Attractions In Dalat Waterfall Pongour (Pongour)

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Водопад Понгур, Далат Waterfall Pongour

Waterfall Pongour (Pongour) is one of the largest and most beautiful in Vietnam. During the rainy season the water wide stream falls in many cascades, and falls into the pool at the base. In the dry season the waterfall loses its power and becomes similar to many streams, but still retains the beauty. One bad: the waterfall is located at a distance of about 50 kilometers from Dalat. If you are in Dalat in the rainy season, will certainly go to the waterfall, even though such a large distance, stunner is guaranteed. Besides, on the way to the waterfall, you will see beautiful scenery, you pass by a coffee and avocado plantations.

Access to the waterfall is paid 10 000 VND. The area is quite large and well appointed, there is a gazebo for relaxing and picnics, several cafes, small houses for rest. Parking (2000 Dong). To the waterfall from the entrance you have to walk about another 500 meters. If desired, in the pool at the foot of the waterfall you can swim, but in the dry season the depth is very small.

If you aim only for a quick look at the waterfall and go further, for his visit will be quite a bit more than an hour (not counting time on the road). But if you can spare the time, you can stay here for a few hours to relax and walk around the neighborhood: here you can find and see many interesting things.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 10,000 Dong (see Vietnam currency).

🚶 How to get there: the Waterfall is located 50 kilometers South of da lat (see the position of the waterfall Pongour on a map of da lat). You can only get there by hired transport or taxi. Rare excursions imported tourists.

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admin February 15, 2014
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loginza2325 26 February, 2014
I went to Dalat from Ho Chi Minh city, on the night bus. The ticket price is really funny, plus save on one night. However the bus arrived in Dalat at 6am, at this time there it was still dark and very cold. ...
by Dmitri On 22 April, 2014
Well, it's very pretty gardens. Visited the Crimea in the Botanical admired, and are generally no beautiful. ...
SAMESAME 29 September, 2014
Was in the lat 6 days. Just an amazing place! Not hot, people are much kinder and very beautiful. To leave did not want. I drove around Dalat on a rented moped - save on fun! Who doubts to go or not, my answer is YES,Yes and YES AGAIN!! ...
admin 29 September, 2014

I agree with you, da lat definitely YES. What is bad, our tourists come to Dalat with sightseeing for the day, is good if two, and almost did not have time to see the thunder the most high-profile attractions such crazy house, the waterfall Debate and floral gardens. But there is so much more. The weather, by the way, fell a couple of times in the rain and was terribly cold, especially on a bike, when blowing through the fresh wind. So tight clothes will not be superfluous. ...
Philip 30 Nov, 2014
Went today(November) elephant waterfall, on the way decided to stop at the waterfalls Kam-Lin in the crazy house, and so, they(Kam-Ling and crazy) do not work on Saturday and Sunday. ...
admin on 30 Nov, 2014

It's very strange, I hope you do checked, but didn't believe the guide or "well-wishers", which usually want you to get to interesting places like factories and shops. Waterfall Cam Ly at all at any time to get, even when they are closed, via at least two wickets. And here is the schedule on the official website of Crazy House: Commencing from December 01, 2014 Crazy House is open for visitors from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM daily (including Saturday, Sunday, Holidays). ...
Philip 1 Dec, 2014
Yes have checked. Drive yourself on a motorbike, without guides and tours. Went to crazy house, the guard was shown on the schedule near the closed Fund. Saturday and sun. output. Other sites had no such problems. And all thanks to your resource all rides and reviews of attractions planned on the basis of information provided here. ...
admin 1 December, 2014

Health, as the saying goes :D . Zajdite often ...

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