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Da Nang is a big city and navigate through it without transport very difficult. Luckily for budget tourists in the city has an extensive public transport system of buses. The network consists of 14 routes on which you can get to almost all sights of the city, and even to get to the town of Hoi an. The buses are mostly new and almost always empty. Run on time, but not always exactly follow it. Very old bus I go on route 1 in Hoi an.

Автобус в Дананге

Given the size of the city, the length of some bus routes is very large, and some are even out of town. To deal immediately with the stops and the scheme of movement of tourists is difficult, and to ask the local help is useless because they almost never use buses and nothing about them do not know. To make it easier, better install on the smartphone or tablet the official app DanaBus. It is possible to create routes, view them on the map and find the nearest stop. There is also information about the cost and schedule. Switch to English.

Equipped bus stops very little, often waiting areas marked with only a sign on the pole. Locate the nearest best also using the app DanaBus.

Автобусная остановка в Дананге Bus stop in da Nang city
  • 🕐 Work time: varies depending on routes, but it's mostly from 05:00 to 21:00
  • Frequency of buses: depending on route from 10 to 30 minutes
  • The fare/payment: payment is required in the bus conductor issued the ticket (except flight # 1 where the conductors are simply collecting money in a pocket). On most buses the fare is 5,000 VND (13.79 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate), in the outlying reaches 30 000 (82.75 RUB). The cost for each far of the route depends on the distance and is written for all zones (distance) on the sign at the front door, but only in Vietnamese.
  • Routes: only 2018 operates 14 routes, and they can grow. For information about cost, traffic pattern and schedule use the official app Danabus.

In General, the problems with using buses in da Nang, tourists not occur, with the exception of one route - No. 1. This is the most popular tourist bus, which can be reached from the bus station or from the center of da Nang in the town of Hoi an. But on this route the aliens are constantly deceived with the cost of tickets, demanding to pay 50 000 – 100 000 dongs, instead of the 17 000 (46.89 rubles). Therefore, if you travel do not give into the hands of the conductor of a large bill, the change will not get. Let's just put sum, and all his objections do not pay attention. Sometimes they need to pay for baggage, but in this case do not give more than 17 000 for the Luggage. In addition, the price at 17 000 valid for travel on the entire route from the bus station, da Nang to Hoi an, and more short trips around town or to the Marble mountains are paid at other rates of 5000 dongs. These rates are indicated on the plate near the front door outside the bus.

Useful tourist routes

  • No. 1 –from the bus station in Danang to Hoi an, goes through the Marble mountains. To sit at # 1 is possible also in the center of the city, where he makes at least 10 stops at various places including near railway station. The fare is 17 000. Runs every 30 minutes from 05:30 to 17:50.
  • No. 3 from the bus station in da Nang in the centre of the city. Cost – 5000.
  • No. 6 bus station to Michonne. More precisely, does this bus go to the village near the historical Park, michonne, where is michonne to the can be reached by taxi or hitchhiking. Cost – 24000.
  • No. 11 goes from the railway station to the marble mountains.
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Delphin911 6 March, 2019
The people, prompt as besides taxi you can reach the hot springs of Phuoc Nyon? ...
admin March 7, 2019

There is online information from the center by a free Shuttle bus twice a day from address 64 Tran Quoc Toan St., Danang. Start at 9.00 am and return at 2.00 pm, or start at 03.15 pm and return at 8.00 pm ...
andrei 17 October, 2019
Zdravstvuite! You wrote about the price of a taxi from Danang airport to the hotel is$5.But that's for 2015. And now the price rose? I've got a hotel on the beach Pham van Dong. There probably will be even more expensive. And what is the easiest to take a taxi without the Internet? ...
admin 17 October, 2019

I honestly don't know what the beach Pham van Dong, but I can assume that it is about the city beach across the street Phạm Văn Đồng in the city centre. If so, then there a taxi will cost as well as on any other city beach.
Quote what we have written in the guide to da Nang, and this is the price during my last trip in November 2018:
Taxi to the city center and the main tourist area and the beach (see about areas of da Nang and where to choose a hotel) it is best to use the meter, and to travel at a bargain price to drop, will be much more expensive. The drivers usually ask $ 10 non-negotiable that more than 200 000 VND (552.34 USD), while the meter will cost 60 000 VND (165.7 RUB).
So if not through the Grab you want to order, in the region of $ 10 to prepare, to force local taxi drivers to go by meter I failed, they just really turn and run away. But you can and will work, try. Generally there really to go to the beach nothing at all, and 5 dollars is a good price for the trip, if storge. ...
andrei on 18 October, 2019
And dollars cheaper in Ho Chi Minh city or to change in da Nang the same course? ...
admin October 18, 2019

In Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi is always beneficial, possible change there. But the difference is quite small. If you're ever in da Nang to change, go to the market Han Market and go around the jewelry beside him, ask. Where the course will offer above, there is change, and you can even negotiate your rate to offer. ...
Nina 21 Oct, 2019
Good afternoon, prompt, please, whether in the Park Bana hills storage space for things? ...
admin 21 October, 2019

Hello! Yes, there are right next to the box office, like free for the customers. With this in General in Vietnam no problem, you can always negotiate in order to leave your stuff in any shop or turagenstva on the street, etc., if you really need. Had a personal experience a couple of times. The security issue is not discussed, everyone is at risk as he wants. ...
АннаИванова89 Jan 18, 2020
Please tell me what local bus from da Nang you can reach the Park of BA na hills? ...
admin 18 January, 2020

Hello! Yes, sort of no - ...