, and as a result, accommodation prices over the past few years. But still compared to other countries, including in Southeast Asia, the cost of accommodation here is very affordable. For reference, the bed in the hostel can be found from 80 00 VND (222.77 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate), a room in a cheap hotel room with air conditioning will cost 160,000 VND (445.54 RUB), and a double room in a five star hotel near the beach will cost from 1 500 000 VND (4176.91 RUB). Depending on the season prices change: rise in high season, from January to August, and decrease in the low from September to December.

With regard to the selection, it is huge. Hotels are numerous, and every year opens a new. If a few years ago at the beach da Nang you can see vacant lots or low-rise buildings, now here erected skyscraper hotels. There is no shortage of budget accommodation: there are hostels for travellers of singles, couples or families can find clean and cozy rooms in an old low-rise areas a little further from the beach.

Новые отели в Дананге New hotels in da Nang

By the way, in our experience (of the authors), hotels in da Nang are clean. Even the most inexpensive accommodation very clean and tidy, while in neighbouring Hoi an, for example, for the same money you will get an old tired room with very clean linens. However, there is another feature: because the resort as a whole is more focused on local and Chinese tourists, the staff of some hotels are very bad or do not speak English. So be prepared to communicate with gestures or electronic translators.

Book hotels in da Nang during the high season (January to August), especially in the summer months, be sure in advance. Anyway, search accommodation in da Nang is not the best idea, because there is no as such tourist street or area with a concentration of hotels, they are scattered all over the vast territory of the city (about the location of the hotel, see below).

To search and book hotels in da Nang, you can go to the following websites:

We traditionally recommend you to use for booking the best search engine of hotels Agoda in Southeast Asia because it offers booking in advance and best support (including Russian) in Asia. Find hotels on Agoda can through the search form:

The map of da Nang hotels

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Beaches and the areas of da Nang, where to choose a hotel

Da Nang is a big city, is not the same as most other resort towns. Feature of posting here is that there is no as such tourist center or area, and accommodation options scattered throughout the city. It's easy to make a mistake with the choice of location of the hotel, and to be though in the city center, but very far from beaches and tourist infrastructure. But even if you stay near one of the beaches is not a guarantee of good rest, as there are areas, though, close to beaches, but in fact you will find yourself in the wilderness and away from civilization.

Related to the selection of locations for hotel opportunities carefully, and read our review of the areas and beaches of da Nang, indicating their locations on the map. Below, we will not go into a detailed description of each of the administrative districts of the city, and will talk about areas in terms of facilities to accommodate tourists.

  • The waterfront and the city's my Khe beach (My Khe)

    This is a new area of the city and best for tourist accommodation. It is on the Eastern Bank of the Han river, which separates this area from the Central part of the city (my Khe Beach on the map). It is better here to start the search of the hotel, and, best of all close to the beach.

    The extent of the city of my Khe beach, the promenade and the area more than 6 miles, although in reality the beach stretches further to the side of Hoi an is still more than 20 kilometers. A few years ago there was a vacant lot and low-rise buildings, but now everything has taken a new high-rise hotels, there were shops, restaurants, beautiful promenade for walking.

    Despite the popularity and large number of hotels, even in the high season the beaches are not crowded, enough space for everyone. On the shore there are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, drinks and snacks, and fixed for the entire beach price. No merchants all sorts of useless crap no, trade is prohibited.

    Набережная и городской пляж Мы Кхе, Дананг
  • City center

    Street Duong Tran Phu and Bach Dang street along the waterfront of the Han river form yet another conventionally-tourist area, but this is downtown away from the beach (center the map). It is believed that this district, with cafés and restaurants, perfect for evening walks, but for European tourists it is rather ordinary shopping district with shops and markets, rather than really a tourist place. Yes, there are some expensive restaurants and cafes, jewelry stores with currency exchange, but on the whole tourist infrastructure is over. But to the beach from here to reach very far: you'll have to go through one of the bridges of da Nang, a few kilometers or take a taxi.

    To stay in this area is only in the case if you go into the town not for a beach holiday and to see the sights, or just stay the night.

    Центр Дананга
  • The Bay Of Da Nang (Danang Bay)

    North of the city in the Bay of da Nang along the road Nguyen Tat Thanh, an emerging tourist area, yet have not received their final name (Bay and beach on the map). It is sometimes called the Bay of da Nang and da Nang Bay, and sometimes red beach (Red Beach).

    Here, along a very wide road Nguyen Tat Thanh and the beach has several hotels, but there is no tourist infrastructure there. Moreover, here in General the situation is pretty bleak, tourists practically do not exist. Themselves bathing beaches are not good: dirty, a lot of fishing boats, embankment of the abandoned and dilapidated.

    Бухта Дананга
  • The BAC my An beach, or China beach (Bac My An, China beach)

    On the southern outskirts of the city after da Nang my Khe beach starts this very long BAC or China beach (BAC my An on the map). It doesn't end to Hoi an for more than 20 kilometers, and is actually outside the city.

    The white beach with fine sand, and in 2005 even won the first place among the best beaches in the world by Forbes magazine. Hotels here are expensive, with their territories and access directly to the beach. But on the other hand, it's pretty quiet and dull and no fun to walk in the evenings nowhere. For some entertainment and shopping have to go to the city.

    The area and beach is worth considering as a place to stay only if in addition to the beach you are not interested in anything, and have the money to pay for rooms in expensive hotels, and the taxi ride to the centre.

    Пустынный китайский пляж, Дананг
  • Peninsula Shona (Nui Son Tra)

    This Peninsula is known as "monkey mountain" (Monkey Mountain) is a landmark (Sona on the map). There is a mountain where there are several viewing platforms with great views of Danang and the Hai van pass, and other interesting places.

    On the Peninsula there are hotels with its clean secluded beaches. Unfortunately, no infrastructure and no transport, so it's worth staying here only if you are ready every time to get into town by taxi or rented transport.

    Вид на Дананг с полуострова Nui Son Tra
  • The beach and the village of lang Co

    The village and beach of lang co located on the other side of the Hai van pass towards hue (lang Co on the map). It is an independent resort destination, but often refers to da Nang. The beach here is wonderful and very extensive, but no infrastructure except a few hotels, no. Hotels with its territory and access to the beach, and not very expensive. Read more about lang co in here...

    Пляж в Ланг Ко
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Where fireworks festival takes place, do not know. But the marble mountains and BA na by far from da Nang closer to visit. Here map view ...
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I hope you are aware of recent events regarding re-entry to Vietnam Pravda, there is no updated information because again has changed a bit, will do today.
As for the topic, then from the bus station of da Nang (where it is written here morning buses to Laos to Pakse, Vientia and Savanaket. Price from 400 000 VND.
Here is the schedule found in the Internet:
Danang – Pak Se Lao Tien 6:30am – 9 pm 460,000
Danang – Vientiane Central station//Hai Van 8:30am – 5 am 600,000
Danang – Savanakhet Central station 7:30am (Tuesdays only) 400,000
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There is online information from the center by a free Shuttle bus twice a day from address 64 Tran Quoc Toan St., Danang. Start at 9.00 am and return at 2.00 pm, or start at 03.15 pm and return at 8.00 pm ...

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